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Sync Outlook without the Cloud on iPhone, Android & Windows Phone

The only seamless and automatic way to synchronize your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes across all devices.

Synchronize phones and tablets with Outlook.

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Reliable Outlook Sync

Synchronize all your data.
Every single bit of it.

AkrutoSync makes sure all your appointments and contacts are on all your devices.


Secure Sync without Cloud

Your data, where you want it.
And nowhere else.

Cloudless syncing assures complete privacy.


Automatic Cloudless Syncing

You install it.
Then Akruto does the rest.

After the initial install, Akruto syncs automatically.

AkrutoSync provides secure, automatic, cross-device access to all your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

AkrutoSync synchronizes your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes accurately, completely, and safely. Your data is always stored only on your own devices and never passes through our servers, and your devices connect directly to your computer using Wi-Fi or the Internet for a secure connection. When your data is transmitted over the network, it is encrypted using SSL. AkrutoSync provides secure, automatic, cross-device access to all your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

2 way sync with outlook contacts

Direct 2-way synchronization of your Outlook contacts.

Easily sync Outlook contacts with iPhone, Android, and Windows devices. AkrutoSync allows you to access the same contact information from Outlook on your PC and from your devices through our simple Outlook sync. On your phone, contacts appear in the built-in Contacts or People app, as well as in the built-in dialer.

2 way sync with outlook calendar

Direct 2-way synchronization of your Outlook Calendars.

If you use Outlook to manage your calendar, Akruto Sync is the tool for you. Akruto Sync offers direct two-way synchronization of your calendar between PC Outlook and all your Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Once the Outlook sync is complete, your calendar events (appointments) appear in the built-in Calendar app on your smartphone or tablet. More

Akruto’s unique sync history feature means no more accidental deletions.

Use Akruto’s sync history feature to see which device modified your data and when. You can monitor all additions, deletions and modifications of each contact, appointment, task, and note. You’ll be able to see exactly what was changed and even restore the data that may have been deleted or changed inadvertently.

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The Best Outlook Sync Software With A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Akruto is the reliable, secure and automatic synchronization solution for Outlook users that want to maximize productivity and have total control over their data. We strive to provide the best sync software available to consumers. We deliver the very best in customer support before, during, and after download—all with no on-going subscription charges!

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