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How to Rock Your New iPhone 6 Every Day of Hanukkah

Enjoy eight days of Hanukkah and your new phone with tips from Akruto

How to Rock Your New iPhone 6 Every Day of Hanukkah


Akruto, Inc. Press Release

Newton, Mass. – December 13, 2014 – Many people plan to get a new iPhone 6 or receive one as a gift during this holiday season. It can be overwhelming especially when this is someone’s first iPhone. You can make it easier by doing just one thing for the iPhone 6 each day of Hanukkah. Akruto, Inc., developers of AkrutoSync™, Windows® PC software that syncs Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes across unlimited mobile devices, shares eight activities — which can be done over eight days — to help people make the most of their new iPhone 6.

“Based on talking with customers and friends, we’ve learned many people struggle to get off to a good start with a new phone,” says George Tatar, founder and CEO of Akruto, Inc. “It compelled us to share our experience with setting up new phones and taking some simple steps to ease the transition.”

Doing these activities over eight days will help new owners become more comfortable with the iPhone 6 and discover its various capabilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Day 1: Back up the old phone.

Backing up the old phone ensures all of your data is stored someplace safe before moving to your new phone. The backup process varies by phone. How to Back Up and Sync My New Phone has steps on how to do this with iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices. While backing up the old phone, plug in the iPhone 6 to charge it.

Day 2: Dress up the iPhone 6 to protect it.

It doesn’t take much for a phone to break. With many affordable, colorful cases and screen protectors on the market, it is easy to find one that would make a great Hanukkah gift. Not only will the iPhone look sharp and show off its owner’s style, but it will also be protected from scratches and falls.

Day 3: Export data from the old phone.

Now that your iPhone 6 has protection and is charged, you can export data from the old phone to import it into the iPhone 6. Steps to export data depend on the old phone’s make and model. Most manufacturers’ websites provide instructions for exporting data as a .csv or .ics file. You can import it into Microsoft Outlook by clicking File Tab > Open > Import.

Day 4: Treat the iPhone 6 to a game.

An iPhone 6 deserves to have some fun. Buy an iTunes card to give as a gift after lighting the menorah, or treat yourself to a game. We like Threes! and Trivia Crack. For free games, we still like Words with Friends. We also like Peggle Blast. It’s Hanukkah, have fun!

Day 5: Sync iPhone 6 with Outlook wirelessly.

People are always on the go and want to have contact information and appointments on their iPhone 6. An easy way to do this is to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook using either iTunes or third-party software like AkrutoSync. The latter can keep data in sync wirelessly and automatically. You can try it free for seven days to see how you like it.

Day 6: Give the gift of charging.

Many apps can drain a phone’s battery faster than it takes to recharge it. Affordable chargers make a great Hanukkah gift or a valuable item to buy with a gift card.

Day 7: Make a favorite Hanukkah dish.

While at the grocery store, browse the web on the iPhone 6 for recipes for potato latkes or sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts). Get the ingredients and then go home at fry up a storm with the recipe right in your hands. Even with protection, don’t let the phone get too close to the fryer!

Day 8: End Hanukkah on a high note.

Give the gift of a song or treat yourself to a Hanukkah song from the iTunes Store like “Candlelight” from the Maccabeats. You can always go to the popular standbys of “The Dreidel Song” or “Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah.”

About Akruto, Inc.
Akruto develops software for individuals and small businesses that want to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with smartphones and other mobile devices. Its engineers have extensive experience in data management and share a strong commitment to protecting data privacy. The company’s solutions offer a reliable way to sync smartphones with Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks without using the cloud, delivering a higher level of privacy. The company’s flagship product, AkrutoSync, includes support for Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Newton, Mass., the company maintains a website at Media inquiries should be directed to media(at)akruto(dot)com.

George Tatar, 617-299-0094
Meryl K. Evans

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How to transfer contacts from old phone to new

This is a popular time of the year to get a new phone, whether as a gift or surprising a loved one with a shiny new phone. One of the common problems we hear about is the struggle to transfer contacts and calendar from the old phone to the new phone.

Some people start from scratch. But why do that when there are fast and easy options to sync Outlook contacts with phone?

How to Transfer Your Contacts From Your Old Phone to New Phone

Sync iPhone 6

You can back up your old phone on your computer using iTunes or or iCloud. Then when you connect your new iPhone 6, iTunes will walk you through the steps of transferring your data from the old iPhone to the iPhone 6.

Many people balk at the thought of syncing with iCloud. More so with recent hackings making news. ITunes does a decent job transferring media, but not so much when it comes to Contacts. Although you can sync iPhone with Outlook data, many users say that iTunes and iCloud sync falis or syncs only some of the information.

For those moving from old iPhone to iPhone 6, the Apple Store can help transfer all your data. It usually works well for a one time only thing. But what if you want to continuously back up and sync your Contacts? ITunes doesn’t have a history of reliability. Plus, you have to connect your phone to iTunes almost daily to keep the data in sync.

An easier way to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook is to use AkrutoSync. It backs up and syncs your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. The process is automatic, reliable and private. We developed this Windows PC software because we ran into all these problems with our own phones. Users struggling with the same thing shared their frustrations with us or in online forums.

Before you start using Akruto, back up your contacts and calendar. If you’re already using Microsoft Outlook, you’re done. If not, export your contacts and calendar into Outlook as a .csv or .isv file. Once Outlook has your contacts and calendar, Akruto will set up your phone to sync with Outlook.

Moving from one OS to a new one

What if you’re moving from iPhone 5 to HTC One M8? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to iPhone 6? Motorola Moto X to Windows Phone 8? That’s trickier. Many users say they’re unsure how to sync Outlook contacts and calendar with a new phone.

One way is to visit your service provider’s brick and mortar store to get help. Another is to go to the service provider’s website. Most have how-to articles for transferring data and contacts.

However, each has its downside. One provider’s instructions show you how to use its cloud to transfer the data. Considering a phone contains a lot of private and personal information, it’s not an acceptable option for many people. Those on Android phones will come across the suggestion to sync with Gmail or Google. This also stores your personal information to the cloud.

Some providers offer an app to transfer data. Unfortunately, some sync apps have more problems than they’re worth. They fail to transfer all of your information, long notes or recurring calendar events. These apps transfer everything: media, playlists, messages and so on. It doesn’t go smoothly. Just do a search for “Samsung Kies problems” to get an idea.

The easiest thing to do is back up your old phone. If you’re not already using Microsoft Outlook, you can and export your phone’s data as a .csv or .isc file. Then, import the file into Outlook. Install Akruto and add your new phone as a device to sync Outlook through Akruto. All the data will be there: Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks (Reminders on iOS). You might have other devices, such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10. One AkrutoSync license works with unlimited devices regardless of operating system.

This is the time of the year to be merry, enjoy great food and spend time with family. Don’t let transferring contacts to your new phone get in the way of your good cheer. Keep it simple and try Akruto free for seven days to help you with the transfer and see how it works for you.

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How to Back Up and Sync My New Phone

Got a new phone for a gift, plan to surprise someone with one or treat yourself to an upgrade? You can take steps to set up the new phone and transfer everything to make the transition a smooth one. If you give someone a phone as a gift, you can go the extra mile by providing this information or pointing the way. Sometimes we forget to do these things before we set up the new phone.

Where to start? For most phones, you’ll want to plug it in to allow it to fully charge. While it charges, back up your old phone. That way if anything goes wrong when you set up your new phone, you have your data someplace safe.

Jump to the phone you want to back up:

How to back up and sync my new phone

Back up Windows Phone

Out-of-the box, you can’t do a full back up of Windows Phone to a PC. You can sync your Outlook data though. The bad news … the ability to sync Outlook with Windows Phone out-of-the-box only works with, which puts your private information in the cloud.

If you’d rather not have your personal data in the cloud, you could do this as a temporary measure. Once you’ve set up your new phone, you can delete the backups. However, there’s another option for backing up your data without the cloud. Read on or jump here for the details.

Follow these steps to back up your Windows Phone with

  1. Go to Settings icon from the app list.
  2. Choose Backup.
  3. Choose Apps + settings.
  4. Turn on Settings backup, if you wish to backup settings.
  5. Turn on App backup, if you wish to back up your Windows Phone apps.

To delete backups, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings icon from the app list.
  2. Choose Backup.
  3. Choose Apps + settings > Manage backups (Advanced on Windows Phone 8).
  4. Select Settings backup check box.
  5. Choose Delete.

Back up Android Devices

Your Android phone or tablet backs up your data to Google’s cloud as it requires you to sign in with your Google account. Androids can also automatically back up photos and videos. You can change this by going to Settings > Accounts & sync and deselecting the box next to Auto-sync data.

Since you have a new phone, you’ll want to back up everything before moving to the new phone. That involves saving private data to the cloud. On the “Accounts & sync” screen, choose Google and your ID to see the Sync screen. Choose each item you wish to back up.

Should you want to sync Outlook with your Samsung Galaxy S5 or another Android, it’ll require using third party software. Here’s one option that lets you skip the cloud.

Back up iPhone

Those with an iPhone can do a full back up on the computer through iTunes or online through iCloud. Take heed that both processes are buggy. In some cases, they don’t work at all.

Follow these steps to back up your iPhone with iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. On iTunes, select your connected device.
  4. Select Info tab.
  5. Choose Sync calendars from under Calendars.
  6. Choose Outlook.
  7. Choose All calendars to sync all calendars or choose Selected calendars to select the calendars to sync. (Hold the CTRL key while you select.)
  8. Choose Apply.

To back up your iPhone with iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup > iCloud Backup and slide the button to turn it on.

Automatic and effortless way to back up the old and sync with the new

If the thought of saving your private data on the web is worrisome, you can use AkrutoSync to save your Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes on your computer. A free seven day trial is available, so you might want to wait until your phone is ready and fully charged before installing the Windows PC software. This way you can set up new phone and transfer everything during the trial period.

Akruto syncs with multiple devices for no extra charge. This makes the transition easier. Once you have the new phone, back up your old phone with Akruto. And then add the new phone and Akruto will transfer everything. Here’s a video that shows you how to sync Outlook with Windows Phone. The PC part of the process will be the same for iPhone and Androids.

Here’s how to sync Outlook with iPhone. For Androids, you can follow the directions to set up Samsung Galaxy S4 to sync with Outlook (works with all Android devices) or find your Android phone for phone-specific steps.

Save yourself time and get AkrutoSync now. You should be enjoying your new phone and discovering all its cool tricks, not worrying about whether your data transfers, remains safe and is backed up. After all, tis the season to be jolly!

What will you do with the old phone? If you plan to recycle it, remember to wipe it first and check out the tips for what you can do with your old phone.

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Three Ways to Sync iPhone 6 with Outlook

You may have owned different types of phones, but one thing remains unchanged: you use Outlook to keep track of your life. Most phones don’t sync with Outlook out-of-the-box requiring software to make it work.

Furthermore, there have been stories of iPhone contacts disappearing. This usually happens when the owner upgrades the iOS, resets the phone, experiences a random phone restart or does a jailbreak. And in some cases, none of these were the cause.

You have three options to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook: iTunes, iCloud or third party software like AkrutoSync. Choosing the right sync option ensures you have your data backed up at all times. Then restore it when needed.

Before you choose one of these methods, be sure to back up your iPhone and Outlook.

Ways to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook

Syncing with iTunes

Using iTunes for Windows, you can sync Outlook contacts, calendars, notes and reminders with the iPhone. Still, many people have reported missing or incomplete data when synching. They also say that it won’t work with Outlook 2013.

Running iTunes also slows down some computers. You probably update your Outlook information on a daily basis. To open iTunes daily can affect your work as it uses up a lot of computer resources.

The advantages of using iTunes is that it’s free, syncs media, doesn’t use the cloud and offers a Wi-Fi sync option. Wi-Fi, however, doesn’t work for everyone. One of our team members wanted to use Wi-Fi to sync, but it wouldn’t work. Apple’s article on Troubleshooting iTunes Wi-Fi syncing didn’t resolve the problem either.

Before you sync with iTunes, be sure you have the latest version of iTunes.

Sync iTunes with Outlook Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Does not sync through cloud.
  • iTunes is free.
  • Wi-Fi option.
  • Syncs media.


  • Not automatic.
  • Doesn’t sync all data.
  • When iTunes isn’t running, it doesn’t sync.
  • Wi-Fi option doesn’t always work.

Syncing with iCloud

Many users in the online forums report that iCloud does not work with Outlook 2013. Several quote Apple’s tech support personnel saying it won’t ever work. We tried it ourselves and it failed. It’s a free service as long as you stay within your free account’s storage limits. ICloud automatically and continuously backs up your data, but it comes with the price of storing your private information in the cloud.

We’ve heard too many true stories about how easy it is to hack someone’s account, even with two-factor authentication. For many people, the cloud isn’t an option. To use the cloud, you’d need to take the extra step of moving your contact and calendar data from your existing folders to the iCloud-provided folders in Outlook. If you need everywhere access to your information, can live with the cloud, don’t use Outlook 2013 and don’t mind moving your contact and calendar data, you can download iCloud for Windows to give it a try.

Sync iCloud with Outlook Advantages and Disadvantages


  • iCloud for Windows is free.
  • Use with unlimited devices.
  • Syncs automatically.


  • Uses cloud.
  • Doesn’t sync all data.
  • Doesn’t use your current Outlook folders.
  • Doesn’t always work.

Syncing with AkrutoSync

AkrutoSync is two-way sync software for Windows PC that syncs Outlook with iPhone 6 and other devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and Android. Since it’s common to own multiple types of devices, you won’t be limited to one operating system when you use Akruto. What’s more is that none of your private information is stored in the cloud.

One of Akruto’s strengths is its reliability. It completely syncs thousands of contacts, long notes and the notes in contacts. If contacts disappear from the iPhone, Akruto restores it without any effort on your part.

We’re biased, but we know you can count on AkrutoSync to protect your privacy, work consistently and sync everything between Outlook and your iPhone 6. You can see if it meets your needs with the free seven-day trial. Get AkrutoSync here to see how you can directly and effortlessly sync Outlook with iPhone 6.


  • One-time fee.
  • Automatic when connected to network.
  • Reliable: syncs all data.
  • Uses your existing Outlook folders.
  • Use with unlimited devices.
  • Does not use cloud.
  • Wireless.


  • Update settings when IP address changes.
  • Not compatible with BlackBerry.
  • Does not sync media.

How do you sync your data? Let us know in the comments section below :)

November 14, 2014 2 Comments

Sync Outlook Calendar with Windows Phone

If you want to synchronize your Outlook Calendar data with your Windows Phone, you can do it automatically, privately and seamlessly with AkrutoSync software for Windows PCs. It also syncs Outlook Contacts, Notes and Tasks as it provides direct, two-way sync with Microsoft Outlook without using the cloud.

Windows Phone 8 Sync with Outlook

And yes, Outlook sync with Windows Phone 8 works. Have a different version? You can sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 7. Akruto supports all compatible phones including Nokia Lumia, Samsung ATIV, Samsung Focus and others. When the Nokia phone is rebranded, you’ll be able to sync Microsoft Lumia with Outlook.

WP 8 comes with a new Wi-Fi prioritization feature. You can synchronize Outlook with Windows Phone 8 through your secure Wi-Fi connection. Another new feature is the ability to text replies to incoming calls. Because Akruto syncs with the phone’s own contact app, you’ll know who is calling if the person appears in your contacts.

Calendar gets a new look in WP 8.1 with new day, week and month views and lets you check the weather forecast. All of this works when you use Akruto to synchronize Windows Phone 8.1 with Outlook.

Sync Outlook Calendar with Windows Phone

How Windows Phone Outlook Calendar Sync Works

One advantage Akruto has over other Outlook sync software is that your calendar appointments appear in your phone’s calendar. You don’t need to learn how to use another calendar app. Continue using the built-in Windows Phone calendar, like you always have. The same applies for Contacts. Outlook tasks synchronize and you can find the to-do items within the calendar app.

Other Outlook sync apps add a separate calendar app to your phone leaving you with two calendar apps. The one you’ve been using on your phone won’t be updated. Having two calendar apps can get confusing. Not so with AkrutoSync, because AkrutoSync can sync Windows Phone calendar that comes with the phone.

Now that you can text multiple recipients at the same time, using your WP 8 contacts makes this a breeze. Other sync apps that install their own apps may not work as seamlessly like Akruto does. After you install the software, Akruto syncs automatically, quietly, completely and effortlessly.

Akruto syncs all past, current and future calendar appointments and events with all the notes and details. Exceptions, regular, all-day and recurring appointments function as you would expect. You can create new appointments, plan meetings, check group schedules, change appointments and send meeting invitations as easily on your phone as you do on Outlook for Windows PC.

AkrutoSync can manage your calendar data for all recent and not-so-recent versions of Microsoft Outlook. It fully supports Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013.

Want to Sync iPhone 6 with Outlook? Android 5.0 Lollipop?

With the advent of tablets, it’s not unusual for people to have multiple devices running different operating systems. One software license supports all the devices you want to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook for PC. With Akruto, you can sync iPhone 6 with Outlook. Although Lollipop is in the early stages of rolling out, you can count on Akruto to sync Outlook with Android 5.0 Lollipop when it’s available.

Try AkrutoSync free for seven days <>. After you download the file, open it to install it. When the install completes, open the shortcut on your Windows PC, and follow the configuration steps. Make sure that your system and your Smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For a visual on how to set it up, check out how to sync Windows Phone with Outlook video.

If you need help or want someone to walk you through the steps, we offer 24/7 tech support. Go to to contact our friendly team and they’ll make sure you can sync Outlook calendar with Windows Phone.

November 11, 2014 8 Comments

Sync iPhone 6 with Outlook

Getting the new iPhone 6 should be an awesome experience. It’s the latest and greatest, so it should run fast and smooth. Yet, it’s not always effortless to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook. Many users struggling with how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone share their experiences in Apple and other online forums.

Sync iPhone 6 with Outlook

Search the forums for Outlook iPhone sync. You can feel the users’ pain as you read the messages. Some have said they spent hours trying to make it work with advice from the forums, Apple tech support and knowledgebase articles.

Sync iPhone 6 with iTunes and iCloud

I wanted to know what would happen if I tried to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook through iTunes and iCloud. My team and I tested iPhone Outlook sync with both options. The result? Outlook sync through iTunes was indeed erratic.

One team member who wanted to sync with iTunes through Wi-Fi couldn’t get the feature to work. She followed Apple’s Troubleshooting iTunes Wi-Fi syncing article. Nothing worked. And iCloud? We couldn’t get Outlook 2013 to sync with it at all.

Synchronizing your contacts, calendar, reminders (tasks in Outlook) and notes shouldn’t be this hard or frustrating. There’s an easier way. Yes, we’re biased. However, we aimed to create a simple sync tool that does the all the heavy lifting. That result is AkrutoSync, seamless two-way sync software for Windows PC that syncs iPhone 6 with Outlook.

Akruto syncs:

  • Seamlessly: uses iPhone 6’s own apps to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.
  • Automatically: continuously syncs when you’re on the same network as your PC.
  • Privately: syncs over encrypted Wi-Fi (no data plan) or Internet (data plan).
  • Completely: syncs everything including long notes. Nothing gets cut off.
  • Reliably: no worries about disappearing information or sync stops working.

Should you want to sync other devices besides your iPhone 6, you can do that as one software license syncs with unlimited compatible devices including Android and Windows Phone.

Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone 6

The calendar app on the iPhone 6 has a clever little icon that shows today’s date. You should be able to keep using that app since it works with all of the iPhone’s integrated functions. That’s why Akruto can sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone 6’s own built-in calendar app.

Not all software sync Outlook with the iPhone’s calendar. Instead, it adds its own calendar app to your iPhone. And you can’t delete the iPhone’s calendar app. All you can do is move it.

Akruto also syncs all past, current and future events between Outlook calendar and your phone. Recurring, all-day and standard appointments and exceptions stay intact.

Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone 6

You may have already started using iPhone 6 contacts app. Just like with the calendar app, you can use it because Akruto syncs Outlook contacts with the iPhone contacts app. Some sync apps add its own contacts app, so your phone will show two contacts apps. Apple won’t let you delete its contacts app from the iPhone.

Your contact’s photos and notes will all transfer between Outlook contacts and iPhone 6. Akruto syncs everything you have in Outlook with your iPhone.

Sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone 6 Reminders

Your system for getting things done won’t change. Since Akruto can sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone 6 Reminders, you can continue managing your everyday tasks as you always have.

When you sync Outlook tasks with iPhone using Akruto, you skip the inconvenience of creating an account with a task app’s website, installing a separate task app, putting your information in the cloud and using iCloud or iTunes.

Sync Outlook Notes with iPhone 6

Sync Outlook Notes with iPhone 6 has one advantage over iCloud and iTunes sync. It lets you take notes right in Outlook for PC using a full keyboard. Then Akruto syncs the notes with your mobile devices and you can have them with you.

Akruto syncs lengthy notes. Nothing is missing or cutoff. You also don’t share anything in the cloud.

Your Complete Outlook iPhone 6 Sync Solution

It can be easy to accidentally delete something on the iPhone and not be able to undo it. (There’s an undo feature on the iPhone: shake your phone.) This is where you can see the power of Akruto’s reliability. Because of the sync history feature, you don’t have to worry about accidental deletions or remember how to undo your last action.

In case of deletion emergency, just go to Akruto on your PC to review changed, added and deleted information. Find the deleted information and you can restore it with one click.

You only do three things when you use AkrutoSync:

  • Install it.
  • Follow Akruto’s simple instructions when your PC’s IP address changes.
  • Use sync history as needed.

If you need help with installing or anything, we provide 24/7 support — even to customers trying out the software. Customers often say they set it and forget it. Akruto just works. You can count on AkrutoSync to always sync Outlook with iPhone 6. See how Akruto works for you now and try the full version free for seven days.

Learn more about Outlook Phone sync

November 6, 2014 2 Comments

How to Sync Outlook Calendar With iPhone

Many people are struggling with how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone, especially those who use Outlook 2013. According to several customers’ forum postings, Apple’s support techs told them that Outlook 2013 won’t sync with iPhone or any other iOS device.

Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone

From reading many forums and my team’s own testing, there’s no easy and consistent way to do iPhone calendar sync using Apple’s built-in sync functionality. To sync Outlook calendar with iPhone is more complicated than it has to be. It doesn’t matter whether you use iTunes or iCloud.

With AkrutoSync, you can seamlessly sync Outlook calendar as well as contacts, reminders (tasks in Outlook) and notes. AkrutoSync is two-way sync software for Windows PC that you install on your desktop or laptop. Once installed, you can sync Outlook with all your compatible devices. If you have iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and Android devices, you can sync with those too — without paying extra.

Sync All Events Between Outlook Calendar and iPhone

Most sync applications only sync two weeks’ worth of past and future appointments and events with Outlook calendar. Some may sync three months’ worth. AkrutoSync syncs all of them — past, present and future.

So looking up a past appointment or checking your availability three, six or 12 months from now won’t be a problem. All your appointments in your Outlook for PC show up in all your synchronized devices’ calendars. Akruto is the most dependable sync software. If you delete something by accident or update an event with the wrong information, you can restore it with the sync history feature. This feature allows you to review all changes, including items you’ve deleted or edited.

Just enter your new appointment into your iPhone’s calendar app, the one you always use. The appointment syncs with Outlook calendar on your Windows PC. If you also have an iPad, Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet or other compatible devices you use to sync with Outlook, the new appointment appears in the calendars of all those devices that you sync with Outlook.

Not all sync software uses your iPhone’s or other device’s integrated calendar. Some install another calendar leaving you stuck with two calendar apps. You can’t delete the iPhone’s calendar, contacts notes and reminder apps — only move it. This takes up the already-limited screen estate — even on the larger iPhone 6 Plus screen — and space on your phone.

It can make it confusing to remember which app has your information. If you already have events in your calendar and anther sync software installs its own calendar app, you’ll have to move those events into the new app. Imagine your phone having two calendars, contacts, notes and reminders (tasks on Outlook). That adds up to eight apps and a lot of wasted space from having two of everything.

IPhone Calendar Sync Works with All Event Types

Another problem with some sync apps is they don’t correctly transfer recurring or all-day appointments, or make a mess of your calendar. AkrutoSync transfers appointments exactly as you enter them in Outlook. All-day appointments show up on your phone as all-day appointments and recurring appointments show up as recurring appointments.

You most likely have an occasional exception for a recurring appointment. For example, you’d probably cancel a recurring meeting that would occur at 10 a.m. on December 25. In Outlook, you’d delete the meeting and indicate that it only applies to this instance. Some sync apps ignore the exception, but not Akruto. The deleted appointment won’t appear on your devices that use Akruto for Outlook iPhone sync.

Update Once Anywhere, Sync Everywhere

You may be a digital omnivore like me. That means we have more than one mobile device. Let’s say you change an appointment on a tablet. Because Akruto offers two-way sync, the change will appear in your other devices and Outlook for Windows PC. You won’t have to enter appointments twice. Just enter it once and Akruto syncs everywhere. Delete once, and it deletes everywhere.

If you make any unintended changes to your data or delete something unintentionally, you can get it back using the sync history feature. This feature allows you to review all changes, including items you’ve deleted or edited. The data is stored on your own computer and is not shared with Akruto or any cloud service.

Try AkrutoSync, Outlook iPhone Sync

With AkrutoSync, your work is done as soon as you install it. Once done, Akruto takes care of the rest. Customers often say, “It just works.” Akruto will sync Outlook Calendar with your iPhone and other devices — automatically, seamlessly and privately.

None of the information syncs with the cloud. You can sync either through Wi-Fi (does not use data plan) or a secure Internet connection (uses data plan).

We want to make sure AkrutoSync meets your needs. So you can try the full version free for seven days. See how you can set it and forget it as AkrutoSync will automatically and accurately sync Outlook calendar with iPhone for you.

Learn more about how to sync Outlook with Phones

October 28, 2014 2 Comments

AkrutoSync Launches Outlook to iPhone Sync with Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders

Only software to sync iPhone with Outlook that uses Apple-included apps without iTunes or iCloud

Sync iPhone and Outlook


Akruto, Inc. Press Release

Newton, Mass. – October 28, 2014 – Akruto, Inc., developers of AkrutoSync™, Windows® PC software that syncs Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes across unlimited mobile devices, today announces official support for iOS devices, including all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Users now can directly and effortlessly sync iPhone with Outlook because AkrutoSync syncs data from Outlook’s contacts, calendar, tasks and notes directly with the iOS’s own calendar, contact, reminder and notes apps. This lets users continue to use the phone’s apps like they always have, without having to learn a new app. Furthermore, this integration works with all of the iPhone’s features, such as sharing a contact or accessing a contact when dialing.

“Using iTunes or iCloud to sync Outlook doesn’t work well. For example, Microsoft Outlook 2013 simply will not sync with iCloud,” says George Tatar, founder and CEO of Akruto, Inc. “Add to that the 5 million Gmail passwords leaked and the iCloud hack, more owners of iOS devices want a way to automatically sync their private information without going through the cloud.”

With AkrutoSync, rather than using iTunes or iCloud, devices connect directly to the user’s computer over an SSL-encrypted Wi-Fi or Internet connection. The customer’s data isn’t shared with cloud services or Akruto. As long as the computer is connected to the network, this setup automatically and continuously syncs contacts, calendar, reminders and notes automatic while — at the same time — providing privacy. Users can also synchronize Outlook with all their other compatible devices including Android devices and Windows Phone.

“Our customers who have been using AkrutoSync with their Android and Windows Phone devices had been asking to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone because they valued the privacy, simplicity and accuracy they’ve come to expect from Akruto,” says Tatar. “Although earlier versions of AkrutoSync worked with the iOS, they weren’t documented. This new version includes 24/7 support and documentation.”

People who need an automatic, seamless, private and complete way to sync personal information from Outlook with unlimited iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices can try a full version of AkrutoSync for Windows PC free for seven days. The trial version is available for download at

To purchase a license, customers pay a one-time fee of $29.95 to receive the registration code. After receiving the code, customers enter the code into the software. One license allows users to install AkrutoSync on a Windows PC and use it to sync iPhone with Outlook with unlimited compatible tablets, handsets and smartphones.

About Akruto, Inc.

Akruto develops software for individuals and small businesses that want to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with smartphones and other mobile devices. Its engineers have extensive experience in data management and share a strong commitment to protecting data privacy. The company’s solutions offer a reliable way to sync smartphones with Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks without using the cloud, delivering a higher level of privacy. The company’s flagship product, AkrutoSync, includes support for Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Newton, Mass., the company maintains a website at Media inquiries should be directed to


George Tatar, 617-299-0094
Meryl K. Evans

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How to Sync Outlook Notes with Android

One of the more popular questions we get is: “How do I sync Outlook notes with my Android?” It sounds like a simple one, but it isn’t. Many Androids don’t come with a notes app like Microsoft Outlook does.

How to Sync Outlook Notes with Android

What you need to sync Outlook Notes with Android

The first part of the equation requires installing a third party app from Google Play. This lets you open and create Outlook notes on your Android. The second part is to use AkrutoSync, which is Windows PC software that syncs Outlook Notes with Android devices. It has two-way sync, so all changes to your notes will be updated on Windows PC and across your connected devices.

AkrutoSync uses Wi-Fi or SSL-encrypted Internet to sync Outlook Notes with Android devices and your Windows PC. This setup has two advantages: it does not share anything in the cloud to keep your information private and it offers the convenience of not needing a USB cable to sync.

I love using Microsoft Outlook Notes to keep track of my life. One way they’ve come in handy is for tracking medical notes. Each time I see a doctor, I enter the date, doctor’s name and nature of the visit. A lot of times, a doctor will ask about my relevant medical history. I search notes and it pulls it right up.

These notes can get long. Because I use AkrutoSync (what else?), all of the notes sync completely and accurately. No information is cut off or missing. When I attended a professional conference, I took lengthy notes on my laptop using Outlook notes. The long notes show up in all my Android devices.

Installing a Notes App on Android

Back to the first equation. Here are two notes apps our users like that work well with AkrutoSync: Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange and Touchdown. Before you install either one, install AkrutoSync first. Here are the steps to sync Android with Outlook. Once you’re done, then you can follow these steps.

Using Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange to sync Microsoft Outlook Notes

Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange: Like its name, this app includes both notes and tasks with support for GTD. For security, the app supports SSL/TLS and client certificate. A 14-day trial is available. It currently costs $4.99 to use with multiple devices, but the website says it will change to $9.99 in the future. So if this catches your eye, try it soon to take advantage of the cheaper rate.

Here are the steps to set up Tasks & Notes to work with AkrutoSync:

  1. Open Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange on your Android.
  2. Go to settings > manage accounts > add an account.
  3. Enter the following account settings:
    • Email address: Use the email address that’s in the AkrutoSync window.
    • Account Type: Exchange.
    • Password: Use the password you created when you set up AkrutoSync.
    • Server: Use the info from the AkrutoSync window.
    • Domain: Leave this blank.
    • Use SSL: YES.
    • Port: 443.
    • Trust all SSL Certificates: You might need to set to YES if you did not import the certificate.

And you should be set.

Using Touchdown to sync Android with Microsoft Outlook

Touchdown: This powerful app has more than 80 percent of Outlook functionality. It supports Exchange, Information Rights Management (IRM) and Data Loss Protection policies. Touchdown also adds an extra layer of security with AES-256 encryption. Touchdown has a 30-day trial available. If you like it, a license is $19.99.

Here are the steps to set up Touchdown to work with AkrutoSync:

  1. Open Touchdown on your Android.
  2. Go to settings > account.
  3. Enter the following account settings:
    • Connection Mode: ActiveSync ONLY.
    • Login ID: Enter the user name that appears in the AkrutoSync window.
    • This is my email address: Make sure this is not selected.
    • Reply-To addresses: Leave this blank.
    • Email address: Use the email address that’s in the AkrutoSync window.
    • Password: Use the password you created when you set up AkrutoSync.
    • Domain: Leave this blank.

And your part is done. AkrutoSync will take care of the rest.

Whichever app you choose, AkrutoSync will automatically sync Outlook Notes with Android. If you have a Windows Phone, here are instructions to sync Outlook Notes with Windows Phone.

Learn more:

Does your Android phone or tablet come with notes? Let us know in the comments.

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Four Ways to Move off the Cloud to Protect Your Privacy

Hacking reports aren’t new. However, events like the hacking of celebrity accounts on iCloud, NSA surveillance and Facebook’s (Finally!) changing the default for new posts from “public” to “friends” have people re-thinking the storing of private and confidential information in the cloud. Believe it or not, the younger generation is concerned about privacy and looking to moving off the cloud.

Moving data off the cloud

Although Millennials have grown up in a digital world, The New York Times reports they care about protecting their privacy as shown in the popularity of apps that erase messages like Snapchat. The article has several interesting quotes from Justin Brookman, director of the Consumer Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

“Previously there had been a sort of undue trust in the magic of cloud services. People are starting to reconsider that.”

“For some people, the results will be that we don’t have any privacy and we should get over that. But I don’t think people want that. We’ve seen the younger generation search out tools that let them communicate in more private ways.”

For most people, it’s not realistic to have complete control over the information shared in the cloud. Still you can take steps to limit what you share and store in the cloud.

Here are four ways that can help you moving away from the cloud.

1. Use computer email software.

Web-based email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and may be convenient because you can access your emails from any connected device. Considering researchers have found that Gmail can be hacked with a 92 percent success rate, you might want to switch from web-based emails to a local email client like Microsoft Outlook (not that same as, Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

As a compromise, you can set up your phone to download emails while keeping messages on the server. This way you can still check the latest emails when you’re away from your computer. Then when you get back to your computer, it downloads the emails off the server.

If you want to boost email security, you can install encryption software to encrypt your messages. This will make it difficult for surveillance agents to read your emails. Email Self-Defense provides instructions to install encryption for Mac OS, GNU/Linux and Windows.

2. Save confidential files and photos on your local hard drive.

Saving files in the cloud with services like Dropbox and Google Drive makes it easy to share and access the files. Unfortunately, these files can be hacked or accidentally accessed. Should you need to store documents in the cloud, limit it to non-confidential files. When you save the files in the cloud, be sure to review and set its privacy settings. Many cloud-based services tend to default to the “public” setting.

For the files you already have in the cloud that need updated privacy settings, delete them. Then upload the files again with the proper privacy setting.

As for photos, the old-fashioned approach of storing photos on your computer protects them from being tracked online. Rather than storing every photo taken with your phone in the cloud, you can be selective about what you share in social media and online elsewhere.

The same goes for word processors, spreadsheets and presentations. Rather than typing them up online using Google Docs or Office 365, keep the documents private by doing the work locally on your computer using old-fashioned Microsoft Office (not 365) or Apache OpenOffice.

3. Sync your information across devices with cloudless sync software.

We all make appointments and exchange phone numbers on the go. Most of us also store this information on a computer using Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar. It’d be a waste of time to enter a new event in your phone and then enter it again it on your computer when you return home.

Instead, use third party sync software like AkrutoSync to automatically sync Outlook with Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices. It has the convenience of the cloud — being able to sync and access information from anywhere — without risking your privacy because AkrutoSync does not sync your information through the cloud.

Next time you schedule an appointment on your phone, it’ll show up on your computer as soon as you get home. You don’t have to get out the USB cable or manually start the sync process.

4. Share files with an encrypted USB flash drive.

Since you want to limit using Dropbox and other online file sharing services, you need a way to share and move files between computers and devices. An encrypted USB thumb drive provides extra security.

These four ways cover the most common computing activities that can easily be done off the cloud to protect your privacy. What other ways can you protect your privacy in today’s very connected world? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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Is Akruto Safe to Sync Outlook?

The recent hacking of private iCloud accounts may have you asking: Is Akruto safe to sync Outlook? We developed Akruto with safety and privacy in mind. With Akruto, you have complete control over your own data. No company — including Akruto — can access your personal information when you sync Outlook devices using Akruto.

Akruto is Safe to Sync Outlook

Your data does not sync through the cloud

The first thing we did was make sure your information doesn’t go through the cloud when you sync Outlook contacts with Android or Windows Phone.

Now you may be thinking that one of the benefits of the cloud is that it retains your data even if a device breaks or loses all its data. Although Akruto sync software doesn’t use the cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing your data.

We added the sync history feature to cover that. It saves all your information including deleted data, whether or not it was accidental. You can review changes, additions and deletions anytime to restore deleted data or undo any changes.

We hear from many people that cloud services are notorious for cutting off data like entries with long notes and photos of contacts. In one of our videos, we pasted Shakespeare’s sonnets into a note and the entire thing transfers.

Your data syncs through a secure network

Your updates are directly entered on your device or computer. Akruto updates the information on the other device or computer through your secure wireless network. Top European computer magazine, C’t Magazin (not a typo), likes Akruto as a secure option to sync Outlook data.

To achieve this, Akruto syncs your data one of two ways:

  • Wi-Fi: Sync Outlook Windows Phone and Android devices whenever your device connects to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Internet: Sync Outlook devices with your computer through SSL-encrypted Internet connection that’s private and secure.

We want to protect your privacy and, at the same time, ensure that you can automatically, effortlessly and accurately sync with Outlook calendar with Android and Windows Phones. So Akruto skips the cloud, connects securely and forgoes the hassle of using USB to sync.

So whenever you leave your Wi-Fi or Internet zone, you can rest easy knowing that all of your data is with you on your devices. (One license covers unlimited compatible devices.)

How to move off the cloud

By default, Android devices sync your information through Google. And this process saves your information in the cloud. and Office365 do the same thing. If you use Google or and want to move off the cloud, you can switch to Outlook on your Windows PC. To make this happen, use POP to download Gmail emails to Outlook.

That’ll take care of the emails. Next, you can import Android contacts into Outlook. You can do the same to transfer Google Calendar to Outlook. Then you can delete everything off your Google account.

Samsung Kies alternative

If you want to sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Outlook (or any other Samsung phone), you may have used or heard about Kies. It doesn’t take much effort to find many reports of Samsung Kies problems and Kies not connecting to a computer or phone.

Although Kies syncs other media besides Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes, it’s fraught with problems. If you search the Internet for “Samsung Kies problems,” you’ll see many forums with Samsung Kies troubleshooting advice. You’ll discover that most of the steps are tedious and don’t work or cause more problems.

Akruto is a smart Samsung Kies alternative for your synchronization needs.

So yes, Akruto is safe to sync Outlook with Android and Windows Phone. And, unlike Samsung Kies, it just works. You set it and forget it. You can try Akruto free for seven days to find out for yourself.

You might also be interested in articles and videos that cover specific phones:

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Do This to Protect Your Online Privacy

The trend of decreasing cloud use and increasing privacy and security are expected to grow as cloud hacking continues making the news. First, we heard about the celebrity photo thefts, which were stolen from private iCloud accounts (and some were deleted!). Then, we saw proof that Gmail can be hacked with 92 percent success rate. And now we come across this story by Mashable writer Christina Warren who hacked her own iCloud account.

Mobile phones online privacy

The scary part? She did it despite having two-factor authentication (2FA) on the iCloud account. Apple’s 2FA is misleading. At first glance, it sounds like it protects iCloud account and information. The reality is that iCloud’s two-factor authentication doesn’t protect your privacy — only your wallet.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might want to reconsider backing it up to the iCloud and switch it to backing up to a computer or laptop. It’s easy to keep everything backed up and in sync as iTunes can do that through Wi-Fi.

The move away from the cloud

All signs point to U.S. customers concerns about privacy will be catching up with Europe where they’re very serious about protecting their privacy. According to the European Commission, 72 percent of Europeans want more control over their online data.

That’s why the European Commission issued the new General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect next year. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the privacy of its citizens’ data.

Evidence proving Americans are taking steps to protect their privacy is starting to trickle in. In an interview with The New York Times, Director of the Consumer Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology Justin Brookman said, “Previously there had been a sort of undue trust in the magic of cloud services. People are starting to reconsider that.”

Furthermore, a Pew Research Internet Project survey on anonymity, privacy, and security online has found that “86 percent of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints.”

Sync private information without the cloud

You can do all the right things — create stronger passwords, use 2FA and so on — to protect your information, but it’s been established these can be hacked. One thing you can do is avoid storing personal information in the cloud. Don’t store confidential information in Dropbox, Gmail, and other cloud-services.

Address books also contain important information that you want to keep private. Like most people, you want to have your contacts’ information and your schedule with you on your mobile device when you’re on the go. Who wants to take the extra step of entering new appointments multiple times: once on the mobile device, once on the computer when you return home and again on tablets?

You can sync Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks without going through the cloud. With AkrutoSync, synchronization is automatic and effortless. You won’t need to open iTunes or take out your USB cable to sync the information. All you need to do is be in your Wi-Fi zone and Akruto will do the rest.

AkrutoSync will officially support iOS devices soon. This will make it easier to backup Outlook contacts and calendar as using iTunes’ is tedious. For one, you won’t need to open iTunes to sync. (Unofficially, some of our customers already sync Outlook with their iOS devices.)

Go ahead and update your appointments while you’re out and about. As soon as you return to your computer’s Wi-Fi connection, AkrutoSync will sync and update all your Outlook information on your computer and all your devices. Start protecting your privacy now, try AkrutoSync free for seven days.

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For Privacy and Security, Keep the Personal Data Out of the Cloud

To bolster the protection of its citizen’s private information, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect next year. Yet ComputerWeekly reports that only 1 in 100 cloud providers meet the requirements in the new directive.

Privacy and Security

University of California researchers say that Gmail can be hacked with a 92 percent success rate — regardless of phone model or software platform.

No doubt, you’ve heard about the photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and other celebrities being hacked from their personal online accounts on iCloud.

Not only was Winstead’s photos in the iCloud, but also the photos were deleted, or so the actress thought. Yet someone, somewhere out there managed to grab them and share them.

Beware that once something is in the cloud, it may be hard or impossible to delete it for good. And there’s no way to check if it’s gone. The best way to protect yourself when posting anything in the cloud is to ask: If I put this in the cloud and someone discovers it, is it OK or not?

Clearly, we’re seeing more headlines on the invasion of privacy and security. While most of us may not be celebrities — much less have inappropriate photos of ourselves posted somewhere — we wouldn’t want our private information to spill out on the Internet. Despite this, many people sync their address books, photos, docs, spreadsheets and personal notes with Google’s cloud services.

This isn’t to say you should avoid the cloud altogether. Instead, be selective about what you upload and sync in the cloud. Take photos with your phone that you absolutely don’t want leaking anywhere? Maybe it’s time to disconnect it from the cloud service or change the phone’s privacy and sync settings.

Another avenue to explore is turning on two-step authentication. Google, iCloud, Facebook, Dropbox and other services offer this. You can also take steps to keep Google from tracking you on the web.

Still you probably want to enter new appointments, write emails to people whose email address you haven’t memorized and update contact information on your phone. And you want the updates to show up on your computers and devices without having to re-enter it.

One way to do this is to use sync software that doesn’t sync through the cloud like AkrutoSync, which syncs Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with Android devices and Windows Phones. You don’t even need a cable to sync and secure your data. AkrutoSync gives you the option to sync over Wi-Fi or through an encrypted Internet connection. Try the full version of AkrutoSync free for seven days.

Keep that information private and secure by taking the cloud out of the equation.

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Sync Outlook with Android Devices

Are you looking for an easy but secure and automatic way to sync your Android phone with your Outlook calendars, contacts, notes and tasks?

AkrutSync is a top-selling, rich-featured application that will sync Outlook with Android and Windows mobile devices. It’s easy, automatic, and secure.

Sync Android to Outlook

AkrutSync Syncs Automatically

There’s no need to worry if that appointment made it to your phone or computer. AkrutSync will sync your Android with Outlook automatically, over your home wireless network; or over the Internet, wherever you are (using your data plan), through an encrypted, direct connection between your computer and your mobile device.

AkrutSync is Secure

Your confidential data never leaves your personal devices. At home, AkrutSync uses your own, secure wireless network to sync your Outlook data. If you choose to sync over the Internet, your connection is encrypted. Your personal information is never backed up to a public, Cloud server, and there is never any risk of it being shared or breached through the Cloud.

AkrutSync is Reliable

AkrutoSync makes sure all your appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes are on all your devices, without having to switch Contact, Calendar, or Note apps. You can continue to use the same mobile apps that came with your Android phone.

AkrutoSync Syncs Everything

There is no limit to the number of contacts, appointments, and tasks you can synchronize. You can synchronize both past and future appointments. You can also keep track of your synchronization history, and restore older versions of your contacts and other items.

AkrutSync is Easy to Setup

Setting up AkrutSync is quick and easy. AkrutoSync is downloaded and installed on the PC where Outlook is installed. All Android devices are software-ready to sync with AkrutSync. No additional software download is required.

Start your free, 7-day trial today.


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Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Phone

You have many third party software options to help you sync Outlook calendar and contacts with your phone. The synchronization solution that best meets your needs depends on what you want to sync and what method you use to sync. The method is a big one for many people, as some don’t want to go through the cloud. Some want to use cables and some don’t.

Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts width Phone

Sync Outlook Calendar Features

Start by figuring out what features you need and your tech requirements. Once you have your list of features, jump to sync Outlook Calendar with Phone software.

What information do you want to sync?
  • Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes
  • Google and Outlook calendars
  • Google and Outlook contacts
What operating system do your device(s) have?
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Multiple
What type of device(s) do you want to sync?
  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • All of the above
What’s your computer’s operating system?
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Both
How do you want to sync? What are your privacy needs?
  • Bluetooth
  • Cloud (Beware: Sync with Google is always through the cloud)
  • Secure, encrypted Internet
  • USB cable
  • Wi-Fi
Which way do you want to sync?
  • One-way.
  • Two-way.
Do you want automatic or manual sync?
What type of license do you need?
  • Run on multiple computers.
  • Run on one computer with multiple devices.
  • Run on multiple computers and devices.
Do you want to sync with device’s native apps?Some apps install their own calendar, contacts, tasks and notes apps on phone.
What is the policy for software updates?
  • License includes free updates for one year.
  • License includes free unlimited updates.
What language do you want supported?
What are you willing to spend on features?
Is there a money back guarantee?
What are the support options?
  • Online chat
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Forums
Is there a free trial? What are its limitations?
  • Some free trials give you full access to the software for a set time.
  • Some free trials limit how much you can sync.

When you have a short list of sync Outlook calendar software options, search the Internet for impartial reviews. For some users, customer service is important. A good way to gauge that is to check the companies’ social media accounts and forums to see how responsive they are to questions and feedback.

Sync Outlook Calendar with Phone Software

We hope the features list has helped you narrow your needs so that you find one or two potential sync software solutions to try.

SoftwarePriceOutlookGoogleDevice OSComputer OSSync methodUse cloudAutomatic or manual syncSync with phone’s native appsInstallationTrial optionLicense
AkrutoSync$29.95Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesNoAndroid, Windows Phone (iOS in the works)Win PCSSL-encrypted Internet, Wi-fiNoAutomaticYesWin PCFull software for 7 days1 Win PC, unlimited devices
AndroidSync$29.95 (personal)
$49.95 (business)
Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesNoAndroidWin PCUSBNoManualemailedWin PCLimited featuresDepends on edition
CompanionLink$49.95Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesYesAndroid, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows PhoneWin PC or MacBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USBYes and noBothNoMac or Win PCFull software for 14 days3 computers
gSyncit$19.99Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, NotesYesAndroid, iOSWin PCGoogle cloudYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleAdd-in for Outlook on Windows PCLimited features1 Win PC, unlimited devices
Outlook4Gmail$19.99Calendar, ContactsYesGoogle compatible devicesWin PCGoogle cloudYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleAdd-in for Outlook on Windows PCLimited features1 Win PC
Sync2$39.95Calendar, ContactsYesAndroid, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows PhoneWin PCFTP, LAN, USBYesAutomaticDepends on sync with GoogleWin PCFull software for 14 days1 Win PC
The Missing Sync$19.95 (iOS)
$29.95 (Android)
Calendar (Android), Contacts (Android), Tasks (iOS, Android), Notes (iOS, Android)NoAndroid, iOSWin PC, MacBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USBNoManualContacts only (Android)Mac or Win PCNone1 computer

Please leave a comment telling us what solution you use to sync Outlook Calendar and other personal information with your phone and why you chose it.

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Android Wear Review: Living with the Samsung Gear Live

If you’re into tech cool, you’ll want an Android Wear watch as soon as you get to experience a demo model. As I look at my wrist, I see a colorful and detailed, Star Trek-style, clock display (provided free by a third-party developer). Swiping down over the watch’s face brings up a long line of miniature Google Now cards.

Samsung Gear: Beige

The cards might display snippets of weather, stocks, and updates generated from your most frequent search topics as well as heart rate and step data (depending on features of the Wear hardware that is connected to your Android phone through Bluetooth 4.0 LE.)

Swiping from right to left on any card may bring up further information such as history or details. On this first set of watches, a simple swipe to the right can bring up a (add-on, third-party) launcher displaying all the mini-apps on the device.

Out of the box, the first watches to carry the Android Wear banner are not breakthrough products in terms of hardware. The Samsung Gear Live (reviewed here) and LG G Watch are on a par with the previously available Samsung Neo 2, but unlike its Tizen-based platform, the Wear watches have attracted a strong community of very fast-working developers who may see a gold mine in Wear.

They have been putting out an average of over 10 apps a day since launch. Most of these cannot be found in the official Google Play Wear Store (link), but are easily accessed through social media (especially a Google+ Android Wear group) or third-party listings (search for Android Wear .apk for a current list) which are helpful, but at this stage too ephemeral to provide permanent links here.

At this writing, there are almost 300 watch faces and mini-apps available, with almost a dozen new ones appearing somewhere on the Web daily. Most require some searching to uncover. The official Google Play marketplace remains anemic, since Wear’s API is still in official flux at Google and apps that make assumptions about what it will contain are unwelcome in the Play store.

Without the addition of unapproved apps, the initial Wear watches are uninspiring to use. They require too many steps to access apps or other features and are more or less a Google Now platform. It may not be enough in a competitive market with a presumed Apple “iTime” looming in the near future. But the robust Android developer community is pressing the limits and the Samsung, LG and Motorola watches are capable of doing much more than Google intended and will bring bliss to gearheads around the world.

Conclusion: Early adopters will enjoy any of the three Android Wear watch options and be able to use any of them interchangeably. They will be able to add widgets and other apps to make these truly useful for the active business person, (unless they labor outdoors where Wear’s colorful displays are generally unreadable)
Those not accustomed to living on the cutting edge of tech may want to wait for devices with longer battery life and more fashionable sizes and options.

Samsung Gear Live-Pros and Cons:


  • Bright, colorful high-resolution display
  • Works with Google Now and most phone notifications right out of the box
  • Controls most audio and music players
  • With third-party apps, can display many widgets, perform control functions (lights, etc.) and more
  • Microphone is sensitive and accurate
  • “OK Google” offers a robust list of voice commands


  • Not readable in bright sunlight
  • Battery life is less than two full, active days
  • Charger is fragile and spare or replacement chargers are not yet available
  • Band is uncomfortable and hard to fasten, but replaceable
  • Non-voice entry of texts is not recommended, though micro-keyboard apps are available
  • No speaker on watch for alarms or phone calls, vibration is the only option for notifications
  • Voice-control and entry is required for most functions. This can lead to socially awkward situations where the user appears to be emulating Captain Kirk—sans his starship.

What can you do with additional apps for Android Wear?

  • See remote, live images from your phone’s camera and trigger photos or videos from the watch
  • Ditto for voice recordings
  • Browse the Web or control your PC (neither are recommended)
  • See your Outlook calendar
  • Trigger items linked to Tasker which will allow remote control of smart locks, smart light bulbs and other devices that speak WiFi
  • Control your phone’s hardware: WiFi, volume, battery status, ringer condition, etc.
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Top German Magazine Features AkrutoSync

C’t Magazin, a top German magazine for computer technology, recommended AkrutoSync in its August 9, 2014 issue. You’ll find the mention in the 30-year-old magazine’s special Windows 8.1 section titled “Sync without cloud.”

AkrutoSync recommended by C’t Magazin

In the article, writer Jörg Wirtgen discusses the disadvantage of synchronizing through cloud servers. He also explains the process of how AkrutoSync syncs Outlook and Windows Phone 8.1. The software syncs Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

Wirtgen says that when the phone is connected with the home network-connected PC, synchronizing Outlook and Windows Phone 8.1 using AkrutoSync works well. We’re honored to have our software mentioned in C’t Magazin, which has a circulation of more than 300,000.

You can try the full version of the software free for seven days to see if it’s a good fit for you. Get AkrutoSync here. One license covers one Windows PC and unlimited devices. The software also syncs Outlook calendar and Android devices. Phone support and support for the German language and iOS are in the works.

August 11, 2014 7 Comments

Sync Outlook Calendar with Android

A friend told the story of how she spent too much time updating her calendar in multiple places to keep the information in sync with Outlook and her Android devices. She and her husband share a Google calendar while each has a personal Outlook calendar.

Sync Outlook Calendar with Android

If she entered a new event on her Android, it’d show up in her shared calendar, but not Outlook. So she’d have to re-enter all events when she went back to her computer. A simpler solution to sync Outlook calendar with Android devices would be to use third party software like AkrutoSync. Doing this prevents the need to re-enter information on the phone or computer.

The problem with Google Calendar

Now what about synchronizing her family’s shared Google calendar? Google Calendar Sync is no longer available to sync calendars. Importing a calendar from Google into Outlook is static and won’t update the other calendar when you make changes on one. And vice versa. Exporting Outlook calendar to import it into Google calendar won’t update.

This is a common problem as most people can’t share their business calendars, which uses Outlook. So they use Google to share. Whichever solution you choose, remember that synchronizing with Google calendar uses the cloud.

Sync Google and Outlook Calendars with Android

Still need to sync Google calendar with Outlook? Beware this syncs your information with the cloud, which means less privacy. Try Outlook-Google Calendar Sync, a free app that does that. This with AkrutoSync will sync Outlook Calendar with Android devices. You will never have to enter an event twice.

Update: We’ve heard reports that Outlook-Google Calendar Sync can cause problems. Instead, see Microsoft’s instructions to transfer calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar or a GO Contact Sync Mod from Sourceforge. (Please note that we haven’t tested GoogleSyncMod. It’s only a suggestion.)

Just remember this isn’t a cloudless process. But it allows you to keep your data automatically updated in all places without any effort on your part. The two software programs ensure Outlook calendar syncs with Android devices.

AkrutoSync makes things easier as it syncs Outlook calendar with your Android’s native calendar app. Some third party sync applications add their own software to your Android leaving you with two calendar apps to clutter your screen. Akruto also uses your Android’s native contact, tasks and notes apps.

Gain more control over data with history

Sometimes working with a phone, we accidentally delete information. Akruto has a sync history feature that allows you to review additions, changes and deletions. You can restore deleted information or save all the data.

Cloud vs. cloudless option

If you want to sync Outlook calendar with Android devices, AkrutoSync does the job wirelessly, automatically, securely and cloudlessly. Leave it at that, and you won’t have to go through the cloud.

However, some people want to sync Google calendar with Outlook and Android devices. In this case, Outlook-Google Calendar Sync will take care of it for you. Since both products are downloadable software, you don’t have to worry about the service going away like Google Calendar Sync did.

You can try the full version of AkrutoSync free for seven days. If you like it and purchase a license, we’ll send you a registration code to enter in the software. No downloading or reconfiguring anything again. A license covers one Windows PC and unlimited devices. (The software supports Windows Phone with an iOS option in the works.)

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5 Samsung Kies Alternatives to Sync Outlook with Androids

Samsung Kies Alternative

These comments come from many Android smartphone and tablet forums. Leaving many simply looking for a Samsung Kies alternative.

“Samsung Kies not working.” (This shows up a lot.)

“I am having problem Samsung Kies not connecting.”

“Can’t get Kies firmware upgrade working.”

“I have the latest version of Kies, but it won’t connect to my phone. I get the message ‘Your device does not support Kies v2.0.’”

These comments come from many Android smartphone and tablet forums. Users report Kies problems, request help to fix it or ask for alternatives. Often the fixes don’t take care of the problems.

Samsung Kies is an app that syncs Outlook, music and photos and updates software on Samsung phones. There are two versions: Kies 3 is for devices running Android 4.3 and Android 4.4 and Kies 2.6 for smartphones and tablets manufactured prior to September 2013 running older versions of Android. Both versions contain problems.

These are some of the reported issues with Samsung Kies not working:

  • Won’t sync.
  • Doesn’t recognize Android device.
  • Fails to install.
  • Shows Kies not connecting to phone or computer.
  • Spits out error messages.
  • Claims there’s no default email client.
  • Won’t run.
  • Disconnects Wi-Fi.
  • Syncs part of the data or none at all.

The posted workarounds are often lengthy and cumbersome. Unfortunately, they don’t always solve the problem or cause new one like Kies not connecting or in one case where disconnecting Wi-Fi caused Windows Update to stop working. (That’s a biggie.)

Searching For A Samsung Kies Alternative

Here are some Samsung Kies alternatives that can sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with all Android phones including the popular Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Google Nexus 3, HTC One and Motorola Droid RAZR.

As always, before you install any of the software, be sure to back up your Android device and Outlook.


Alternative To Kies
Sync method(s): SSL-encrypted Internet or Wi-Fi
Installation: Windows PC
Features: Automatically syncs with Android native apps and cloudless
Trial option: Full version for seven days
Price: $29.95

AkrutoSync is Windows PC software that syncs Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with Androids. It syncs Outlook with Android directly through Wi-Fi or an SSL-encrypted Internet connection. Both options are cloudless and allow you to automatically sync Outlook with unlimited Android devices. C’t magazin, Europe’s top computer magazine, has recommended AkrutoSync in two of its recent issues.

Your Outlook calendar events appear in your Android’s native calendar app. This also applies to Outlook contacts, tasks and notes. You can use your phone’s built-in contact and calendar apps. Even the phone numbers from your phone’s contacts show up in the dialer, so it all works together seamlessly. The software accurately syncs everything including long notes. Should something be accidentally deleted or changed, it can be recovered with the sync history feature.

To see how Akruto works, you can watch the How to Sync Android phones with Outlook video. The full version of the software is free to try for seven days. To keep using AkrutoSync after buying a license, just enter the registration code. One license supports one PC and unlimited devices. We vote for this one, but then you know we’re biased.

Sync method(s): USB
Installation: Windows PC
Features: Syncs directly through USB cable and cloudless
Trial option: Limits sync to 20 entries
Price: $29.95 for personal and $49.95 for business

Android-Sync uses a USB cable to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with most Android devices. Since it directly syncs through USB, none of the information goes through the cloud.

After you download the software on a Windows PC, the app will walk you through installing the USB drivers for your Android. It has a power saving mode to help extend the device’s battery life.

The trial limits your sync to 20 entries. Those installing Android Sync in a corporate, government or business environment will need to opt for the Business License. Purchasing a license activates the full software and includes a lifetime of free updates and upgrades.


Kies Alternative
Sync method(s): FTP, LAN and USB device
Installation: Install on Windows PC
Features: One- and two-way sync and syncs Outlook Exchange Folders (.OST file)
Trial option: Full version for 14 days
Price: $39.95

Sync2 can sync Outlook calendar, contacts, email, journal, notes and tasks with multiple PCs. It can be done through USB, shared network folder or file transfer protocol (FTP). It also syncs Outlook Exchange Folders (.OST file) without going through a company’s exchange server.

To sync Outlook with Android devices requires using Sync2 with both Outlook and Google. Androids sync through a Google account, which uses the cloud. Sync2 provides instructions on how to sync Outlook with Androids.

Sync2 offers one-way synchronization between Outlook and Google, which can work in either direction: Google to Outlook or Outlook to Google. You can try the full version of the software for 14 days. Discounts are available for multiple licenses. A license covers installing the software on one PC as well as one year of updates and support.

Sync method(s): Bluetooth, USB cable and Wi-Fi
Installation: Install on Mac
Features: Works with Macs
Trial option: Free edition available with limited features
Price: $39.95 for Expert edition installed on two Macs

SyncMate offers those using a Mac computer a way to sync data between a Mac and multiple Android devices. It can do three-way sync: Mac to device, device to Mac and both ways. SyncMate also works with cloud services including Dropbox, Google account and iCloud.

The Free edition only syncs calendar and contacts. The Expert edition offers more features such as automatic sync based on a user-selected interval, SMS backup, media and call history. The number of Macs that can run SyncMate depends on the type of license purchased. For a personal license, SyncMate can be installed on two Macs.

We hope this helps you find a solution that works for you. Please share this article with your friends and anyone who wants to sync Outlook calendar and contacts with Android devices or is dealing with Samsung Kies problems.

The Missing Sync

Samsung Kies Not Working
Sync method(s): Bluetooth, USB cable and Wi-Fi
Installation: Install on Mac or Windows PC
Features: Syncs media
Trial option: None
Price: $19.95 for iOS and $29.95 for Android

In addition to calendar and contacts, The Missing Sync synchronizes photos, music, videos, text messages, call logs and playlists. If you still have a Palm OS device, The Missing Sync works with that too.

The app requires Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Docs to sync between the Android or iPhone and Windows PC or Mac. The Android version includes a podcast plug-in, call log app and an SMS log app. The personal edition can sync with one computer, either Mac or Windows PC.

We hope this helps you find a solution that works for you.

Please share this article with your friends and anyone who wants to sync Outlook calendar and contacts with Android devices or is dealing with Samsung Kies problems.

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Google Calendar Sync Alternatives for Smartphones and Devices

Those who sync calendars and contacts with their phone through Google Calendar Sync need to find an alternative solution as it sunsets on August 1, 2014. We split the alternatives into two options:

  • Sync Outlook calendar and contacts.
  • Sync Google calendar and contacts.

Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts

Those using Windows Phone and Android devices can use AkrutoSync to automatically, directly and securely sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with their devices. Some sync solutions install a separate calendar and contacts app on the phone.

AkrutoSync uses your device’s native apps, so you won’t see two different apps doing the same thing. That means less clutter and confusion on which app to use.

AkrutoSync is Windows PC software that uses Wi-Fi or an SSL-encrypted Internet connection to sync Outlook with your devices. Your information is secure as Akruto does not go through the cloud at all. You also don’t need to use USB or any cables to sync.

While we plan to support iOS in the near future, users have reported they have AkrutoSync working with their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you prefer an official solution now, you can sync your iOS device with Outlook through iTunes following Apple’s instructions.

Sync Google Calendar and Contacts

Android devices don’t require workarounds because it automatically syncs with Google calendar and contacts.

Windows Phone users will have the ability to sync with Google calendar and contacts when they update to Windows Phone 8.1. If you can’t wait that long, see Sync Google email, contacts, and calendar FAQ for more information.

For iOS, do the following steps on your device to sync with Google:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Select Add Account.
  4. Select Google.
  5. Follow the steps to enter your Gmail credentials.
  6. Enable the services you want to use. Choices: Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Notes.

Any new info you add in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will sync with your Google account.