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At Akruto Sync we take our customer feedback and reviews very seriously. As a growing company we strive to ensure our product is the best sync application on the market. By striving to be the best outlook sync application we’ve created many happy customers who have reviewed our product in person, or via one of the many review websites available online.akruto sync reviews

AkrutoSync Reviews

This was by far THE easiest way to sync Outlook with my Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet and S6 Edge!

– Derek W, U.S.A

My struggles and long search are over – I am now delighted to be seamlessly and effortlessly synching between my Windows PC Outlook, Android Phone and iOS iPad! Nothing short of a miracle and a dream come true.

– John B – NJ, U.S.A

I am using your software to sync contacts, calendars & notes from my Windows 8.1 desktop PC to a Nook HD+ with Android 4.2 and to my iPhone 6, successfully. With another copy of AkrutoSync I am syncing contacts, calendars & notes from my wife’s Windows 7 laptop to her iPad, her iPhone 6 and my daughter’s iPhone 6. Pretty cool!

– Paul Bryant, U.S.A.

I’ve used Akruto for over a year now with my Nexus – great product and works perfectly every synch.

– Ian Bonallack, New Zealand

I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 830 mainly because I was fed up with trying to Sync Outlook with my Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. I assumed that Microsoft/Nokia would have a foolproof procedure for syncing Outlook, and I could hardly believe that there was no such application. Fortunately I came across Akruto on the Internet and your product has “saved the day”! I am delighted with it.

– Michael J. O’Carroll, Ireland

This is a tremendous method for syncing your Outlook and is far simpler than even going directly through Outlook! I’ve used it with both a Windows & Android phones, with the same satisfaction.
Additionally, the customer service offers almost immediate if help when needed…(the case I needed happened to be due to pilot error and not the program)!

– P. Banks – IL, U.S.A.

I think this program blows away Kies3 from Samsung and it keeps the information between you Samsung mobile device and Outlook up to date automatically. With Kies 3, you have to manually tell it to sync.

– Jim Rich, U.S.A.

You guys are the best! I’ve used Outlook and had Android phones for years but never have been able to synchronise properly. Samsung Kies is useless. I’ve tried several programs to do this task and they have been clumsy and didn’t work fully. With you I entered a whole new world!

  1. Your program does the job – completely.
  2. The wireless connection is brilliant – the synch just happens automatically when I am near my PC.
  3. Your price is fair with no ongoing charges.
  4. Your service people are knowledgeable, helpful and swift.

Thank you!

– Bruce Warman, U.K.

AkrutoSync saved my sanity! This is the best syncing option for Outlook/Android phone users. It does the job perfectly and the customer service/tech support is outstanding – you actually get personal service, follow up, and help! I recommend this to anyone who needs to have their phone and computer perfectly in sync.

– L. Millington, Canada

I am so grateful to have found Akruto! I had a horrible time trying to sync my Outlook calendar with my Samsung Android phone using Samsung’s Kies software (a total mess). Akruto did it easily, consistently, and reliably. Seriously, this has made my day-to-day life so much easier.

– Gisele from Orlando, FL, U.S.

I used a Palm phone for the past 10 years because I could sync with Outlook on my PC. When I purchased a new computer, I could no longer sync with my Palm and had to buy a new phone – one that would sync with Outlook. I bought a Samsung 4s and installed Samsung’s Kies software to sync. It didn’t work. Then I discovered AkrutoSync.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m VERY HAPPY with it. I have everything I need on my phone and on my PC. No cloud! I teach MS Office and Windows OS at a local college. I’m recommending AkrutoSync to my students. Microsoft does not support Outlook with the Windows phone. I’m letting my students know that Akruto supports Windows and Android phones. Fabulous!!

– V. Scott, Florida, U.S.

You have a wonderful product that is backed by amazing support from you at a level that is extremely scarce to find nowadays. The software does what it is supposed to do and is better than everything else that I have tried so far. I am most definitely going to recommend this to all my friends and colleagues.

– Sunil Mathur, U.S.

I installed Akruto after trying to sync my Outlook Contacts and Calendar with my Android phone unsuccessfully with 3 other types of software. Akruto is the only software that worked! Thank you for the excellent installation instructions, too.

– Kimberly S, U.S.

After years of searching, Akruto has been the answer to my syncing needs! Easy to install and set-up and very reasonably priced. Customer service is speedy and efficient. I could not be more satisfied!

– Jason B, U.S.

Awesome program!!! Like so many other companies, we have made the decision to move away from the cloud. Your little program makes that possible without spending $2000 plus for a server. Keep up the great work.

– George Brite, U.S.

I must say that working with Akruto software has been a PLEASURE. I spent HOURS on the phone with various help desks and I was about to surrender myself to Google, but I did one last search and found you guys. Well done!

– Fritz, Germany

I found the customer support people at Akruto Sync really helpful and quick to respond…. Anyone with a laptop or PC running Microsoft Outlook who wishes to share their contacts, calendar and tasklist with their Android or Windows tablet should certainly get a copy of this software whether for individual or business use.

– David, U.K.

I have been using Outlook for years and have come to rely on my accumulated data. More than a year ago I had to move into the world of Smartphone and Cloud connection and my frustration with Outlook sync kept me in an older Blackberry. Thanks to Akruto I have updated to HTC Windows phone8 and Windows OS8. Thank you for doing what Microsoft should have been doing from the beginning. You are worth every cent and more!

– Chas, U.S.

You guys are legends! I was getting ready to sell or take back my Lumia 820 windows phone. It wouldn’t transfer over bluetooth the contacts and calendar like my last 3 nokia smartphones, it wouldn’t connect through the cable and it wouldn’t even connect to the cloud I was trying to avoid! Then your wonderful application saved me, and a great step for personal privacy!

– Felix, Australia

If not for Akruto Sync, I suspect my Nokia Lumia windows phone would be at the bottom of the Thames (London river) by now. I was livid when I discovered that the much heralded new phone needed me to synchronise all of my contacts and calendars via the cloud. I discovered Akruto Sync and calm and serenity returned to my world. I was sceptical at first, after all if Microsoft wasn’t doing it how could any smaller company offer a first class reliable product, but my scepticism was unfounded. Not only is the product brilliant, it does what it says on the tin, but their ongoing service is utterly brilliant. I have had one or two issues, but the guys are immediately on the case getting to the bottom of the problem and getting me back on the road (almost literally). Take note Microsoft and Apple for that matter!

– Eric, U.K.

I was totaly frustrated not being able to sync my windows phone localy.
When I heard about Akruto, I joined the beta-test. It was great working with the Akruto guys. I am using Akruto now for about half a year and synchronisation simply works in such a way that I almost forget that I’m using this great tool.

– Benny Punt, Netherlands

I have been a Windows Phone “Power User” since it’s inception and have over 3,000 contacts and thousands of calendar entries. With Windows Phone 7 I thought I hit the end of the line and was looking for an alternative until I found Akruto Sync! This is the best thing since the Windows Phone itself was introduced. The team is beyond helpful and the software has been fantastic. Great work Akruto!!!!!!!

– Andre, U.S.

Smartphone Headache Solved by Akruto!

I’d be remiss if I neglected to inform you how effective Akruto Sync is at synchronizing Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks with Smartphones. Unfortunately Windows 8 eliminated support for ActiveSync a mobile data synchronization app in favor of a cloud-based service. Many power users, such as me, consider the Windows 8 cloud-based service data extortion. The Microsoft promoted solution requires our personal and business data to be held hostage “somewhere in the cloud”. I’ve opted to use Akruto Sync to locally manage, secure, and maintain privacy of my Outlook database without accessing the cloud. Akruto has worked wonders for me and I’m confident it will do the same for you. PS – they offer a risk free trial period which will have you hooked on their solution within minutes!

– Bob Koch, U.S.

This is the best $30 I’ve spent in a long time. I’ve 6 thousand contacts and 800 calendar items plus tasks and notes. It took me 4 hours to speak with The BB Z10’ Tech Dept. just to find out that it couldn’t sync with Outlook. Bb Tech Support said, “Sorry.” Took back the Z10 and got a Windows 8 phone from HTC. With the help of Akruto, I am now synced and a happy camper.

– Patrick, U.S.

I am delighted with Akruto Sync, as I have no desire to put all my data in the Microsoft cloud. Akruto Sync simply works perfectly.

– Michael D, Australia

The following comments by Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, were not made in relation to Akruto, but Steve captured our sentiment about the cloud so well that we had to quote him.

I really worry about everything going to the cloud. I think there are going to be a lot of horrible problems in the next five years […] With the cloud, you don’t own anything. You already signed it away […] A lot of people feel, ‘Oh, everything is really on my computer,’ but I say the more we transfer everything onto the web, onto the cloud, the less we’re going to have control over it.

– Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc.