Sync Outlook calendar

Sync your Outlook Calendar using AkrutoSync

If you use Outlook to manage your calendar, Akruto Sync is the tool for you. Akruto Sync offers direct two-way synchronization of your calendar between PC Outlook and your Android or Windows Phone. Your calendar events (appointments) appear in the built-in Calendar app on your smartphone.

Sync Outlook Calendar

Akruto Sync goes to great lengths to synchronize appointment details. Normal appointments, as well all-day appointments and recurring appointments synchronize and work as expected. Recurring appointments with exceptions synchronize correctly (for example, an appointment that occurs every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00, except September 19, 2013 and May 6, 2014). Appointments with embedded notes and appointment reminders are synchronized easily.

Because this is a two-way synchronization solution, you can update your calendar either using Outlook on your PC, or your phone’s built-in calendar, or a combination of the two. The changes you make on your phone appear in Outlook on your PC. The changes you make on your PC appear in your phone’s calendar. Akruto Sync lets you synchronize all past and future events.

Akruto Sync works with all Windows and Android phones. If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, Akruto Sync makes a great Kies alternative.

Akruto Sync is a complete calendar synchronization solution which does not use the cloud. You can synchronize either over Wi-Fi network or the Internet (using your data plan). In either case, your phone connects directly to your computer over an encrypted connection without the use of the cloud.