Sync Outlook Contacts with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3?  Thinking about how to sync your Outlook contacts with your new android smartphone? Then AkrutoSync is the tool for you. AkrutoSync is the only automatic, direct, cloud-free and reliable two-way synchronization software for your Galaxy Note 3. The program will seamlessly and accurately synchronize your Outlook data.

Sync Outlook Contacts

Sync Contacts with Galaxy Note 3

Why AkrutoSync?:

AkrutoSync allows you to easily sync your Outlook contacts with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You won’t need a special app to access your contacts on your phone. On your Galaxy Note 3, contacts appear in the built-in phone dialer and all the other places you would expect them to appear.

AkrutoSync provides a complete synchronization solution for your contacts. AkrutoSync can synchronize multiple telephone numbers per contact, multiple mailing addresses and email addresses, contact birthdays, as well as all other information. Even contact photos will get synchronized.

How you can try AkrutoSync:

To try AkrutoSync yourself, go to and download a 7-day free trial. Open the downloaded file and when the installation completes, click on the shortcut created on the desktop and follow the installation steps. Make sure that your system and your Galaxy Note 3 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

For detailed step-by-step installation guide, please refer to our User Guide on documentation page.

Note: – Please note that the set-up is a one-time process.


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4 Responses to “Sync Outlook Contacts with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3”

  • Ti says:

    Syncing contacts is great. But what about outlook calendar and outlook memos/notes and outlook tasks!!??!!??

  • support says:

    Akruto Sync can sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

  • jim says:

    why would I use a 3rd party software when the phone syncs with outlook already?

    • support says:

      Thank you for your question, Jim.

      You are right. Samsung does provide Kies software to sync with Outlook. Many users find that Kies creates duplicates, stops in the middle of a sync and is otherwise unreliable. They are looking for a solution that just works. Akruto Sync just works.

      There are other reasons to go with Akruto Sync, too. Akruto Sync can sync your Outlook data automatically, so that you don’t have to plug in any cables or press any buttons. Akruto Sync can sync over the Internet (if you want to) or use your home wireless network. It works with all your smartphones and tablets. Akruto Sync is the only tool that has synchronization history. Synchronization history lets you see what data was sent to your devices and received from your devices and when. Using Synchronization History, Akruto Sync allows you to restore the data that you have deleted or modified inadvertently. I am sure there are other reasons to go with Akruto Sync that I missed.

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