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    MaryAnne DellaFera

    I got stuck at the point of configuring ports in my router. Akruto wasn’t able to automatically configure the ports and your instruction page for doing it manually doesn’t open. How can I find the configuration instructions?



    Akruto Support


    Hi MaryAnne,

    Thank you for the details. You are trying to attempt to configure AkrutoSync for Sync over the Internet. Please take note of the following regarding Sync over the Internet:
    We recommend Sync over the Internet if you are using a home or office computer that is connected to its network all the time or almost all the time and it is not being used to other locations. Most users who use this setup often travel and sync via the cellular/mobile data of their phone (must be 4G / LTE / 4G LTE) while the computer is online on the home/office network.

    You can also use Sync over the Internet in other networks and/or locations if you have a laptop and you know the admin access to the router of that network. Usually, that is not possible for public Wi-Fi networks like in an airport or a hotel.

    NOTE: especially for laptop users with Windows OS on the computer, if they travel or connect to multiple locations while they bring the laptop and the phone – they CANNOT use Sync over the Internet in networks that they do not have admin access to the router.


    Alfredo Delola

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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