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We developed AkrutoSync to make life less stressful for power Outlook users. If you’re like us, you keep most (if not all) of your life in Outlook, and you want a reliable and secure way to keep your data up-to-date on all your devices. There’s no room for error here – accuracy, reliability and security are essential for stress-free living. With AkrutoSync you never need to worry about missed meetings or soccer games, incomplete contact lists or important notes left in your office. And because AkrutoSync doesn’t use the cloud, your personal information is yours – and only yours, a major concern in today’s digital world.

Having a great product wasn’t enough. We wanted to have a support system in place to help you comfortably transition to AkrutoSync. After all, we’re talking about every bit of your personal information here, and we understand that any potential change in your data flow might make you a little nervous. That’s why we are committed to customer service. Our outstanding support team provides personalized service to make sure your entire AkrutoSync experience is smooth and easy. And that’s another thing that won’t stress you out.

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AkrutoSync started small in 2010, when founder and CEO George Tatar, an avid Outlook user, bought his first Windows phone and was not satisfied with the synchronization solutions available to him. There was no seamless way to sync Outlook data with mobile devices without using the cloud, where you don’t own your personal information. George recognized this as a huge gap in the Outlook syncing market. George wanted – he needed – a more secure solution, and set out on a mission: to create a reliable, cloud-free and easy-to-use way for syncing Outlook data with all modern mobile devices. And he wanted to do this not just for himself, but for frustrated, stressed out Outlook users everywhere.

After 2 years of development and beta testing, (and countless cups of coffee) AkrutoSync had its initial release in July, 2012. The initial release supported Windows Phone and syncing Contacts and Calendars. Three months later, AkrutoSync added support for Outlook Tasks. In March of 2013, our first review appeared in the online publication World of PPC. And that was the turning point in our business. Word was now getting out that our Outlook syncing software was the ideal syncing solution.

Our product development team continued to enhance AkrutoSync. Over the next year, synchronization support was added for Android phones and tablets, Outlook Notes, and iOS devices.

Because of the software’s reliability, simplicity and outstanding support, we are proud that AkrutoSync quickly became one of the most popular software options for syncing Outlook with iOS, Android and Windows devices. We hope you’ll take advantage of our money back guarantee and give us a try!

Aug 2015 -
AkrutoSync added subscription plan
Oct 2013 -
Syncing support added for iOS and Android platform devices
Aug 2013 -
Support added for syncing Outlook notes
Oct 2012 -
Support added for syncing Outlook tasks
July 2012 -
AkrutoSync released


George Tatar - Founder of Akruto

George embarked on a mission to develop a solution for his own personal use. While working on the first version of AkrutoSync, George discovered many other Windows phone users on Internet forums all over the world, frustrated by the lack of suitable syncing options; all were looking for a solution. George left his engineering job to spend all his time testing, perfecting and enhancing AkrutoSync.

Prior to founding Akruto, George held leading engineering roles and managed teams of engineers for large companies as well as successful start-ups:

George Tatar, Akruto’s founder and CEO, still oversees product development and customer service. He enjoys working directly with customers, listening to their feedback, and helping them get the most out of AkrutoSync.

George received his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Harvard Extension School in 2005. Prior to that, he attended Boston University College of Engineering where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Programming since the age of 12, George still loves learning about new technologies.

"Our mission is to help keep Outlook data safe, secure and accessible on all our devices, while providing stress-free support, tailored to your individual needs." - George Tatar, Akruto founder and CEO