How to Copy Outlook Contacts to iPhone via Wi-Fi Without iTunes

How to Copy Outlook Contacts to iPhone via Wi-Fi Without iTunes

If you want to export Outlook contacts to iPhone but don’t want to use iTunes to sync the device to your computer, or delete the contacts already stored on the iPhone, it’s not a problem.

AkrutoSync is Windows PC Outlook sync software that delivers automatic, complete, continuous two-way synchronization between Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes, and unlimited iOS, Windows phones, tablets, and other devices.

How to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone over the air

Here we walk you through a simple process to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone, without iTunes, from a Windows PC with any version of Outlook. This guide will also work with an iPad or iPod touch.

Step 1. Download and install AkrutoSync on your PC or laptop.

Step 2. On the home screen, press Configure AkrutoSync. On the next screen you will be asked to choose the type of connection you are planning to use to sync contacts between Outlook and your iPhone. You have “via Wi-Fi” and “over the Internet” options – both options allow you to sync Outlook contacts without any of the hassle of cables.

Step 3. Select iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) option. AkrutoSync will display screenshots of what to do in your iPhone’s interface to retrieve contacts from your desktop Outlook.

The remaining steps are very easy, and it takes only 2-3 minutes to start transferring contacts to your iPhone’s contacts app. Here’s a video explaining how easy it is to push Outlook contacts to your iPhone:

This simplicity makes AkrutoSync one of the best cloud-free software to sync Outlook contacts to iPhone.


Q: Does this method work to sync contacts from Outlook 2013 to iPhone 5?
A: Yes! With AkrutoSync you can transfer your Outlook 2013 contacts to iPhone 5 within 5 minutes. To do this, just install AkrutoSync and go through steps shown in the video above.

Q: If I copy my Outlook contacts to my iPhone 6 without iTunes, will I be able to keep syncing automatically?
A: The synchronization process is 100% automatic, so you don’t have to do anything to continue the process.

Q: After I will transfer Outlook contacts to my iPhone 4s, will it be able to transfer newly added contacts back to Outlook?
A: After the initial setup your iPhone 4s will automatically transfer any new contact you add to its contacts app back to Outlook. Profile pictures are supported as well.

Q: I used to export Outlook contacts to Google to sync them with my iPhone 5 via Google account. Does your software support any type of connection other than Wi-Fi to sync on the go?
A: AkrutoSync supports syncing via a Wi-Fi network as well as over the Internet. You can switch between these methods depending on your needs.

Q: How do I import Outlook contacts directly to the contacts app of my iPhone 6 Plus?
A: AkrutoSync works with the native app of your phone. All the contacts you have in Outlook will be shown in your iPhone 6 Plus contacts app.

Q: Is there an option to load Outlook contacts to a pair of iPhone 5’s simultaneously? If I add a contact to my first iPhone’s contacts app will it show up on the second one?
A: After you add a contact on your first smartphone it will be transferred to your Outlook and then, from your Outlook to the second iPhone. And yes, having the same Outlook contacts on two iPhones is possible.

Q: How do I transfer Outlook contacts between a Blackberry Priv and my iPhone?
A: Simply connect both phones to your Outlook with AkrutoSync. After this, any contact added to any of your phones or desktop Outlook will automatically appear on all devices.

Q: My current syncing software duplicates Outlook contacts on my iPhone. Is there any chance my experience will be the same with your software?
A: You can be sure that you will not experience this problem again with AkrutoSync

Q: I want to transfer contact notes from Outlook to my iPhone. Is this possible?
A: Yes, AkrutoSync supports syncing Outlook contact notes field by default.

Q: Can I use your software for transferring Blackberry contacts to iPhone via Outlook?
A: Yes, you can. During the first step, you will need to transfer all Blackberry contacts to Outlook with its native sync software, and then connect iPhone to Outlook with AkrutoSync.

Q: I have more than 10 000 contacts in my Outlook and want to sync them with two completely new iPhones. Can Akruto handle this amount of data (it’s more than 21k in total)?
A: AkrutoSync can transfer any amount of Outlook data. The worst thing you will encounter is waiting an additional 10 to 15 minutes in the event you have numerous profile pictures and contact notes.

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  • DDP November 28, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    How many contacts can be transferred using this method?
    I have more than 3000 in my Outlook. Will this your software handle that?

    • Akruto Support November 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      AkrutoSync will easily transfer this amount of data. But in case you have lots of contact pictures, it would take some time to transfer them to your smartphone.