How to Sync Outlook Calendar With iPhone

How to Sync Outlook Calendar With iPhone

Many people are struggling with how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone, especially those currently running Outlook 2013. According to several customers’ forum postings, Apple support techs reported that it is impossible to sync Outlook 2013 with iPhone or any other iOS device.

Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone

According to many forums and my team’s own testing, there’s no easy and consistent way to do iPhone calendar sync using Apple’s built-in sync functionality. To sync Outlook calendar with iPhone is more complicated than it has to be, regardless of whether you use iTunes or iCloud.

With AkrutoSync, you can seamlessly sync Outlook calendar as well as contacts, reminders (tasks in Outlook) and notes. AkrutoSync is a two-way sync software for Windows PC that you install on your desktop or laptop. Once installed, you can sync Outlook with all your compatible devices. If you have iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and Android devices, you can sync with those, too — without paying extra.

Sync All Events Between Outlook Calendar and iPhone

Most sync applications only sync two weeks’ worth of past and future appointments and events with Outlook calendar. Some may sync three months’ worth. AkrutoSync syncs all of them — past, present and future.

Most sync applications only sync two weeks’ worth of past and future appointments and events with Outlook calendar. Some may sync three months’ worth. AkrutoSync syncs all of them — past, present and future. So, looking up a past appointment or checking your availability three, six or 12 months from now won’t be a problem. All your appointments in your Outlook for PC show up in all your synchronized devices’ calendars. Akruto is the most dependable sync software. If you delete something by accident or update an event with the wrong information, you can restore it with the sync history feature. This feature allows you to review all changes, including items you’ve deleted or edited.

Just enter your new appointment into your iPhone’s calendar app, the one you always use. The appointment syncs with Outlook calendar on your Windows PC. If you also have an iPad, Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet or other compatible devices you use to sync with Outlook, the new appointment appears in the calendars of all those devices that you sync with Outlook.

Not all sync software uses your iPhone’s or other device’s integrated calendar. Some install another calendar, leaving you stuck with two calendar apps. You can’t delete the iPhone’s calendar, contacts notes and reminder apps — only move it. This takes up the already-limited screen estate — even on the larger iPhone 6 Plus screen — and space on your phone.

It can make it confusing to remember which app has your information. If you already have events in your calendar and anther sync software installs its own calendar app, you’ll have to move those events into the new app. Imagine your phone with two calendars, contacts, notes and reminders (tasks on Outlook) — that adds up to eight apps and a lot of wasted space.

IPhone Calendar Sync Works with All Event Types

Another problem with some sync apps is the fact that they don’t correctly transfer recurring or all-day appointments, or they make a mess of your calendar. AkrutoSync transfers appointments exactly as you enter them in Outlook. All-day appointments show up on your phone as all-day appointments and recurring appointments show up as recurring appointments.

You most likely have an occasional exception for a recurring appointment. For example, you’d probably cancel a recurring meeting that would occur at 10 a.m. on December 25. In Outlook, you’d delete the meeting and indicate that it only applies to this instance. Some sync apps ignore the exception, but not Akruto. The deleted appointment won’t appear on your devices that use Akruto for Outlook iPhone sync.

Update Once Anywhere, Sync Everywhere

Like me, you may be a digital omnivore, meaning that you have more than one mobile device. Let’s say you change an appointment on a tablet. Because Akruto offers two-way sync, the change will appear in your other devices and Outlook for Windows PC. You won’t have to enter appointments twice. Just enter it once and Akruto will sync it everywhere. Delete once, and it deletes everywhere.

If you make any unintended changes to your data or delete something unintentionally, you can get it back using the sync history feature. This feature allows you to review all changes, including items you’ve deleted or edited. The data is stored on your own computer and is not shared with Akruto or any cloud service.

Try AkrutoSync, Outlook iPhone Sync

With AkrutoSync, your work is done as soon as you install it. Once done, Akruto takes care of the rest. Customers often say, “It just works.” Akruto will sync Outlook Calendar with your iPhone and other devices — automatically, seamlessly and privately.

None of your information will ever sync with the cloud. You can sync either through Wi-Fi (does not use data plan) or a secure Internet connection (uses data plan).

We want to make sure AkrutoSync meets your needs, so you can try the full version free for seven days. See how easy it is to “set it and forget it” as AkrutoSync proceeds to automatically and accurately sync Outlook calendar with iPhone for you.

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  • Richard Schilb November 7, 2014 at 3:09 am

    How exactly can one use AkrutoSync to sync Outlook on a Laptop with Outlook on a Desktop PC?

  • Akruto Support November 10, 2014 at 11:17 am

    We recommend that you install AkrutoSync on your desktop computer. Click “Configure AkrutoSync” to set up sync. Select “Windows Phone” as your device type, as we do not show “Windows Laptop” as an option yet, but it will work. If you need help more specific to your setup, please contact our support by email or Live Chat.

  • Leonardo January 11, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Will your program sync recurring events? I use them a lot. I can’t sync recurring events with Google, so I am looking for alternatives.

    • Akruto Support January 17, 2015 at 5:35 pm

      Yes, all events are synced accurately and reliably. Recurring events appear correctly.

  • Rosie January 24, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Does your program work with Outlook for Mac 2011?

    • Akruto Support February 7, 2015 at 4:00 pm

      Rosie, at the moment, AkrutoSync works only with Outlook for Windows. If you are using Outlook in a Parallels virtual machine on a Mac, you can use AkrutoSync with it. If it is regular Outlook for Mac, AkrutoSync does not support it yet.

  • HOWARD March 20, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    I just clicked on “Free Trial” on your website. How soon and what will I receive?

    • Akruto Support April 13, 2015 at 10:53 pm

      The Free Trial link is the download link for the program. You can install it and start using it immediately. You do not need to register. AkrutoSync program will work for 7 days without requiring a license key. To continue using AkrutoSync after 7 days, you need to purchase a license key.

  • Al Tait January 12, 2016 at 11:40 am

    I have been looking for a way to share Outlook calendar with iPhone. This sounds like it will do the job. But I can’t try the software now. When does the free trial start the countdown?