The Future of Cyber Security Industry

The Future of Cyber Security Industry – Predictions for 2018

At Akruto, we are passionate about cybersecurity and all that happens in the industry. In light of numerous data breaches and hacks, we share our view on data security and privacy best standards through our product and blog.We believe that the more awareness of modern cybersecurity threats people have, the less room there is for hackers and other malicious actors to compromise people’s personal [...]

George Tatar Featured as IoT Cyber Security Thought Leader

Akruto Founder and CEO as One of The Thought Leaders in IoT Cyber Security

At Akruto we know how crucial it is to keep personal data private and secure. We are passionate about spreading people's awareness of constantly increasing cyber threats and how to avoid them. We believe that cyber security is one of the most challenging tasks modern society faces with the more data we store outside on 3-red party services and servers.IoT is one of the [...]

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Now Works With Outlook

Amazon Alexa was initially created as a voice platform to let users order items from through the Internet-connected Echo device. Now it seems as if Amazon planned a much greater future for Alexa. As time goes on and technology evolves, this amazing virtual assistant is getting smarter and smarter adding new skills and features to its bag of tricks.Since its inception, Alexa has [...]

Android-Sync alternative

Android-Sync Alternative

Android-Sync software has a credible history and seems to have helped thousands of people sync their Outlook calendars and contacts’ data, as well as notes and tasks. However, with each passing month we see an increasing number of new customers who have switched from Android-Sync to AkrutoSync.Most are searching for Android-Sync alternative to remain syncing Outlook data with their Android devices. The two main [...]