Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Otterbox Speck VR Phone Case

25 Cool Cases for the Most Popular Mobile Devices

Who says our mobile devices have to look bland with simple, solid-colored cases? Give them personality representing your favorite things or enhance your mobile device with special features. No longer do you have to sacrifice a cool design to have a case that does what you want. For me, I like a case that is grippy so I don’t have to worry about it [...]

How to Sync Nexus 6P with Outlook

How to Sync Nexus 6P with Outlook

Now that the holidays are over, many people trying to figure out their new phones. One of the more common problems is that people can’t figure out how to open calendar on Nexus 6P other new phone. They also can’t sync contacts to their phones or synchronize Nexus 6P at all.Nexus 6P calendar problemsConsidering the Nexus is a Google phone, it’ll ask you to [...]

Sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to Blackberry Priv

How to sync Outlook with BlackBerry Priv

A user asked how to sync Outlook with BlackBerry Priv. The response from BlackBerry support offers two less than ideal solutions. One is a complicated workaround and the other uses the cloud."The BlackBerry smartphone (Legacy devices and BB10) can sync directly with Microsoft Outlook using BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Link, respectively, but to transfer content from your profile to your Android device, you [...]

LG V10 Mobile

How to Sync LG V10 to Outlook

In doing research to select the best 2016 phones post, we learned about the LG V10. It has been selected as the best smartphone camera. While writing about it, we made a mental note to write about the phone in its very own post. The Android mobile has a lot of impressive features to help you be more productive wherever you go.And if you’re [...]

Best smartphones to get for 2016

Best Phones 2016 You Need to Know About

The smartphone industry has undergone huge changes in the past year. You have more phone plan options. No longer are you stuck signing a contract with a carrier, paying a couple hundred bucks up front, and agreeing to monthly fees for the duration of the contract. Here’s everything you need to know about the best smartphones when shopping for your next one.The best plan [...]

How to sync your Microsoft Lumia 950 with Outlook

How to Sync Microsoft Lumia 950 with Outlook

We’re Windows Phone fans here. After all, Akruto Founder George Tatar developed AkrutoSync to sync Windows Phone with Outlook. So it’s no surprise we’re excited about the latest Microsoft phone — the Lumia 950. Could it be the best Windows Phone? Early reviews say it has a lot of powerful features, but it could stand improvement in other areas.Lumia 950: What makes it special?The [...]

Best Smartphone Gifts for the Holidays?

What Are the Best Smartphone Gifts for the Holidays?

Retailers have started putting up the Christmas and holiday decorations. They’re also rolling out deals including pre-Black Friday specials. It’s insane. We’d like to enjoy Thanksgiving first. But we also try to shop early rather than doing it all last minute.Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid al-Adha, Festivus, or none of the above, this is a popular time of the year to trade [...]

How to Sync Outlook Notes to iPhone without iTunes

How to Sync Outlook Notes with iPhone without iTunes

The iOS 9 / iTunes / Outlook sync on Windows discussion on Apple’s support forum has a screen shot that shows Apple no longer supports sync Outlook notes with iTunes in iOS 9. A user submitted a bug report explaining that “Since the iOS9 upgrade, without any warning or notification, my Notes no longer sync between my iPhone and my Outlook 2010 on Windows.”Apple [...]

The easiest and most reliable way to sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and other Android devices

Best Ways to Sync Outlook to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are the latest hot Androids to hit the market. Wait a minute. Didn’t we just write about the latter? Actually, we showed you how to sync Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Outlook. Taking a page from Apple’s playbook with the iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung has added a plus to its own products.But what’s the [...]

Stop fighting Samsung Smart Switch not Working. Be more productive and use AkrutoSync to sync your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to your Samsung devices

How to Stop Fighting Samsung Smart Switch Not Working and Be More Productive

Many users had problems with Samsung Kies not working. Do a search on the software and you’ll see loads of complaints about the sync software with few solutions that work.Samsung may have realized it had a problem child in Kies because the company replaced it with Samsung Smart Switch. Anyone who tries to use Kies receives a notice indicating the software has been upgraded [...]

16 awesome mobile apps that you may have missed out on - Android, iOS, Windows Phone

16 Absolutely Awesome Mobile Apps You May Be Missing Out On

As we’ve mentioned in past round ups of tools and apps, there are so many out there. It’s dizzying. We can’t begin to uncover all the gems. This time, we asked journalists and industry experts to share their favorite lesser known apps.And, boy did they deliver!We’re using some of the apps they recommended. As if we needed more!This roundup includes apps for a variety [...]

Android support resources and forums

23 Useful Places to Go When You Need Android Help

One day, out of the blue, my slick red coffeemaker pumped out only half of our morning wakeup fuel. I jiggled the coffeepot. Nothing. Hmm. I decided to try again the next day before entering panic mode.The next day, I turned on the coffeemaker and 15 minutes later, the coffeepot remained empty. Jostled it. Zippo. I took out the coffee filter with the grounds [...]

Android apps to make you more productive

14 Android Apps to Make You More Productive

One point four million. That’s how many apps are in the Google Play store as of February 2015. That’s more than Apple App Store’s 1.2 million. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Apple is the only company that produces hardware for its iOS. Many companies manufacture Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices.With 1.4 million options, every category must have thousands or hundreds [...]

Following too many people on Twitter? Learn how to clean your Twitter account with this free tool. This tool offers plenty of options to help you quickly unfollow the right accounts.

How to Clean Your Twitter Account with This Free Tool

Our Twitter account needs a good cleaning. The people we follow outnumber the people who follow us. And that’s OK. Still, we want to weed the list to remove anyone who isn’t active. A colleague tells us about ManageFlitter, so we give it a go.ManageFlitter offers three plans including a free one. The free plan allows you to clean up your with a limit [...]

4 Ways Accountants Can Boost Data Security and Privacy

4 Ways Accountants Can Boost Data Security and Privacy

To find out accounting firms’ top technology initiatives, American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CICA) have surveyed more than 3,000 accounting professionals. According to the survey, U.S. accountants’ top technology priorities are securing the IT environment, managing and retaining data, and ensuring privacy.It’s no surprise that accountants have put security at the top of their list because of the [...]


Sync Phone with Outlook PC, or Office 365

What’s the difference among Outlook PC, and Office 365? It’s not surprising many people ask this question. Just looking at Microsoft’s Office products website sounds confusing with the following options:Office 365 Business. Office 365 Home. Office 365 Personal. Office for students. Office for PC or Mac. Office Online.And we haven’t touched on business solutions. Then there’s Technically, it’s part of Office Online, which is easily confused with [...]

8 Essential Software Tools for Consultants

8 Essential Software Tools for Consultants

Whether you’re a financial consultant, IT consultant, marketing and sales consultant, you most likely do a variety of tasks. This can range from project management and creating drawings to managing your website and billing. With every software category potentially having hundreds of options, the search for software to help you be more efficient becomes daunting.Then there’s the price, which adds up depending on the [...]

Sync LG G3 with Outlook calendar and contacts

How to Sync LG G3 with Outlook Calendar and Contacts

Do you have an LG G3 Android phone? It wouldn’t be surprising with its remarkable performance from the 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM. The LG G3 display surpasses its predecessor with a 5.5-inch 1440x2560 IPS+ LCD display at 534 ppi. It has the distinction of being the first mainstream phone with a 2k display.A big plus is this phone’s removable [...]

Be More Productive on the Go with Microsoft Outlook

Be More Productive on the Go with Microsoft Outlook

True story. A colleague was talking to an IT consultant. The discussion brought up a problem one of the IT consultant’s clients faced. Their team struggled to find an efficient way to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook. Most of them would enter a new appointment into Microsoft Outlook on their computers. And do the same thing on their phones.Then when they went out of [...]

Protect Your Online Privacy

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

9 Tools to Protect Your Online Privacy Pew Research Center Americans’ Views on Government Surveillance Programs survey asks whether such monitoring programs have changed their online behavior. Most Americans know about these programs. More than a third of those familiar with government surveillance have taken steps to protect their privacy, and one-fourth of those, create stronger passwords.Although more than half say it’s unacceptable for the [...]

Apps for Real Estate Agents

7 Valuable Tools Real Estate Agents May Be Missing Out On

We often hear stories from real estate agents or IT consultants about how they discover software they don’t know what they’d do without. To help realtors be more productive, we share some of the tech tools and software that can save them minutes to hours of work.With these tools, real estate agents will be able to spend more time with clients in their quest [...]

Samsung Galaxy S6

How Do You Sync Samsung Galaxy S6 to Outlook?

Samsung has released the specs for its newest Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. The company is marketing these as the thinnest smartphones it has ever designed. In short, they have crisper screens, speedier charging times, quicker processors and faster cameras.Will the new phone let users be more productive with emails, appointments and contacts? Read on to find out. Samsung Galaxy S6 specs Samsung Galaxy [...]

How Your Small Business Can Be More Productive with IT

How Your Small Business Can Be More Productive with IT

That antivirus and antimalware app you use? Is it the best one for your business? Every software has features where one may be missing features you need while another has them. You may have a tech challenge for which there’s a solution that can save you time and not even realize it.Every small business — including real estate agents, financial advisors, law offices and [...]