Cyber Security for SMBs

How SMBs can secure their data?

With each passing year, we witness how the importance of cyber security grows not just for Fortune 500 companies, but for SMBs and individuals. The latest survey performed by Insureon where Akruto Inc. founder, George Tatar, was featured as one of contributors, reveals shocking data: one in five small-business owners does not use any antivirus software and two in three business owners update their [...]

Sync Apple watch to outlook - Step 1

What to Do if Your Apple Watch Is Not Syncing to Outlook

Despite Apple’s attempts to make Apple Watch a multi-purpose device, the Calendar feature is probably the number one motivator for many who purchase this gadget. However, people who use their iPhone Calendars to manage their business or personal appointments often face problems with Apple Watch – either not showing appointments or displaying an outdated version of their iPhone Calendars. In either case, restarting iPhone [...]

Consultants, do you make this common mistake?

Consultants, Do You Make This Common Mistake?

Despite the growing use of the cloud, the truth is most people are concerned about privacy. TRUSTe Privacy Index has found that just “20 percent of U.S. consumers believe the benefit of smart devices outweigh any privacy concern about their personal information.”Americans aren’t alone, as only 14 percent of British consumers believe the benefit of devices outweigh privacy concerns. Furthermore, “Customer Data: Designing for [...]

The easiest and most reliable way to sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and other Android devices

Best Ways to Sync Outlook to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are the latest hot Androids to hit the market. Wait a minute. Didn’t we just write about the latter? Actually, we showed you how to sync Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Outlook. Taking a page from Apple’s playbook with the iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung has added a plus to its own products.But what’s the [...]

Sync Windows Phone with Outlook

Best Ways to Sync Windows Phone with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts

It’s true that — out-of-the-box — you can only sync Windows Phone with Outlook through the cloud at Outlook.com or Office365. But not everyone wants to switch to the cloud as it sacrifices privacy.Synchronization through Microsoft’s cloud sometimes breaks or doesn’t sync everything including a contact’s photo. This method can also burn up data usage, which can lead to an expensive phone bill.Business people [...]

Google Drive goes down for more than two hours. Do you really want to trust the cloud with your information?

Do You Really Want to Trust the Cloud with Your Information?

Workers will not soon forget the night the lights went out on Google Drive. Luckily it happened on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, giving people an excuse to duck out of work early or catch up on other work. If anyone tried to access a file on Google Drive, they encountered this scary message:“Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist. [...]

Outlook Sync for Windows 10

Akruto Now Supports Outlook Sync for Computers and Devices Running Windows 10

AkrutoSync software offers two-way, wireless, automatic, and cloud-free sync over an encrypted connection to provide privacy, security, and peace of mind for its usersFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Akruto, Inc. Press ReleaseNewton, Mass. Sept. 29, 2015 – Akruto, Inc., developers of AkrutoSync™ the only cloudless, seamless, automatic way to sync Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes across compatible devices, today announces support for Windows 10 and Windows [...]

Sync Outlook data on Windows 10 Mobile

What You Need to Know to Get Outlook Data on Windows Phone 10

No matter how well Windows Phone 10 does or doesn’t do, one thing’s for sure: it gives you the most unified Microsoft Windows 10 experience. If you love using Microsoft Outlook, Word, and other Microsoft products, using them will be a breeze if you upgrade everything to Windows 10.One of its biggest differentiators is the ability to work across all platforms, from your Windows [...]

Who Are Your Twitter Followers? How Do You Compare?

Who Are Your Twitter Followers? How Do You Compare?

We aren’t on Twitter all day. If we were, we’d never get anything done. It’s easy to get pulled into many conversations and spend hours there. Aside from Twitter chats and the occasional reply, we schedule our tweets throughout the day rather than responding live. This spreads out our presence and helps us avoid dominating the Twitter stream. We create every reply, retweet, and [...]

Akruto is Safe to Sync Outlook

Is Akruto Safe to Sync Outlook?

The recent hacking of private iCloud accounts may have you asking: Is Akruto safe to sync Outlook? We developed Akruto with safety and privacy in mind. With Akruto, you have complete control over your own data. No company — including Akruto — can access your personal information when you sync Outlook devices using Akruto.The first thing we did was make sure your information doesn’t [...]

Google Calendar Sync Alternative AkrutoSync is a secure alternative for Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync Alternative

Google has announced that its Google Calendar Sync will no longer work as of August 1, 2014. No doubt, it’s frustrating to be forced to find another solution and change how you work. Fortunately, AkrutoSync makes it easy as it syncs Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with all your devices. It’s automatic, secure and cloudless.AkrutoSync is a secure alternative for Google Calendar [...]

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has started rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1 OS upgrade in select countries. Even with the update, Windows Phone still doesn’t natively sync with Outlook. No worries! AkrutoSync will automatically sync your Windows Phone with Outlook.Supposedly, the Windows Phone will receive two general distribution release updates in 2014: GDR 1 in July and GDR 2 in November. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll [...]

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone Review

By Rick Cousins The long-rumored Amazon phone has at last hit the desks of reviewers nationwide. Known as the Amazon Fire, the $199 handset follows in the footsteps of the original Apple iPhone by being both pricey and only available (beginning in July 2014) from A T & T.With a heavily customized Android OS, the Fire phone offers two major features not available on other [...]

Cloud Sync Risks

9 Threats That Affect Synchronizing Outlook with the Cloud

Automatically synchronizing Outlook calendar and contacts with a smartphone keeps things simple as you no longer have to update your information in multiple places.However, many solutions go through the cloud to sync Outlook with phone contacts. Using the cloud to synchronize data is riskier than you might think.The Cloud Security Alliance recently wrote about the “Notorious Nine” serious security threats in cloud computing. Here [...]