Connect phone to computer – Akruto Sync

If you are setting up Akruto Sync and you are unable to load the web page as instructed, it means that your phone is having trouble connecting to your computer. Please check the following to resolve the problem.


If you want to synchronize using your Wi-Fi network, open Setting on your phone. Touch Wi-Fi. Make sure it says “connected”. It is not enough that Wi-Fi is on. You need to see the word “connected”. You may need to touch the name of your wireless network and enter a password. Once again, it is not enough that Wi-Fi is on. It has to say connected.


If your computer has a third-party (non-Microsoft) firewall, you need to configure it to allow Akruto Sync to use the network. See our firewall configuration instructions.

If you are technically-savvy and want to configure your firewall without using our instructions, make sure to allow inbound connections to Akruto Sync on ports 443, 80, and 54321. If your firewall is not listed and you need help, use our contact form to ask for help.