How to Stop Fighting Samsung Smart Switch Not Working and Be More Productive

How to Stop Fighting Samsung Smart Switch Not Working and Be More Productive

Many users had problems with Samsung Kies not working. Do a search on the software and you’ll see loads of complaints about the sync software with few solutions that work.

Stop fighting Samsung Smart Switch not Working. Be more productive and use AkrutoSync to sync your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to your Samsung devices

Samsung may have realized it had a problem child in Kies because the company replaced it with Samsung Smart Switch. Anyone who tries to use Kies receives a notice indicating the software has been upgraded to Smart Switch.

The purpose of Samsung Smart Switch is to help people transfer all of their old phone’s data and apps to a new Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or other Samsung phone. So far, the sync software has been hit or miss.

“NOT a replacement for Kies 3!” writes a reviewer on Google Play. “Does NOT allow you to sync phone content with Outlook. Purely designed to move content between and old and new device.”

Several users report calling their mobile provider only to be told to use Kies. Except when you try to use Kies, it tells you to upgrade to Samsung Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart Switch problems

Here are some user reported problems with Samsung Smart Switch.

Sync contacts problems

  • Lost all contacts.
  • Worked at first, then wiped contacts.
  • Didn’t move half of contacts or calendar events.
  • Transferred only 16 contacts out of 500.
  • Transferred only 16 contacts out of 200. (Yes, 16 again. Odd, no?)
  • Phone doesn’t recognize callers because transferred phone number formatting doesn’t work.
  • Didn’t sync some contacts’ notes.
  • Transferred phone numbers, but not addresses or email addresses.
  • Transferred name, but not phone numbers.

Connection problems

  • Devices connected, but nothing moved.
  • Network connection error.
  • Disconnected from network.
  • Won’t connect at all.
  • Kept getting a check connection message.

Device problems

  • Didn’t work with LG G4, iPhone 4, Windows Phone, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Note 3, or Samsung Note 5.
  • Didn’t work with phone running Android 4.2.
  • Didn’t work on PC.

Other problems

  • Didn’t back up calendar.
  • Didn’t transfer notes.
  • Destroyed user’s files.
  • Got force close at end of transfer.
  • Kept crashing or freezing.
  • Did not sync everything.
  • Stopped working at 3 percent transfer. (Many people say it stopped at 3 percent.)
  • Button greyed out. Can’t do anything.

Whatever you decide to do to sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy S6 or other Samsung phone, find a way to back up your data to a safe place. Here are a few user guides on how to back up your contacts and calendar.

Outlook sync software alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

You can sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Tasks with your Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices using AkrutoSync. Akruto doesn’t sync emails, photos, or videos. The software doesn’t try to be all things to everyone. Its super power is Android Outlook sync.

The Windows PC software focuses on Outlook information and nothing else. And it does two-way sync well that it can handle thousands of entries. All of your information transfers between Windows PC and your selected devices. Nothing is cut off or missing.

Samsung Smart Switch has to be installed on all devices that are involved in the transfer. You only install Akruto on your Windows PC and follow its easy on-screen instructions to set it up on your selected devices. Then Akruto takes care of the rest.

You sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy S6 and other Android phones, even those running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. If you have an iPad or other iOS, Android, Windows Phone devices, you can sync those too. Akruto can also sync with Outlook 2016 and Windows 10 Outlook.

Benefits of sync Outlook with Android using AkrutoSync

Here are the benefits of using Akruto:

  • It’s wireless. No messing with USB cables.
  • It’s automatic. USB sync is manual.
  • It’s private. It does not sync with the cloud.
  • It syncs with your device’s built-in calendar and contacts apps.
  • It doesn’t add apps to your devices.
  • It lets you sync with unlimited devices for no charge.

Finally, you have a way to access your most important data from whatever computer or device you’re using. Don’t let your private information control you. Take control by letting Akruto sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung products. You’ll be more productive when you stop re-entering information and fixing problems with complicated software.

Start your 7-day free trial of Akruto now.

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  • Kyle September 27, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    My Smart Switch not working properly when I’m trying to sync Galaxy S7 with Outlook contacts. It transfers only 10 to 30 percents of contacts just like you’ve described above. Is there a chance I could transfer all the contacts without any issues using your software? Is there any option for syncing over the Internet?

    • Akruto Support September 27, 2016 at 4:18 pm

      Hello Kyle,
      Sorry to hear that Samsung Smart Switch didn’t work for you. AkrutoSync provides seamless syncing between Outlook and any Android device including Outlook Galaxy S7. That means you can replace Smart Switch with Akruto in terms of syncing Outlook data with your smartphone.