How To Sync Your HTC 10 with Outlook

How To Sync Your HTC 10 with Outlook

HTC’s new flagship Android smartphone launched with a new naming scheme. The phone maker has dropped the “One M” from the name, simplifying it to just HTC 10. If you have purchased (or are planning to purchase) the newest model, this post will guide you through syncing your HTC 10 with MS Outlook.

Sync HTC 10 with Outlook

New Software Features

HTC worked directly with Google to improve the software experience on the HTC 10. The biggest accomplishment was to discard most of the duplicate apps, opting instead to use Google’s apps for things like calendar, photo gallery and calculator. So, Google Calendar replaces the HTC calendar app, Google Photos replaces HTC Gallery, etc.

One issue that remains is seeing multiple contacts when importing SIM contacts to the HTC 10. When you connect multiple email accounts all contacts get saved on the phone, creating duplicates. As a result, you’ll need to merge the two, or delete each duplicate manually, to fix the problem.

Increase Productivity: Sync HTC 10 with Outlook!

Many of us create to-do lists at the beginning of the day and then add more items to the list throughout the day. Unfortunately, when we find that we don’t get through much of our list it makes us feel as though we have achieved almost nothing.

Smartphones have become instrumental in our daily life. Outlook is considered one of the most powerful email platforms due to its ability to enable users to manage emails, contacts, tasks and calendars.

MS Outlook is a powerful and creative solution that includes an array of built-in tools for managing your business, home and appointments. Outlook allows users to enter events and appointments in Calendar and reminders that will alert you when an appointment is nearing. Outlook also includes a things-to-do utility, “Tasks,” that lets you create a list of what you need to complete.

You can use Outlook to help you complete your lists and become more productive and efficient. To further increase your productivity transfer Outlook Calendar and Tasks to HTC 10. Outlook interacts with HTC 10 to support time efficiencies. Calendar, Contact and Task Efficiencies in Outlook include:

  • Convert emails into tasks and appointments
  • Create recurring tasks and appointments
  • Block out time using Calendar to schedule time needed to accomplish to-do items
  • Save time (and reduce email conversations) using Calendar to schedule meetings when all participants are available
  • Manage projects with Outlook Tasks
  • Assign and delegate tasks
  • Improve time allocation and daily/weekly planning
  • Proactively manage interruptions and procrastination with Calendar
  • Use Contacts to improve contact and relationship management
  • Create and use separate personal and shared task folders

How To Sync HTC 10 With Outlook Using AkrutoSync

This tutorial i describes how to sync Outlook with Android on your HTC 10

Step 1: Download and install AkrutoSync. Begin by downloading the latest version of AkrutoSync. After installation you will see the main window.

Click on Select what to sync and choose which Outlook contacts you want to sync with HTC 10 in Select contact folder section.

Step 2: Continue PC configuration

In the main window click Configure AkrutoSync.  AkrutoSync will guide you through the configuration process.

  • Choose Sync over home network – this option allows to sync Outlook contacts without cables via your Wi-Fi network
  • Select Android (Phone or Tablet) – you will then receive illustrated instructions on how to configure an Android to sync with Outlook Contacts.
  • Click Save and go to the next step. As AkrutoSync can also sync Calendars, Tasks and Notes you will be asked once more about what piece of Outlook data you want to sync with your HTC 10. If you only want to sync contacts with your phone, don’t change anything and press Save.
  • At the next step you’ll be asked to make sure your HTC 10 and PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network. Click Save and proceed to the next step.
  • Next screen will display proper firewall configuration. Press Continue.
  • Next screen will provide detailed instructions on how to enable HTC 10 to sync with Outlook contacts.

Step 3: Begin Android configuration

  • Open Safari on your HTC 10.
  • Enter the address shown on your AcrutoSync window (note that your address will likely be different than the one displayed here).
  • Touch Go.
  • When the new page loads, select Import Certificate for AcrutoSync.
  •  Select Install, and the certificate will be installed.

Step 4: Continue PC configuration

  • Continuing the setup on your PC, enter a user name and password  (create one that will be easy for you to remember).
  • Click Continue.

Step 5: Complete Android configuration

Returning to your HTC 10, follow the instructions for setting up an Exchange account. The account tells your phone how to connect to directly to your computer.

  • Touch the Settings icon on your Android’s home screen.
  • Scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select Exchange.
  • The HTC 10 will ask you for an email address and password for Exchange – do not enter your actual email address. Enter the fake email address displayed in the AkrutoSync window (again, yours will likely be different than the one displayed here).  Use the password you created earlier and entered into AkrutoSync on your PC. Select Next.
  • Enable everything, including Mail (although AkrutoSync does not sync email, it still needs to be enabled).  Leave other options at their default values and syncing begins.
  • The first sync may take a while if you have a lot of Outlook contacts, appointments reminders and notes. You will see that some Outlook contacts and reminders appear in your phone even before the first sync is complete. AkrutoSync window on your PC shows sync progress. When you see the “Success” status it means that sync has completed.

Congratulations. You have set up your HTC 10 phone to sync with Outlook, using AkrutoSync. In a few seconds, your phone will connect to your computer and start synchronizing your Outlook data.

Akruto transfers all of a contact’s information. It even keeps a history of all changes, deletions and additions in sync history. If you inadvertently make a change, it’s not lost for good. Just open sync history to restore the information.

Sync HTC 10 to Outlook FAQ:

Q: I have an iPhone and am considering buying the HTC 10. Can I sync both phones with Outlook?
A: Yes, AkrutoSync guides you through setting up sync with the first device. To add another device, you need to know the username and password that you created for AkrutoSync.

Q: Can I sync my HTC 10 with Outlook via my Wi-Fi network?
A: If you set up AkrutoSync to sync over your home network (Wi-Fi), but later change your mind and want to sync over the Internet; or if you set it up to sync over the Internet and want to change to Wi-Fi, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Sync your phone, so that Outlook is up to date.
  2. Delete from your phone the account that you created for AkrutoSync. This will also delete from your phone contacts, calendar events and tasks. This is OK, because Outlook is up to date.
  3. Click the “Configure AkrutoSync” link in AkrutoSync and choose the “Configure Again” option. Ignore the warning about hard-resetting your phone (it is enough to delete the old account from your phone). Follow on-screen instructions to set up sync again.

Q: Does AkrutoSync supports syncing HTC 10 via USB?
A: AkrutoSync cannot sync over USB. The two options available are syncing over the local area network (LAN) or via the Internet. If you are concerned with security, please note that all network communication is done over an SSL encrypted connection.
Also note that if you choose the option to sync over LAN, your data does not even pass through the Internet. You can connect your phone to your LAN by whatever means your phone allows, Wi-Fi being the most common.

Q: Can I sync Outlook Calendars to HTC 10 without syncing contacts and notes?
A: Yes, you can. AkrutoSync allows you to synchronize any type of Outlook data even without syncing the other ones.

Q: Will I be able to sync changes from HTC 10 Calendar to Outlook with AkrutoSync?
A: AkrutoSync enables direct two-way Outlook to Android sync between your Outlook Calendar on a Windows PC laptop or desktop and your Android’s built-in calendar app. Because this is a two-way synchronization solution, everything stays in sync.

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