Sync HTC 11 with Outlook Via Wi-Fi Or Over the Internet

Sync HTC 11 with Outlook Via Wi-Fi Or Over the Internet

The HTC 11 is a new HTC flagship and one of three smartphones in the HTC Ocean series. This new smartphone is one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2017 due to its clean design and powerful hardware. Indeed, the new HTC 11 is ultra-powerful with killer features that help this model stand out from the crowd.

This post is dedicated entirely to syncing HTC 11 with Outlook without spending too much time mastering the sync settings. Thus, if you are one of the lucky HTC 11 owners and want to sync it with Outlook, jump to the next section.

Sync HTC 11 with Outlook

Syncing HTC 11 with Outlook—How Difficult is it Really?

Microsoft Outlook has become one the most popular software options for millions of people across the globe to manage emails, tasks, calendar events, and even notes. But being an Outlook power user can be difficult these days because most big vendors push their clients into using the Cloud, giving less attention to the native PC software. This leaves thousands of people seeking syncing solutions to connect their phones to desktop Outlook without sacrificing their data privacy level.

There are only two software solutions that can help you sync Outlook contacts and calendars with HTC 11 native contacts and calendar apps:

  • HTC Sync Manager—native HTC software that still has some support for working with Outlook
  • AkrutoSync—3-rd party software that exists for only one reason—to sync Outlook data with any Android phone including HTC 11 without any issues or hassles.

We assume that if you are reading this page, then you probably already tried the first option and are looking for an HTC Sync Manager alternative that works with Outlook. If that’s the case, here’s a link to download AkrutoSync

HTC Sync Manager Alternative That Works with Outlook

Unlike HTC Sync Manager, AkrutoSync offers a hassle-free and automatic two-way syncing through a Wi-Fi hotspot or over the Internet. You can choose one type of connection and then easily switch to another if there is a need to do so. However, if you are not a tech-savvy person, choose syncing over Wi-Fi because this connection is easier and faster to setup.

AkrutoSync transfers any amount of data you have in your Outlook, meaning you can sync HTC 11 with thousands of Outlook contacts or calendar events quickly and easily no matter how busy your calendar is or how populated your address book has become over the years.

How to Sync Outlook calendar with HTC 11

All of your calendar appointments and events—including current and past data—can be transferred from Outlook to HTC 11 within about 5 minutes. If you are planning to sync a busy calendar with lots of past events, we recommend syncing over Wi-Fi as this could save your wireless data plan and will be much faster compared to syncing over the Internet. After everything is complete, it enables you to make changes on your desktop Outlook calendar that will automatically appear in your HTC 11 calendar app and vice versa.

To sync Outlook calendar with HTC 11, open AkrutoSync and click Configure AkrutoSync. Choose the type of connection you want to use. In the next step, chose the proper calendar and follow all further steps shown in the AkrutoSync interface.

Syncing Outlook Contacts with HTC 11

Syncing Outlook contacts can be a challenging task especially if you have an issue with duplicate contacts requiring tedious hours deleting the duplicates. With AkrutoSync, you can forget duplicate or partly-synced contacts—every contact will be properly transferred with its picture, notes, and all filed fields. AkrutoSync works with native HTC 11 contacts app, which is ideal because you don’t need to switch between two apps if you want to find a contact from another contact list.

To sync HTC 11 with Outlook contacts, open AkrutoSync and go through the same steps described in the calendar syncing section above. After this, all changes you do to contacts will be automatically synced across all connected devices.

Automatically sync HTC 11 with Outlook Tasks

Most Android smartphones come without a pre-installed task managing app. In this case, having Outlook tasks on your smartphone is imperative so you are still able to transfer this data. Here are a few solutions that enable any Android phone to work with Outlook tasks:

  • Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange—costs $4.99 for all of your HTC 11 and any other Android device you have. The app has a fully functional 14-day trial so that you can test each side of the user experience.
  • TouchDown app—a free alternative that also works with Outlook tasks and supports syncing data over Exchange ActiveSync technology.

Both applications are good for syncing Outlook tasks and work perfectly on HTC 11.

To sync Outlook tasks with HTC 11 choose a proper tasks folder in the AkrutoSync interface and follow the illustrated steps. After all steps are complete, any tasks you add to your Outlook will be automatically transferred to HTC 11 and vice versa.

Syncing Outlook Notes with HTC 11

Since HTC 11 comes without a pre-installed app for managing notes, the first thing you need to do is to install one of the applications mentioned earlier in syncing Outlook tasks section. Afterward, AkrutoSync will transfer all of the notes from Outlook to HTC 11 and sync both devices.


Q: Can I connect two HTC 11 devices to the same desktop Outlook?
A: Yes, with AkrutoSync you can synchronize Outlook with any number of connected devices even if they are the same model.

Q: Can I sync Outlook with HTC 11 and switch to another Android phone?
A: Yes! With AkrutoSync you can switch to another phone easily. All Outlook data will be perfectly transferred to your new device no matter which OS it runs on.

Q: Can I sync one HTC 11 with Outlook on two different PCs simultaneously?
A: In order to sync with Outlook on two different PCs you need to install AkrutoSync on both of them. This requires two licenses.

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