Synchronize Kindle Fire with Outlook

Synchronize Kindle Fire with Outlook

Amazon’s Kindle e-readers and Fire Tablets have been an enormous success, and are at the top of everyone’s favorite e-reader list. The Kindle Fire is the first Kindle product to run Android and is perfect for both personal and business needs.

However, problems arise when you make changes to contacts or appointments and want to sync your Kindle with Outlook – the native software cannot handle this. That’s where Akruto comes into play enabling you to wirelessly synchronize appointments, calendar events and tasks from Kindle Fire to your PC or laptop.

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With Akrutosync there are no limits in the amount of data you can synchronize or number of devices you can connect to one PC. Your data is stored only on your own devices and never passes through our servers. Your devices connect directly to your computer using Wi-Fi or the Internet for a secure connection. When your data is transmitted over the network, it is encrypted using SSL. AkrutoSync provides secure, automatic, cross-device access to all of your Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

How to sync Outlook Contacts with Kindle Fire

You can automatically sync Outlook and Kindle Fire. You do not need to re-enter your contact’s information on your device. It syncs automatically, privately and continuously. Here’s how to synchronize Kindle Fire and Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes…

Step 1: Download and install AkrutoSync

Begin by downloading the latest version of AkrutoSync. After installation you will see the main window.

Click on Select what to sync and choose which Outlook Contacts you want to sync with Kindle Fire in Select contact folder section.

Step 2: Continue with PC configuration

In the main window click Configure AkrutoSync.  AkrutoSync will guide you through the configuration process.

  • Choose Sync over home network – this option allows you to sync Outlook Contacts without cables via your Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Android (Phone or Tablet) – you will then receive illustrated instructions on how to configure an Android to sync with Outlook Contacts. Click Save.

Synchronize Outlook Calendar with Kindle Fire – the easiest way

As AkrutoSync can also sync Calendars, Tasks and Notes you will be asked once more about what piece of Outlook data you want to sync with Kindle Fire. If you only want to sync contacts with your Kindle, don’t change anything and press Save.

  • To sync your Outlook Calendar, select Calendar. You may also select Tasks and Notes if you wish to sync these as well. Press Save.
  • Next you’ll be asked to make sure your Kindle Fire and PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network. Click Save.
  • The next screen will display proper firewall configuration. Press Continue. You will now see detailed instructions on how to enable your Kindle Fire to sync with Outlook.

Step 3: Begin Kindle Fire configuration

  • Open browser on your Kindle Fire.
  • Enter the address shown on your AcrutoSync window (note that your address will likely be different than the one displayed here).
  • Touch Go.
  • When the new page loads, select Import Certificate for AcrutoSync.
  •  Select Install, and the certificate will be installed.

Step 4: Continue PC configuration

  • Returning to your PC, enter a user name and password  (create one that will be easy for you to remember).
  • Click Continue.

Step 5: Complete Kindle Fire configuration

Returning to Kindle Fire, follow the instructions for setting up an Exchange account. The account tells your Kindle Fire how to connect directly to your computer.

  • Select Settings on Kindle Fire home screen.
  • Scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select Exchange.
  • Kindle Fire will ask for an email address and password for Exchange – do not enter your actual email address. Enter the fake email address displayed in the AkrutoSync window (again, yours will likely be different than the one displayed here).  Use the password you created earlier and entered into AkrutoSync on your PC. Select Next.
  • Enable everything, including Mail (although AkrutoSync does not sync email, it still needs to be enabled).  Leave other options at their default values and syncing begins.
  • The first sync may take a while if you have a lot of Outlook contacts, appointments reminders and notes. Some Outlook contacts and reminders will appear on your Kindle Fire even before the first sync is complete.
  • The AkrutoSync window on your PC shows sync progress. When you see the “Success” status, the sync is complete.

How to make Kindle Fire sync with Outlook Notes

To sync Kindle Fire with Outlook Notes, you can opt for Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange or TouchDown. Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange offers a fully functional 14-day trial. If you like it, the app costs only $4.99 for all your Android devices. TouchDown is free.

Akruto syncs Outlook Notes with the built-in Notes app on Kindle Fire. At the same time you elect to sync your Outlook Calendar with Kindle Fire (see above), you can select Tasks and Notes if you wish to sync these as well.

Here’s our complete guide that shows you how to sync Outlook Notes with Android devices.

How to manage Outlook Tasks from your Kindle Fire

Since not all Android devices come with an app to manage tasks, you can also use Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange or TouchDown to sync Outlook Tasks with Kindle Fire. AkrutoSync works with both apps. And neither uses a web-based service that requires a login or save your information in the cloud.

See Sync Outlook with Notes and Tasks for more information.

Sync Kindle Fire to Outlook FAQ:

Q: Can I sync my Kindle Fire HD and Galaxy S7 with Outlook using AkrutoSync?
Yes! AkrutoSync supports all Android phones and tablets and any version of Outlook

Q: How do I know the Outlook data I sync with my Amazon Kindle Fire is safe from hackers?
AkrutoSync uses an SSL-encrypted Internet connection to sync between your computer and Kindle Fire. Your data is stored only on your computer and on your phone. Your information isn’t shared with Google or the cloud.

Q: Can I make changes to my desktop Outlook from Kindle Fire while being away from PC?
With AkrutoSync’s two-way synchronization you can sync any contacts, appointments or tasks from your Kindle Fire when you are away from your PC using the Internet setup. AkrutoSync uses an SSL-encrypted Internet connection to sync between your computer and Kindle Fire to ensure privacy and security.

Q: My Kindle Fire is not showing contact pictures I have in Outlook Contacts. Could I sync this piece of data with AkrutoSync?
A: Yes. AkrutoSync completely and accurately syncs thousands of entries as well as contact photos completely and accurately. There are no limits in the amount of Outlook data you can transfer to Kindle Fire with Akrutosync.

Q: Am I able to sync Outlook calendars from two different PCs to Amazon Kindle and manage them separately?
A: Yes, you can sync Amazon Kindle with multiple PCs. However, syncing your Kindle Fire with two PCs does not result in identical data on these PC’s. Instead, the Kindle will maintain two sets of data.

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