How to Sync Nexus 6P with Outlook

How to Sync Nexus 6P with Outlook

Now that the holidays are over, many people trying to figure out their new phones. One of the more common problems is that people can’t figure out how to open calendar on Nexus 6P other new phone. They also can’t sync contacts to their phones or synchronize Nexus 6P at all.

How to Sync Nexus 6P with Outlook

Nexus 6P calendar problems

Considering the Nexus is a Google phone, it’ll ask you to sign in with your Google account so it can sync Google Calendar and Contacts with the Nexus 6P. Many people love Android phones, but they don’t love sacrificing their privacy from storing their private information in Google’s cloud. What can you do about Nexus 6P calendar not working outside of Google’s cloud?

The good news is that you don’t need to download a different calendar app. Why do that when the smartphone comes with a good calendar that works with the phone’s other features? If you add an appointment in your calendar, you can invite someone who already appears in your contacts.

Besides, having two calendar apps on the Nexus 6P is redundant and wastes space. Typically, you can’t delete pre-installed apps and that often includes Calendar and Contacts.

There’s an easy way around the calendar problem to show Outlook calendar on Nexus 6P. And you won’t even need the cloud to sync calendar with Nexus 6P.

And you can stop searching for how to transfer outlook contacts to my Android phone.

How to fix Nexus 6P calendar problems

If you have Outlook on your Windows computer, you’re 90 percent of the way there to getting Outlook calendar on Nexus 6P. The next step is to install AkrutoSync to take care of the rest.

With Akruto Outlook sync software, all your Nexus 6P calendar not updating problems will be no more. It’s automatic, wireless, and private. You get the best of the cloud in having your information with you everywhere without saving a single thing to the cloud. Your contacts and calendar stay on your computer and devices. Akruto simply does direct, two-way sync between Outlook Windows and unlimited compatible phones and tablets.

All your data will move between computer and devices. Nothing will be cut-off or missing. If you have photos in your contacts, those will transfer too.

Instead of waiting until you get back to your computer to add an appointment or update a contact’s information, you can do it on your Android phone from anywhere. When you get back to your network, Outlook will be updated to match Outlook on Nexus 6P.

What about other sync software options?

Google cloud is out. Another option is to use / Office 365, but that also saves your information to the cloud. If you search for free sync software, you’ll probably come across a few options that can sync contacts and do calendar sync.

However, in the case of Outlook sync software, you get what you pay for. George, founder and CEO of Akruto, would not have developed synchronizing software if the free options were up to snuff. Like you, the first thing he did was search for free calendar and contact sync software. And they all had major problems and some caused more problems. Good thing he had a backup of everything before trying each one.

Here are the problems he ran into with free sync software:

  • Synced nothing.
  • Bungled data formatting.
  • Transferred only some of the data.
  • Cut off important information.
  • Required using the cloud.
  • Created many duplicated entries.
  • Broke something else like the phone’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Added more apps to the phone.
  • Moved data one-way, not two-way.
  • Worked with only Android or iPhone, not all mobile devices.

After ruling out all the free options, George looked into paid software. His found that paid software products had many of the same problems as the free options. Developing software isn’t a small undertaking. George had a full-time job. Still, he needed a way to automatically, wirelessly, accurately, and privately sync his whole life to view Outlook on Windows Phone.

While developing AkrutoSync, he met users who were in the same boat. They simply wanted a way to sync Outlook calendar with Android and Windows Phone. That didn’t seem like much to ask. Fast forward to today, Akruto has appeared in several international tech magazines and has thousands of fans.

What makes the Nexus 6P different from the rest of the Nexus line?

Huawei has outdone itself in developing this sequel to Google Nexus 6. Although the Nexus 5X is a cool phone, it targets those looking for the best bang for their buck. That means making sacrifices. The 6P goes all out making zero sacrifices. It has an octa-core processor delivering balanced and snappy performance through a fast quad-core chip and an energy efficient one. Gorilla Glass 4 protects the 5.7-inch high resolution display with 515 ppi.

One of the smartphone’s stand out features is its audio. Sounds coming out of the phone are crisp and amplified. You don’t need a headset. Other beneficial features include fast fingerprint recognition and multiple connectivity options.

To top it off, the 6P is the first Nexus camera that doesn’t disappoint. Sporting an 8MP selfie camera and a fast launching 12 MP rear camera, the Nexus 6P captures pictures you’ll be keeping because they turn out sharp.

The camera contains laser auto-focus and dual-LED flash. LaserAF is another method for rapid autofocusing. It’s supposed to beam laser pulses on moving objects to increase the chance of snapping precise images. Beware that some Nexus 6P cases block the laser auto-focus. Before buying a case, check to make sure it has an opening for the laser.

The Nexus 6P is available with 32, 64, and 128 GB built-in storage options. Pick the biggest one you need because there is no microSD card slot for expanding storage. Sporting an all-metal unibody design, the phone comes in Aluminum (light grey), Graphite (dark grey), Matte Gold (looks bronze), and Frost (white). Another benefit of the 6P is that it runs a pure version of Android Marshmallow.

Comparable to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the 6P weighs 6.3 ounces. It measures 6.3-inch by 3-inch, about the same size as the large iPhone 6S Plus. One-hand operation can be tricky on these.

Don’t let the fact your amazing Nexus 6P doesn’t sync the way you want stop you from enjoying it and being more productive. Try Akruto free for seven days and you’ll be able to open Outlook on Nexus 6P. See what happens with your productivity and stress levels once you let Akruto do the work for you.

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  • renzo January 19, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    i agree that the 6p is better than the nexus 5x but… i got the 5x because of the size screen which still fits fine in my pocket. Now…. does the 5x works with Akruto?

    • Akruto Support July 22, 2016 at 10:21 am

      Yes, AkrutoSync can sync Outlook with Nexus 5X as well as with any other Android device currently available on the market.

  • James July 22, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Can I sync my Nexus 5X with Outlook calendar without syncing contacts or your software will transfers all Outlook data to my smartphone?

    • Akruto Support July 22, 2016 at 10:29 am

      Hello James,
      You can choose the type of data you want to synchronize between Outlook and your Galaxy Nexus 5X.
      That means you can synchronize any sets of data: only calendar appointments, calendar with notes or just notes and contacts.