Akruto Sync: An Essential Tool for Business Travelers

Akruto Sync: An Essential Tool for Business Travelers

At many organizations and businesses, a number of employees are expected to travel for work. Attending conferences, meetings, and site visits requires dealing with a hectic and exhausting travel schedule that may include hours spent at the airport and recovering from jet lag. And yet business travelers are still expected to stay efficient and productive.

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Arguably the most important applications for business travelers are the address book, business calendar, and task manager. And the most preferred communication tool is Microsoft Outlook, which allows the handling and archiving of email, contacts, calendar, notes,tasks, and much more at one place.The next step would be to sync all the Outlook data with your smartphone—and now you can, by using Akruto Sync.

Akruto Sync is a direct, two-way, cloud-free synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar between your PC and your smartphone. Akruto Sync helps you sync your contacts with photos and notes with ease.

To try Akruto Sync for yourself, go to https://www.akruto.com/get-akruto-sync/ and download a 7-day free trial. Open the downloaded file and when the installation completes, click on the shortcut created on the desktop and follow the installation steps. Make sure that your system and your smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Akruto Sync will let you access all your Outlook data on your smartphone anytime without any problem, which is especially useful for people on the go. If you decide Akruto Sync is the organization solution you’ve been looking for, you can download the full package for the onetime fee of just $19.95.

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