25 Cool Cases for the Most Popular Mobile Devices

25 Cool Cases for the Most Popular Mobile Devices

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Otterbox Speck VR Phone Case

Who says our mobile devices have to look bland with simple, solid-colored cases? Give them personality representing your favorite things or enhance your mobile device with special features. No longer do you have to sacrifice a cool design to have a case that does what you want. For me, I like a case that is grippy so I don’t have to worry about it slipping out of my hands. And the second requirement is that it needs to be a good protector not a wimpy one.

For years, I had a yellow and black Otterbox. It served me well. The bright yellow made it easy to spot even if it’s not one of my favorite colors. Although it provided peace of mind about potential impacts, it was bulky. The next time I got a new phone, I found a colorful Speck Candyshell Grip case with slick lines providing the grip and strong enough to protect the phone from drops. It isn’t as strong as the Otterbox in terms of security. But it’s pretty darn good.

Speaking of Speck, they’re coming out with Pocket VR with CandyShell Grip to give you the virtual reality experience. It’s not available yet, but might be worth watching if you like VR.

Every phone has its unique features. So most cases are phone-specific. I searched many sites for the coolest cases for the most popular mobile devices. If you find a case you like, it’s possible the company may have one available for your phone model. Visit the website to see their full selection of designs and models they support.


Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali from Case-Custom for the Galaxy Note 5Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Case for LG G4 Claude Money Water Lilies Case for LG G3

Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali from Case-Custom for the Galaxy Note 5 is a lightweight case offering full coverage. The Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Case protects the LG G4. And you’ll feel serene whenever you pull out your LG G3 phone with the Claude Money Water Lilies Case. Case-Custom has many themes for a variety of mobile devices.

Doctor Who

Dr. Who iPhone 6 case

SkunkWraps TARDIS case will please fans of the Doctor who own an iPhone 6. This set includes a protective hard back case with rubber sides, skin/sticker, and matching digital wallpaper.


Etched Caseology LG G4 phone case

Caseology Wavelength Series contains precise etching on the thermoplastic polyurethane case that’s resistant to oil, dirt and scratches like this one for the LG G4.


German flag phone case for Motorola Moto G Canadian flag phone case for Nokia Lumia 925UK flag phone case for LG G4 StylusUSA flag phone case for HTC One

Case-Custom lets you show pride in your country with its impact-resistant, flexible polycarbonate shell cases available for a variety of phones including the HTC One, Moto G and Microsoft Lumia 925.

Library Due Date

Library due dates card phone case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here’s a perfect case for the bookworm. This library due dates card case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is available from FiaMiaCases Etsy store. This store has hundreds of impressive case designs including a vending machine, Volkswagen Bus, and power outlet.modular-case-iPhone-6s.jpg

Modular case

Nexpaq Modular smartphone case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Nexpaq offers innovative modular smartphone cases like this one for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S that lets you slide in modules on the back of the phone. You can add six new functions such as amplified speaker, laser, breathalyzer, SD card reader, backup, and hotkeys. It’s no surprise that these aren’t cheap.


Antique Notes Lite Music CaseSkinit Music Phone caseSamsung Galaxy Note 5 Skinit Music phone case

Antique Notes Lite Case lets you share your love of music in a classy way on this iPhone 6S Plus. The Retro Guitar Pattern Pro Case fits the Galaxy Note 5 and the third one is the Vintage Records Samsung Galaxy S5 Cargo Case. Skinit has different types of cases with many other music designs as well as designs covering sports, schools, cartoons, comics, military, Hello Kitty, and more.


Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus not only provides protection but also an integrated rail mounting solution with mobile photography accessories.


Privoro Smartphone Security Phone Case

Privoro privacy guard for smartphone blocks radio frequency transmissions including Wi-Fi- cell, Bluetooth®, GPS, NFC, and RFID. It prevents eavesdropping with audio jammers on every microphone and includes camera blocking to prevent pictures and videos from being taken of you and your surroundings. It’ll be available for the iPhone 6 and 6S in the spring. Prepare yourself for the high price tag.

Vysk Security Phone Case for iPhone 6

For security features without the high price tag, look to the privacy case from Vysk for the iPhone 6. Available in four colors, it contains a shutter that covers the lens on the camera and comes with apps promising to secure your photos and text messages.

Rugged holster case with kickstand

i-Blason rugged dual layer holster case

i-Blason Prime Dual Layer Holster Caseis ideal for the professional who needs a rugged case like this one for the Nexus 6P that comes with a clever fold-out kickstand for hands-free video watching. Many variations of this style are available.

Star Wars

Etsy Star Wars phone case BB-8Star wars phone case for Nexus 5Star Wars Stormtrooper phone case for Nokia Lumia

Star Wars BB-8 case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is another one from Skinit. The R2D2 case and other Star Wars cases from Etsy. Also from Etsy is the retro Stormtrooper case that supports many devices including Nokia Lumia 1520, Moto G, Moto X, and Nexus 5. You can even get one with Han Solo in carbonite.


Arae wallet case for LG V10

Arae wallet case with built-in card pockets can store IDs, cards, and money. It also has a kickstand feature to keep your hands free for watching videos on your LG V10.

Case mate wallet folio case for Samsung Galaxy S6

Case-Mate Wallet Folio Casefor the Samsung Galaxy S6 is slim and classy case made from handcrafted leather with slots for IDs, cards, and cash.


Toast real wood finish phone case for Nexus 6P

Toast uses real wood and hand-rubbed finish. You have various choices of wood. Before selecting any case, verify it does not block the laser on the Nexus 6P.

Know of another cool case? Share it in the comments.

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