How to transfer contacts from old phone to new

How to transfer contacts from old phone to new

This is a popular time of the year to get a new phone, whether as a gift or surprising a loved one with a shiny new phone. One of the common problems we hear about is the struggle to transfer contacts and calendar from the old phone to the new phone.

Some people start from scratch. But why do that when there are fast and easy options to sync Outlook contacts with phone?

How to Transfer Your Contacts From Your Old Phone to New Phone

Sync iPhone 6

You can back up your old phone on your computer using iTunes or or iCloud. Then when you connect your new iPhone 6, iTunes will walk you through the steps of transferring your data from the old iPhone to the iPhone 6.

Many people balk at the thought of syncing with iCloud. More so with recent hackings making news. ITunes does a decent job transferring media, but not so much when it comes to Contacts. Although you can sync iPhone with Outlook data, many users say that iTunes and iCloud sync falis or syncs only some of the information.

For those moving from old iPhone to iPhone 6, the Apple Store can help transfer all your data. It usually works well for a one time only thing. But what if you want to continuously back up and sync your Contacts? ITunes doesn’t have a history of reliability. Plus, you have to connect your phone to iTunes almost daily to keep the data in sync.

An easier way to sync iPhone 6 with Outlook is to use AkrutoSync. It backs up and syncs your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. The process is automatic, reliable and private. We developed this Windows PC software because we ran into all these problems with our own phones. Users struggling with the same thing shared their frustrations with us or in online forums.

Before you start using Akruto, back up your contacts and calendar. If you’re already using Microsoft Outlook, you’re done. If not, export your contacts and calendar into Outlook as a .csv or .isv file. Once Outlook has your contacts and calendar, Akruto will set up your phone to sync with Outlook.

Moving from one OS to a new one

What if you’re moving from iPhone 5 to HTC One M8? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to iPhone 6? Motorola Moto X to Windows Phone 8? That’s trickier. Many users say they’re unsure how to sync Outlook contacts and calendar with a new phone.

One way is to visit your service provider’s brick and mortar store to get help. Another is to go to the service provider’s website. Most have how-to articles for transferring data and contacts.

However, each has its downside. One provider’s instructions show you how to use its cloud to transfer the data. Considering a phone contains a lot of private and personal information, it’s not an acceptable option for many people. Those on Android phones will come across the suggestion to sync with Gmail or Google. This also stores your personal information to the cloud.

Some providers offer an app to transfer data. Unfortunately, some sync apps have more problems than they’re worth. They fail to transfer all of your information, long notes or recurring calendar events. These apps transfer everything: media, playlists, messages and so on. It doesn’t go smoothly. Just do a search for “Samsung Kies problems” to get an idea.

The easiest thing to do is back up your old phone. If you’re not already using Microsoft Outlook, you can and export your phone’s data as a .csv or .ics file. Then, import the file into Outlook. Install Akruto and add your new phone as a device to sync Outlook through Akruto. All the data will be there: Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks (Reminders on iOS). You might have other devices, such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10. One AkrutoSync license works with unlimited devices regardless of operating system.

This is the time of the year to be merry, enjoy great food and spend time with family. Don’t let transferring contacts to your new phone get in the way of your good cheer. Keep it simple and try Akruto free for seven days to help you with the transfer and see how it works for you.

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