Syncing iPhone Calendar with iPad Calendar Through Outlook

Syncing iPhone Calendar with iPad Calendar Through Outlook

If you synchronize your iPhone with your calendar at work, you probably want your iPad at home to be synchronized with your calendar as well. Syncing iPhone and iPad calendars means your calendar is accessible across all your iOS devices. That way, whether you have your iPhone or iPad with you, you won’t have to worry about missing your next meeting.

Sync iPhone calendar with iPad calendar

Akrutosync is a seamless and automatic way to synchronize your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes across all your devices. Learning How to Sync iPhone Calendar with iPad is actually quite easy and very useful in such situations. In this post, we will show you how to sync your calendar from iPhone to iPad via Outlook.

How to sync calendar entries between your iPad and iPhone via Outlook

Step 1. Download and install AkrutoSync.

Step 2. Click on Configure AkrutoSync and choose the type of connection you want to be used for syncing calendars between iPhone and iPad.

Step 3. Select iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Step 4. Next, choose Calendar in Outlook in the Select calendar field and press Save.

Step 5. Follow the illustrated instructions in the AkrutoSync window to enable your iPhone to share the calendar with PC. More details in our sync iPhone with Outlook guide.

The following video illustrates the first step of synchronizing iPhone calendar with iPad – syncing iPhone calendar with Outlook:

Step 6. Repeat this installation process once again with your iPad.


Q: Why do I choose this method to sync iPhone calendar with iPad?

A: This is an alternative way to start syncing your iPhone calendar with iPad calendar if iCloud is not working for you.

Q: Will this method work for me if I want to connect iPhone to iPad mini?

A: Yes, it allows you to sync iPhone calendar with model of iPad mini or iPad Pro as well as with any other iPad available on the market.

Q: My iPad and iPhone calendars not syncing properly through iCloud. Would I be able to change Outlook calendar on my iPhone from my iPad and vice versa?

A: As it is a two-way syncing, any change you will do on your iPhone calendar will reflect on your iPad calendar and vice versa.

Q: How do I sync my iPhone and iPad calendars over the Internet?

A: Syncing data over the Internet goes quite the same way as via Wi-Fi. All the steps would be illustrated in AkrutoSync interface.

Q: Can I sync iPhone calendar with calendars on more than one iPad?

A: Yes, you can sync iPhone calendar to any number of iPads or any other iOS devices.

Q: Calendar in my iPhone 4s is not syncing with iPad. Does your software support iPhone 4s?

A: Yes, you can connect any model of iPhone and sync its calendar with iPad using this method.

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  • Meredith November 2, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    I have iPad mini and iPad Pro. Can I sync calendar between these two devices using Akruto and Outlook just like how you described syncing between iPhone calendar and iPad calendar? Is there any difference in the setup process?

    • Akruto Support November 5, 2016 at 5:34 pm

      Hello Meredith,
      You can use this method to sync calendars between any iOS devices. You need to install AkrutoSync on your PC with Outlook and have both of your iPads sync with it. This means you are able to transfer calendar events from one iPad to another with AkrutoSync. Our software works with the native iOS calendar so there’s no need to install any other calendar app on your tablet to make it work. The setup process is similar to the one described above.