Sync Nokia Phone with Outlook

Sync your Nokia Phone with Outlook using AkrutoSync

Nokia Lumia 1020 with model

Nokia continues to create amazing new phones like the new 41 Megapixel Lumia 1020. If you just bought a Nokia phone, or if you are considering getting one, you may be wondering how you can put all your contacts onto your new phone. The good news is that there are some pretty good options to not just sync all your contacts from Outlook to your new Nokia phone, but also sync your Outlook calendar, tasks, and notes. Here we explain the synchronization options available for your shiny new Nokia phone.

If you work in a large corporation that uses Exchange Server, all you have to do is go to your phone settings and enter your work email and password. Like all Windows Phones, the Nokia Lumia line of phones let you access your work email, contacts and calendar on your phone.

However, if you are a home user with just Outlook on your PC, or if you are a small business user without an Exchange Server, things get a little more complicated. Using a cloud service, such as Windows Live, or Google is possible, but has limitations. Even if you do not mind the limitations, you may be uncomfortable with storing your data on some other company‚Äôs “cloud” servers. The best option to synchronize your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to your Nokia phone is using AkrutoSync. AkrutoSync synchronizes your data precisely, without altering or truncating it. You can synchronize wirelessly, either through your own wireless network or, if you wish, over the Internet, yet your data is stored only on your own PC and phone. AkrutoSync performs two-way synchronization, which means that your data stays up to date as you change it either on your phone or on your PC.