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Sync Outlook contacts, calendars, notes and tasks with your Oppo F1

Use AkrutoSync to establish a two-way syncing between your Oppo F1 and any version of desktop Outlook. You can transfer any ammount of Outlook data to your Oppo F1 without going through the Cloud.
Here are a few reasons to try AkrutoSync for syncing Outlook with Oppo F1:

  • Sync any amount of appointments between Oppo F1 and your desktop Outlook Calendar
  • Transfer Contacts from Outlook to your Oppo F1 without the cloud
  • ABC-easy experience of transferring Notes from Outlook to Oppo F1
  • Sync your Oppo F1 with Outlook via Wi-Fi or Internet

5-Step Guide on How to Sync Outlook with Oppo F1

The Oppo F1 is a great smartphone with a reasonable price tag. If you just bought Oppo F1 for your business or personal use, you might want to get more from this device and connect it with Outlook. Unfortunately, Oppo F1 comes without any native software capable of syncing Outlook with your device. However, this smartphone runs on Android, which means you can establish a two-way synchronization between your phone and Outlook with AkrutoSync within a few minutes. You can easily transfer contacts, calendars notes and even tasks data from your desktop Outlook to the smartphone’s native apps.

The second good thing is that any contact or calendar appointment you add to your Oppo P1 will immediately show up in your Outlook. What’s great is that you can stay synced even when you are away from your home Wi-Fi network with the syncing over the Internet option.

Step 1: Install software for syncing Oppo F1 with Outlook

The only thing you need to do on this step is install the latest version of AkrutoSync on your PC where you have your Outlook installed.

Step 2: Start PC configuration

Open AkrutoSync. In the main window click on Configure AkrutoSync. On the next screen choose Sync over home network if you want to sync via Wi-Fi or another option to sync over the Internet. Then, choose Android as your operating system. From this step the program will guide you through the process of syncing your Oppo F1 with Outlook.

Step 3: Configure Oppo F1 to sync with Outlook

After you finish PC configuration, start a browser on your Oppo F1 and follow illustrations in the AkrutoSync interface to install SSL certificate.

Step 4: Create login and password

Create a password to secure your connection so that only your Oppo F1 can connect to Outlook.

Step 5: Create an exchange account on Oppo F1

The final step is creating an Exchange ActiveSync account. Take your Oppo F1 and go to Settings. Add a new Microsoft Exchange account using credentials from the previous step. That’s it!
Wait for a few minutes while AkrutoSync syncs data from Outlook with your Oppo F1.

Follow these guides for partial sync of Outlook data with Oppo F1

Troubles with syncing Oppo F1 with Outlook?

Start a thread on our Support forum and receive a prompt answer from our technicians.
If you are still not sure you can handle all the installation steps, check out this Galaxy S7 video. Your Oppo F1 experience would be just the same. It would take less than 5 minutes to start syncing your smartphone with Outlook.

About Oppo F1

Oppo F1 key specs:
Screen: 5″, IPS, 1280×720 RAM: 3 GB
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Internal memory: 16 GB
Rear camera: 8 MP Battery: 2500 mAh
Front camera: 13 MP OS: Android v5.1 (Lollipop)
The Oppo F1 has a fairly sharp screen pretty similar to the one you can see on the Moto G. This Android smartphone comes with few custom apps and features. For example, you can wake up your phone with a double tap on the screen. Another option lets you launch the camera app after you draw an ‘O’ on the screen of your smartphone.
The Oppo F1 works on Android Lollipop and uses the Oppo custom interface for Android called ColorOS. As for custom apps, Oppo F1 has a backup app and a security app that would help you manage some aspects of your data privacy and protection.

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