Sync Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook

Xiaomi Mi Max

Sync Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook contacts, calendars, notes and tasks

With AkrutoSync you can sync Xiaomi Mi Max with Microsoft Outlook within 10 simple mouse clicks. Synchronize your desktop Outlook with Xiaomi Mi Max without the Cloud via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
Some of the reasons why using AkrutoSync for syncing Outlook with Xiaomi Mi Max is the best option include:

  • Copy calendar data from Outlook to your Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Transfer Outlook contacts directly to the contacts app of your Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Manage Outlook notes from your Xiaomi Mi Max without using the Cloud
  • Sync your Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook via Wi-Fi or over the Internet

How to Sync Outlook with Xiaomi Mi Max – Step-by-Step Guide

The Xiaomi Mi Max is the latest phablet from Xiaomi’s 2016 lineup. This device comes in a sleek metal body with astonishing battery and reasonable price for the base model. The Xiaomi Mi Max can handle everything except the most demanding 3D gams, making this smartphone perfect for your business needs. If you are planning to sync your Xiaomi Mi Max with desktop Outlook, using AkrutoSync is the best way to transfer data without going through the Cloud.

Step 1: Download software for syncing Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook

Install AkrutoSync on your PC and open the program.

Step 2: Configure computer to sync Outlook with Xiaomi Mi Max

In the main window click on Configure AkrutoSync. On the next screen choose Sync over home network if you want to sync via Wi-Fi; the other option is to sync over the Internet. Then, choose your operating system. From this step the program will guide you through the process of syncing your Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook.

Step 3: Configure Xiaomi Mi Max to sync with Outlook

After you finish PC configuration, start a browser on your Xiaomi Mi Max and follow the instructions in AkrutoSync interface to install SSL certificate.

Step 4: Create login and password

Create a password to secure your connection so that only authorized mobile devices can connect to Outlook.

Step 5: Create an exchange account on Xiaomi Mi Max

The final step is creating an Exchange ActiveSync account. On your Xiaomi Mi Max, go to Settings. Add a new Microsoft Exchange account using credentials from the previous step. That’s it!
Wait a few minutes while AkrutoSync syncs data from Outlook with your Xiaomi Mi Max.

Follow these guides for partial sync Outlook data with Xiaomi Mi Max

Troubles with syncing Xiaomi Mi Max with Outlook?

Start a thread on our Support forum and receive a prompt answer from our technicians.
If you still have questions, check out this Galaxy S7 syncing video explaining how AkrutoSync works with Android devices.

About Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max key specs:
Screen: 6.44″, 1080 x 1920 RAM: 4 GB
Processor: Snapdragon 650 Internal memory: 32 GB
Rear camera: 16 MP Battery: 4850 mAh
Front camera: 5 MP OS: 6.0 (Marshmellow)
The Mi Max has a USB Type-C port and a fingerprint sensor on the back allowing to quickly wake up the smartphone. This smartphone comes with the latest Android OS enchanced with Xiaomi’s highly-customizable MIUI 7 interface. However, in order to get the access to the app market you need to manually install Google Play store and other related services.
Great hardware alongside with rich multimedia functionality makes the Xiaomi Mi Max a perfect choice if you want to buy a modern smartphone with a reasonable price tag.

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