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    Ryan Willis

    Purchased AcrutoSync a while back and after installation, worked just fine to approximately a week ago or so. Now I get a message that says that “Acrotosync has stopped working” when I try to run it.

    Running Windows 7 Pro with Outlook 2016. Help!!




    I sync over a home network, and, as above sync failed for no obvious reason. The above strategy failed. Akruto support [who are excellent, in my view] suggested turning mobile data off. Sync restored. Phew!!!
    Interestingly, subsequent syncs with mobile data back on have also been fine. Clearly a strategy worth trying if there is an unexpected failure over wifi.



    Luella Nelson

    Same problem here, only not after an update; just after not turning my computer on for a few days.

    Can’t force a sync with my Android. It changes the displayed date of the most recent sync on the Microsoft Exchange Account screen on the phone, but it doesn’t change any data.

    The only suggestion support had was to TURN OFF MY FIREWALL!!!!!!!!

    Are they serious? Do they really think users will want to keep their firewalls disabled just to sync their data?

    Why would it suddenly become necessary to operate without a firewall when Akruto synced successfully with the firewall in place before?

    And, BTW, when I tried disabling my firewall temporarily, Akruto still did not sync. It was useless advice. Ditto for the program.

    So I turned my firewall back on and am cancelling my account with Akruto.




    I have been using Akrutosync since 21/12/17 in wifi mode – worked for three days and performed initial syncing without problem. As at todays date (02/01/18) it does not sync at all. I am using an LGv20 (dual sim) with Android v7.0 (with updates) and WIN10, again fully updated. Auto update is turned on in the product. This has become extremely frustrating as I have better things to do than re-install software with no apparent change in the outcome – still not working. I have used the Akrutosync Support on three occasions and their response has only been to enquire whether I want to use wifi or internet and to re-install; not good enough. One more instance and I want my money back.</p>
    <p>I chose the product because it would go a long way to assisting me professionally but this is just time wasting – does anyone have a solution, please?</p>
    <p>Thanks in advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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