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    I just learned tragically too late to have to do 2 complete Outlook Syncs but I know now.

    My setup of using Akruto Sync is as follows.

    I live in a Motel, a Brand Name Chain. I have been here a very long time and I use their WIFI. Because of this I contacted the Service Management company and had them add my Computer IP to their router so I can bypass the log in page. I have done the same for a few other devices I have too like my phone, my Ham Radio DMR HotSpot, etc.

    I also travel frequently and stay in other motels and they usually have some form of management system controlling internet usage.

    Last time I tried to re-sync Outlook while out, it caused me to have to do a complete re-configuration.

    This time when I got back to my Home Base, I just left my computer with Outlook open and Akruto Sync Open (I normally close it so I can close Outlook completely). I also left my Iphone on with it connected to the motel Wifi.

    After sitting for about 20 minutes, the computer and Iphone found each other and were able to sync.

    SO, if it seems to not be acting normal, let it sit for awhile and see if they find each other.

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