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    If I am using a program that hides my IP showing my location in another country or state and the IP changes each time, can Akrutosync still sync with me since I understand it needs true IP?



    Akruto Support


    Hi Jim,

    For Sync over home network, the phone connects to Outlook on the computer via a pseudo Exchange account. The server of that Exchange account is the IPv4 Address of the computer (Ethernet for wired to the router, Wireless for via Wi-Fi). The IPv4 Address is not the WAN/External IP Address that your computer hides (just like hidehttps://www.hide-my-ip.com/).

    For Sync over the Internet, the phone syncs using its cellular/mobile data that must be 4G / LTE / 4G LTE. The Server used for this sync method is the DNS Hostname that you need to add/create during the initial configuration of AkrutoSync on the computer. That DNS Hostname is linked to your WAN/External IP Address – this type of sync method will not work for you since you are hiding your WAN/External IP Address.

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    Alf Delola



    Michael Bolton


    Could we have another, more reliable method of syncing, please?

    I was delighted when I discovered AkrutoSync. It got around the appalling problems of iTunes simply hanging when it hits Contacts or Calendar.

    However… I travel. I travel a lot. The kind of travel I do requires me to log in at hotels and use VPNs. I’m travelling now. This means that the IP address for my computer changes a lot, and that sometimes it is not at the IP address it appears to be at.

    The upshot of this seems to be that today, large amounts of my Contacts data went missing at some point between sending a text message and getting back to my hotel. The addressee’s contact information was available when I sent the message, via iMessage on an LTE connection from outside the hotel. It had disappeared by the time I the reply, which seemed to have come from a telephone number unlinked to any contact on the phone. Worse yet, the data was also missing from my computer.

    My theory is that each device couldn’t see the other, and defaulted to the assumption that the data had been deleted from the other. Is this possible?

    If there’s an explanation for this other than Akruto Sync, I’d be happy to hear about it, but I’m not aware of a plausible alternative.

    iPhone 6s, iOS 10.2.1
    Microsoft Outlook 2010

    —Michael B.

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