User Guide

Configuring AkrutoSync to sync over the Internet

Start configuration wizard by clicking “Configure AkrutoSync” link as shown below.

Configure Akruto Sync

You will be presented with a choice to sync using the Internet or your home network. Select the option to sync over the Internet.

Select Sync Over The Internet

The next screen gives you a choice between Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This selection allows AkrutoSync to better guide you through subsequent configuration steps. This selection does not affect operation of AkrutoSync. In fact, it is possible to synchronize the same computer with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices at the same time.

Sync Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone

On the next screen, AkrutoSync will list all Outlook Contact, Calendar, Task and Note folders on your computer. Select the folders that you want to sync.

Select Outlook folders to sync with your phone

You can come back to this screen at any time and change your selection by clicking the “Select what to sync” link in the main screen of AkrutoSync.

Click “Save” to save your selection.

Depending on your computer’s network configuration, the following screen may or may not be displayed.

Find Primary IP Address

If the screen is displayed, click “Test”.

Technical Detail

If your computer has multiple network adapters (for example, a wired connection and a wireless one, or a VPN connection) we display this screen to determine which network adapters to use. In order to do this, we establish a test connection to a web site URL (any web site will work) and check the local IP address of the connection. Then we close the connection. No information is transmitted to or from the test web site. You can use any web site for this test, as long as you provide a valid URL.

AkrutoSync will display the following screen.

Port Forwarding

Click “Configure Automatically” to have AkrutoSync configure your router. Note that not all routers can be configured automatically.

Technical Detail

AkrutoSync uses UPnP to configure port forwarding. If your router supports UPnP and UPnP is enabled, AkrutoSync will create forwarding rules for ports 443 and 54321 to forward them to the computer AkrutoSync is running on. If successful, AkrutoSync will remember the fact that your router is configured via UPnP and will try to recreate forwarding rules every hour to ensure continued operation.

If AkrutoSync is able to configure your router automatically, it will display a success message. If AkrutoSync is not able to configure your router automatically, it will ask you to configure your router manually. A good resource that explains how to configure most routers is available at

Once your router has been configured (either automatically or manually), click “Continue” to go to the next screen.