How to Sync Your Nokia Lumia 1520 Phone with Outlook

How to Sync Your Nokia Lumia 1520 Phone with Outlook

If you’ve just gotten a Nokia Lumia 1520, and you use Outlook, you may think that you have to sync your information on your phone with your computer via Microsoft’s cloud service through If that makes you feel a bit insecure, you’re not alone, and this is a very common and well-founded concern. The cloud just isn’t a very secure means to store your sensitive information. You can sync without storing data on the cloud with AkrutoSync, and here’s how.

Sync Nokia Lumia 1520 with Outlook

Nokia’s been rolling out their newest model all over the world. Nokia customers everywhere are excited about this powerful new phone, but if you’re getting the latest and greatest, you still need to know how to sync your Nokia Lumia 1520 phone with Outlook. Okay, let’s get started.

First, go to the Get AkrutoSync page. There, you can download a seven-day free trial. If you don’t like the program, which is highly unlikely, you don’t have to buy it.

Next, install AkrutoSync on your computer. Akruto is a computer-based application, not a phone app, so you won’t have to download anything on your phone. When AkrutoSync opens, you’ll click “Configure AkrutoSync”. Instructions will pop up on your screen. Just follow them, and then you’ll be able to enjoy direct, automatic, and reliable syncing between your computer and your phone.

AkrutoSync will work perfectly with your Lumia 1520 or any other Windows Phone or Android device, and it’s totally secure. You won’t have to sign up for an account online or store any information in the cloud. You also won’t have to plug your phone into your computer to sync your information.

When you get home from a long day of work, it’s often difficult enough to remember to plug your phone in to charge it for the night, let alone to remember to plug it in to sync your contacts, calendar events, and other information. You also don’t want to have to trust your information to the cloud, which opens you up to a lot of vulnerabilities, like getting hacked and having your identity stolen.

With AkrutoSync, you can rest easy, knowing that your information will be safely and reliably backed up and synced between your computer and any and all of your Windows Phone and Android devices. Whether you have a phone that’s been around for a while or one that’s just being rolled out, like the Lumia 1520, Akruto is available and easily accessible to you.

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  • Mike C June 2, 2014 at 12:16 am

    AkrutoSync fills an important gap for the Windows Phone. Microsoft should have provided a non-cloud sync option. There are many of us who do not want to share our data in the cloud.

  • James T July 2, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Many companies are investing in the cloud. If it’s not secure, then why use it? I’d think company confidential information wouldn’t be worth the risk.

  • Jim S. November 2, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    The AkrutoSync software works very well. I like the fact there is no cloud in the middle. It is almost transparent.

    They just need to work on the Notes some more and there will not be a need to look for any other product.

  • MrGadget November 30, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I really wish USB sync was possible, since I charge with the USB cable to the computer anyway, and I don’t have wifi at home.

    • Akruto Support December 7, 2014 at 12:45 pm

      USB sync is great in many situations. As an alternative, if you do not have Wi-Fi at home, you can try the Internet option in AkrutoSync. Even though your phone connects over the Internet, it makes a direct connection to your computer, not using the Microsoft cloud or any other cloud. You also get to take advantage of all the benefits of AkrutoSync, like accurate sync, no limits on the amount of data, and synchronization history.