Sync Outlook without the Cloud on iPhone, Android, & Windows Phone

The only seamless and automatic way to synchronize your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes across all devices.

Sync your smartphone with Outlook automatically
A stress-free way for 2-way syncing calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks
Reliable Outlook Sync


Synchronize all your data.
EVERY single bit of it.

No more partial, unpredictable syncs. AkrutoSync makes sure all your appointments and contacts are on all your devices. And there is no data limit.

Secure Sync without Cloud


Your data,
where you want it.

AkrutoSync synchronizes directly between your computer and devices — not through the cloud. You maintain complete control and privacy.

Automatic Cloudless Syncing


You install it.

After the initial install, Akruto syncs automatically. The process is seamless, because AkrutoSync fully integrates with the built in apps on your devices.

AkrutoSync is the #1 Syncing Software for all your devices!

No matter what phone you are using, AkrutoSync works perfectly with any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device


Key Features

Direct 2-way Syncing

AkrutoSync is the simple, easy way to sync changes in your desktop Outlook to your devices and back!

24/7 Customer Support

We provide free and prompt support in case you have any questions related to AkrutoSync working with your devices.

Sync History

You'll be able to see exactly what was changed and even restore the data that may have been deleted or changed inadvertently.

Cross-Platform Syncing

You can easily switch between different phone and tablet manufacturers and be 100% sure that your new device will be perfectly synced with Outlook.

Privacy Oriented

AkrutoSync is a cloud-free solution. It allows you to sync your sensitive information without any chance anybody could steal it.

No Data Limit

All your data will be transferred to all your devices with every sync. You'll always have access to all your contacts and appointments exactly when you need them.

Synchronize Apple iOS devices with Outlook

Automatically sync Outlook with your iPhone without going through iTunes or iCloud. Akruto is the only software to directly and wirelessly sync Outlook using the iOS’s own Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and Notes apps. Use your iPhone’s native apps without downloading duplicate apps that take up valuable space on your smartphone. And because your data is never stored in the cloud and never passes through our servers, your personal information remains private and secure.

Synchronize Android devices with Outlook

AkrutoSync software uses a secure connection to sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes with your Android devices. This process is direct, automatic, continuous and private. Akruto uses either your encrypted private Wi-Fi or Internet connection to transfer data from Android to Outlook for PC and vice versa. Neither option stores your personal information in the cloud — not Google, not or any other cloud.

Synchronize Windows mobile devices with Outlook on your PC

Now you can sync all your Windows devices with Outlook on your PC without going through the cloud at or Office365. AkrutoSync offers two-way syncing between Outlook on your Windows PC and all your devices. Access your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes through your Windows Phone’s or tablet’s built-in apps. Akruto automatically syncs your Outlook data — privately and continuously.

Start syncing your Outlook data seamlessly and cloud free today!