FAQ: How to sync Outlook with phones and tablets

General Questions about AkrutoSync

AkrutoSync lets you synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes between Outlook running on your Windows PC or laptop and your smartphone, without relying on a cloud service.

AkrutoSync supports all Android phones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy S22, S21, S20 and older, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung A53 and other A-series devices. BlackBerry Key 2, BlackBerry KeyOne. HTC Wildfire X, HTC Desire 19+, HTC 12S, Google Pixel 4XL, OnePlus7, OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Nova 5T, Y9 Prime, P30 Pro, Y5 and older. Moto G Play, Moto G Plus, Moto G Stylus and other. Xiaomi Mi Redmi 8, Mi 9 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme X2 Pro, X2, Real Me Q, 5 Pro. Sony Xperia XZ2, XA2 Ultra, R1 Plus. LG G8X ThinQ , Asus Zenfone 6, Asus ROG phone (1 and 2), Razer phone (1 and 2) and all other Android phones and the predecessor model of the mobile devices mentioned above.

iOS phones and tablets, including iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, iPad Air 5, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 11, iPad 9.7 and all other iOS devices.

Akruto supports Windows 11, Windows 10, as well as older versions such as Windows 7. Both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported. The tablet operating system Windows RT is not supported.

Akruto supports all desktop versions of Outlook from the very old to the latest (Outlook 2021 as of this writing). Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

Yes. AkrutoSync synchronizes all future and all past appointments. It does not limit you to two weeks or a month of past appointments or have any other arbitrary limit.

No. AkrutoSync does not rely on Hotmail, Windows Live, Google, or iCloud. Your phone connects directly to your computer over your home WiFi network or the Internet.

You have two options. If you choose Basic, you pay once for the license, install AkrutoSync on your own computer and use it. With a Premium subscription, you pay on a quarterly or annual basis, but you get more.

You can transfer AkrutoSync to a new PC only if you have a Premium subscription. A Basic license, once activated, cannot be transferred to another PC. Here is the full comparison of Premium and Basic features and pricing.

Yes. Your phone has a copy of all your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

No. Your data never enters Akruto servers. Your phone connects directly to your computer to synchronize the data. However, Akruto makes it very easy for you to make backups of your data. All your data is stored in a single folder on your PC. Take a backup whenever you want, or sign up with an online service to back it up continuously.

AkrutoSync can sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Contacts and Calendar always sync with the built-in apps on your phone, so that you don’t need to install anything on your phone. Depending on your phone model, you may need to install an app on your phone to sync tasks and notes

Any changes you make on your smartphone are synchronized to Outlook.

Any changes you make in Outlook are synchronized to your smartphone.

When transferring your data to and from your phone, AkrutoSync will preserve all category information. However, keep in mind that the built-in apps in Android, iPhone, iPad and the Windows Phone do not display categories. Android devices use categories to arrange countacts into groups, but otherwise ignore categories. Categories will still appear in Outlook on the PC and will be preserved no matter how many times you edit the item on the phone or in Outlook.

Although iTunes and iCloud stopped synchronizing Outlook notes as of early spring of 2016, you can sync notes with your iPhone using AkrutoSync. Our software can sync notes as well as contacts, calendar and reminders.

AkrutoSync relies on your computer’s IP address in order to transfer data between your computer and your phone. When your computer’s IP address changes, AkrutoSync detects the change and guides you through a re-configuration process (an abbreviated version of initial configuration). If this happens frequently, you may want to configure your router to always give your computer the same address. To do this, point your web browser to your router, log in and look for an option called “DHCP reservation” or “Address reservation”. Note that this is not required in order to use AkrutoSync.

You can try a fully functional version of AkrutoSync free of charge for 7 days. When you pay for AkrutoSync, you receive a registration code, which you can enter into your Free Trial version of AkrutoSync to convert it to the Paid version.

AkrutoSync has no limit to the number of contacts or calendar entries it can synchronize.

AkrutoSync has 2 options to sync your Outlook to your smartphones:

Sync over Home Network/Wi-Fi is sufficient for most people. When your phone is out of range of your own Wi-Fi network, it will not sync, but you can still make changes both on your phone and in Outlook. They will sync when your phone is in range of your own Wi-Fi network again. If you travel with both your computer and phone, this sync type will work if you setup using Simple method. As long as the phone and computer are both connected to the same network/router, the sync will work.

Sync over Internet is useful when your computer stays at home and you and your phone are somewhere else. Your phone can still connect to your computer over the Internet and sync. The computer needs to be connected to the same router all the time in order for the sync to happen. This is useful if somebody else is going to make changes on your computer and you want to see on your phone, while you are away from your computer. Syncing over the internet is for the users that leave their computer in the same location all the time and it is always on. The user can then take their mobile device and sync from wherever they are. This means the mobile device can be on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network.

AkrutoSync cannot sync over USB. The two options available are syncing over the local area network (LAN) or via the Internet. If you are concerned with security, please note that all network communication is done over an SSL encrypted link. Also note that if you choose the option to sync over LAN, your data does not even pass through the Internet. You can connect your phone to your LAN by whatever means your phone allows, WiFi being the most common one.

For AkrutoSync Users

Because events can be sent to your phone in any order, your most recent events may still be synchronizing. Please wait for the first sync to finish. When calendar sync status in AkrutoSync window says “success” or “no change”, you should see all your events in your phone calendar. You may wish to force a sync to speed up the process.

As of AkrutoSync 4.0, iOS devices are officially supported. When AkrutoSync asks you to select your device type, select iOS and follow on-screen instructions.

You can force a sync whenever you want. Make sure that AkrutoSync program is running on your PC. If it is not, you can start it by double-clicking a shortcut on your Desktop. Then

Android: On your phone, go to “Settings”, then “accounts”, then “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync”, “Exchange” or “Corporate”. Touch the account you created for AkrutoSync. Touch “sync now”..

iOS: As is often the case with Apple products, Apple worked hard to make the device do the right thing on its own, without any user intervention. Nor did they give users control over how often sync happens or a way to force it. In our testing we almost never had to “force” a sync. If you do find yourself in a situation when you need to force a sync, open the corresponding app (open Contacts to sync contacts, Calendar to sync the calendar, etc). The app will start syncing data within a few seconds.

Another way to force Calendar sync is to open Calendar on your iPhone, select “Calendars” and pull down the screen (tap, hold then swipe down) as if you’re scrolling up. You will see a spinning circle which is an indicator that a sync is being forced. Select “Done” to exit.

For Contacts, open the Contacts app on your iPhone, tap “Groups” and pull down the screen (tap, hold then swipe down) until you see a spinning circle. Select “Done” to exit.

Windows 8 Phone: On your phone, go to “Settings”, then “email+accounts”. Touch and hold the account you created for AkrutoSync. Touch “sync”.

Windows 10 Phone: On the Windows 10 Mobile phone, tap Contacts, Tap the three dots (), Tap Settings, Tap and hold the AkrutoSync account, Tap “Sync”.

The phone can have many accounts such as Google or others. When you add something from the phone, you need to make sure you are saving it to the AkrutoSync account. Only items saved under the AkrutoSync account can sync back into Outlook.

When you are adding a new Contact, Appointment or Task on your phone, you can choose whether to synchronize it with AkrutoSync or something else (for example with Google or iCloud). If you do not see your new Contact, Appointment or Task in Outlook, this may be because you are synchronizing them with Google or iCloud.

To add a new appointment, open the Calendar app on the phone. Tap the plus sign in the calendar. The phone will show a screen for entering your new appointment. You will see lines to enter the subject and location for your new appointment as well as other appointment information. One of the lines says which calendar the new appointment will be added to. Depending on your phone model, this line is oftern labeled with the word “calendar” and is often marked in color. You need to tap on this line to see a list of accounts and select the account that was created for AkrutoSync. Then finish entering your appointment information. This appointment will be synchronized with Outlook using AkrutoSync. Similarly, when adding a Contact or a Task, tap the plus sign and select the account that was created for AkrutoSync. You only need to do this once; your phone will remember your selection and synchronize all new data with Outlook.

To apply your license, you need to click Convert to Paid Version on the left panel of AkrutoSync window. Enter the registered name and registration code then click on “Activate” button. To check if your license is properly applied, click “About AkrutoSync”.

The Simple method uses AkrutoSync DDNS hostname that automatically resolves the local IP address of your computer (for Sync over Home Network) or your public IP address (for Sync over the Internet) and prevents the IP change message from happening. The simple method is useful when you are travelling with your phone and computer using the Sync over Home Network setup. This will allow you to sync even on other networks as long as your computer and phone are connected to the same network/router.

The Advanced method is the traditional way of setting up AkrutoSync that uses IP address as server for Sync over Home Network and uses 3rd party DDNS hostname providers for Sync over the Internet.

This error code means that the phone tried to synchronize your data, but was unable to connect to your computer. This could be because the phone was out of range of your Wi-Fi router, or because the phone turned off Wi-Fi in order to conserve battery (the phone does this automatically, without even letting the user know). If you are able to start a sync manually (as explained in this question), you can ignore this error code.
If you are not able to start a sync manually
• Make sure that AkrutoSync program is running on your PC. If it is not, you can start it by double-clicking a shortcut on your desktop. You can minimize the window, but do not close it.
• Verify that there are no errors displayed in the AkrutoSync window.
• If you chose the Wi-Fi sync option, verify that your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
• If you recently made changes to your network, they may be the reason your phone is not able to connect.
• If you installed new firewall software on your computer, you need to configure it to allow AkrutoSync to use the network (as explained in the “I am unable to load a web page” question).

If you are using Skype, then open Skype and select Tools->Options->Advanced; go to ‘Connections’ tab and uncheck the checkbox for ports 80 and 443. If you have Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) running on your computer, the open Control Panel -> Advanced -> Services, disable Internet Information Server and reboot the computer. If you do not know what program is using port 443, you can use a free tool from Microsoft, called TCPView (https://docs.microsoft.com/sysinternals/downloads/tcpview) to determine which program uses the port. In TCPView, sort by ‘Local Port’ column and find 443 or https. Then stop or disable the program using this port.

If you are using a third-party (Norton, McAfee, etc…) firewall on your computer, you need to configure your firewall to allow AkrutoSync to use the network. AkrutoSync accepts incoming network connections on ports 443, 80 and 54321, although most firewalls do not require you to know these numbers.

Outlook on your PC may have multiple folders for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Make sure that the folders AkrutoSync synchronizes with your phone are the ones you want. To do this, click “Select what to sync” in AkrutoSync. AkrutoSync will display your calendars and folders and let you select the ones you want to sync.

Click “Select what to sync” in AkrutoSync. Select the folders you want. For every type of data (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) you can either select a folder you want, or you can select NONE to tell AkrutoSync not to synchronize this type of data.

AkrutoSync starts automatically when your computer starts. Do not stop it, or you will not be able to sync until you start AkrutoSync on your computer again. It is OK to minimize AkrutoSync, or to hide its window by clicking the X button in the top right-corner of the window. Just do not quit the program by right-clicking and selecting “Quit AkrutoSync”; if you do, you will not be able to sync until you start AkrutoSync again.

Starting with version 5.2.18, you can minimize AkrutoSync to the Windows Notification Area (near the clock), so that it does not take up space in the Taskbar. This is sometimes called “minimize to tray”. To use this feature, click the X button in the top right corner of AkrutoSync. If you want to quit AkrutoSync, right-click on AkrutoSync icon (either in the Taskbar or the clock area) and select “Quit” from the popup menu.

Use the button in the lower left corner. Note that this only changes how AkrutoSync window is displayed. The data you synchronize can be in any language or a mixture of languages and use any characters (European accented characters, Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc…)

AkrutoSync guides you through setting up sync with the first device. To add another device, you need to know the user name and password that you created for AkrutoSync. The user name is displayed in AkrutoSync window. If you do not remember the password, click Configure AkrutoSync and select the Change password option.
Once you know the user name and password, click Configure AkrutoSync and select the Configure again option. Ignore the warning about hard-resetting your device (because you are not adding the same device again). Follow on-screen instructions to add your new device. When asked to create a user name and a password, specify the same user name and password that you noted above.

Yes. When you are setting up sync with your Android phone, choose not to import the SSL certificate. If you import an SSL certificate, Android requires a secure screen unlock option, such as a password or a pattern. This is a feature of the Android OS and cannot be changed by Akruto.

If you already imported Akruto SSL certificate and want to go back to swipe unlock, please follow these steps.

  1. Sync your phone, so that Outlook is up to date.
  2. Delete from your phone the account that you created for AkrutoSync. This will also delete from your phone contacts, calendar events and tasks. This is OK, because Outlook is up to date.
  3. Find the “clear credential storage” option on your phone. Android menus vary a lot from phone to phone, but this option is usually somewhere under settings -> security. Clear the credential storage. This deletes from your phone all SSL certificates that you imported. Certificates that are installed at the factory will remain on your phone.
  4. Find the screen unlock setting on your phone. this option is usually somewhere under settings -> lock screen. Change the screen unlock method to swipe.

If you set up AkrutoSync to sync over your home network (Wi-Fi), but later change your mind and want to sync over the Internet; or if you set it up to sync over the Internet and want to change to Wi-Fi, you can do it by following these steps.

  1. Sync your phone, so that Outlook is up to date.
  2. Delete from your phone the account that you created for AkrutoSync. This will also delete from your phone contacts, calendar events and tasks. This is OK, because Outlook is up to date.
  3. Click the “Configure AkrutoSync” link in AkrutoSync and choose the “Configure Again” option. Ignore the warning about hard-resetting your phone (it is enough to delete the old account from your phone). Follow on-screen instructions to set up sync again.

You probably set your time zone to US Eastern Time without Daylight Savings Time adjustment. Please change your time zone to “GMT-5 Bogota, Lima, Quito” both on your computer and on your phone. Your appointments will sync correctly.

Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall AkrutoSync from your computer. Then remove it from your devices.

Windows Phone: On the device, tap “Start” then swipe left to the App list. Select “Settings” and then tap “email+accounts”. Tap and hold on the Akruto account, then select “delete”.

For Android: On the device, go to “Settings”, tap “Accounts”, then select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync”, then tap “Settings”. Next, tap on the Trash icon on the top-right and select the account you created for Akruto then tap “Delete”.

For iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch): On the device, go to “Settings”, then tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. The “Accounts” screen will open, you should see the Exchange account that you added for Akruto, tap on it. Next, scroll down and tap” Delete Account”. A “Delete Account” warning window will open. On the “Delete Account” warning window, tap “Delete Account” to finish.