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This was by far THE easiest way to sync Outlook with my Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet and S6 Edge!

Derek W

Derek WU.S.A.

My struggles and long search are over – I am now delighted to be seamlessly and effortlessly synching between my Windows PC Outlook, Android Phone and iOS iPad! Nothing short of a miracle and a dream come true.

John B

John BNJ, U.S.A.

I am using your software to sync contacts, calendars & notes from my Windows 8.1 desktop PC to a Nook HD+ with Android 4.2 and to my iPhone 6, successfully. With another copy of AkrutoSync I am syncing contacts, calendars & notes from my wife’s Windows 7 laptop to her iPad, her iPhone 6 and my daughter’s iPhone 6. Pretty cool!



I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 830 mainly because I was fed up with trying to Sync Outlook with my Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. I assumed that Microsoft/Nokia would have a foolproof procedure for syncing Outlook, and I could hardly believe that there was no such application. Fortunately I came across Akruto on the Internet and your product has “saved the day”! I am delighted with it.

Michael J. O’Carroll

Michael J. O’CarrollIreland

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m VERY HAPPY with it. I have everything I need on my phone and on my PC. No cloud! I teach MS Office and Windows OS at a local college. I’m recommending AkrutoSync to my students. Microsoft does not support Outlook with the Windows phone. I’m letting my students know that Akruto supports Windows and Android phones. Fabulous!!

V. Scott

V. ScottFlorida, U.S.A.

This is a tremendous method for syncing your Outlook and is far simpler than even going directly through Outlook! I’ve used it with both a Windows & Android phones, with the same satisfaction. Additionally, the customer service offers almost immediate if help when needed…(the case I needed happened to be due to pilot error and not the program)!

P. Banks

P. BanksIL, U.S.A.

I’ve used Akruto for over a year now with my Nexus – great product and works perfectly every synch.

Ian Bonallack

Ian BonallackNew Zealand

I installed Akruto after trying to sync my Outlook Contacts and Calendar with my Android phone unsuccessfully with 3 other types of software. Akruto is the only software that worked! Thank you for the excellent installation instructions, too.

Kimberly S

Kimberly SU.S.A.