Sync your Windows Phone with Outlook using Akruto Sync

Sync your Windows Phone with Outlook using Akruto Sync


Akruto, Inc. Press Release

Newton, Mass – July 8, 2012 – Akruto, Inc., has recently announced the release of Akruto Sync, a computer-based program that offers direct, cloud-free synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks data between a PC and a Windows phone.

Akruto Sync runs on a user’s computer, making it visible to mobile devices, similarly to a Microsoft Exchange server. To ensure complete privacy, the data is stored only on the computer and on the phone, not in the cloud; it is protected using SSL and never passes through Akruto’s servers.

Currently, Akruto, Inc., is the only vendor to offer a complete, non-cloud-based synchronization solution for the Windows Phone platform. Akruto Sync places no limit on the number of synchronized Contacts, Calendar, and Task entries. Within each entry, there is no limit on the amount of data that may be synchronized. The program also synchronizes all past and future appointments.

Users may choose to synchronize their data over the cellular network or by using a Wi-Fi connection. Akruto Sync does not rely on Windows Live or Google. It establishes a direct connection between the phone and the computer.

A 7-day free trial of Akruto Sync is available. Beyond that, a onetime licensing fee of $19.95 covers an installation on a single PC and use with one or more phones.

Akruto, Inc., is a startup whose goal is to enable customers to maintain control of their personal information and to offer an easy and unlimited access to their data. The company was formed by a team of engineers with extensive experience in the data management field, who share a strong belief in importance of data privacy.

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