How to Sync iPhone SE With Outlook

How to Sync iPhone SE With Outlook

Apple has unveiled the iPhone SE. If you’ve been hoping for a top end camera and a premium experience in a compact smartphone, the SE fills that role. The newly announced iPhone SE has a four-inch screen, and all the processing and photographic capabilities as the larger, iPhone 6S — plus, the SE launches with version 9.3 of Apple’s iOS software, which is also available for any iPhone.

How to Sync Apple iPhone SE with Outlook

If iPhone SE fits the bill (and your hands), but concerns over syncing your contacts and calendar seem daunting, our team at AkrutoSync wants you to know that you have choices…

Syncing iPhone SE With Outlook

There are three options to sync iPhone SE with Outlook: iTunes, iCloud or third party software like AkrutoSync.

Syncing with the cloud is a free service as long as you stay within your free account’s storage limits. ICloud automatically and continuously backs up your data. However, it comes with the price of storing your private information in the cloud. To use the cloud, you need to take the extra step of moving your contact and calendar data from your existing folders to the iCloud-provided folders in Outlook. For many people, the cloud isn’t an option because they value the security of their data.

The advantages of using the second option, iTunes, are that it’s free, syncs media, doesn’t use the cloud and offers a Wi-Fi sync option. However, sometimes an activity as simple as moving a song from your computer to your iPhone can result in a complex and time-consuming situation. When the app you want on your phone is still not there, despite what appeared to be a successful sync, it is a frustrating experience to say the least!

Syncing with AkrutoSync

AkrutoSync is two-way sync software for Windows PC that syncs Outlook with iPhone SE and other devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and Android, that keeps your information updated on Outlook for PC and across all your connected devices. What’s more – none of your private information is stored in the cloud.

When your data is transmitted over the network, it is encrypted using SSL ensuring users privacy, security, and peace of mind – the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure. It’s like having the convenience of the cloud without the information leaving your home or small office network.

AkrutoSync isn’t just for personal use: small business owners, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs all require a reliable way to sync all of their important information from Outlook between computer and phone and don’t want to invest in an expensive Microsoft Exchange server to get the benefits of having data with them everywhere. When you use AkrutoSync you don’t need an Exchange server to sync Outlook with iPhone. It makes transferring Outlook contacts to iPhone easy by simulating a Microsoft Exchange server without the high expense and back-end setup.

The Benefits of Using Akruto

  • Automatic syncing.

    • No pushing a button or connecting cables. It’s all done for you.
    • Five minute setup
    • Sync on the go via Internet
    • Configure to sync over your home Wi-Fi network
    • Support of any mobile OS
  • Uses iPhone’s integrated features

    Because Akruto syncs with the iPhone’s apps, encrypted data appears in native iOS apps like Calendar, Contacts and Notes. So there’s no need to install any additional apps on iPhone SE to make syncing work.

  • Improves corporate data security.

    Akruto transfers contacts privately ensuring 100% safe remote editing of corporate information. Your data is stored only on your computer and on your phone. Your information isn’t shared with the cloud.

  • Syncs information wirelessly.

    Akruto transfers your data over encrypted Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

  • Copies everything.

    Contact’s notes and photos transfer. Nothing disappears.

How to sync iPhone with Outlook Contacts using Akruto

You can sync your Outlook contacts with your iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices with AkrutoSync. You no longer need to re-enter your contact information on each device – it all syncs automatically, privately and continuously. Even with Exchange server-like capabilities, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to install Akruto. The program guides you through installation. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you through the whole process. Or let us do all the work: request Akruto Gold Service. This premium service allows our support team to get the software up and running for you remotely.

General Questions about AkrutoSync

Choosing the right sync option ensures you have your data backed up at all times. AkrutoSync enables you to seamlessly synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes between Outlook running on your PC and your smartphone, without relying on a cloud service. Your devices connect directly to your computer using Wi-Fi or the Internet for a secure connection. When your data is transmitted over the network, it is encrypted using SSL. AkrutoSync provides secure, automatic, cross-device access to all your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

Can I sync Outlook tasks to my iPhone SE without syncing Contacts and Calendars?

Because this is a two-way synchronization solution, everything will stay in sync whether you update your Outlook for PC calendar, one device’s built-in calendar, a second device’s built-in calendar, or a combination of the three. Any changes you make on your PC appear in all your devices’ calendars.

Can I be sure Akruto will support any new iOS version in the future?

All devices using Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone OS are supported and will be supported in the future, enabling users to easily switch the platforms and remain syncing.

Will I be able to make changes to remote corporate Outlook account from my iPhone SE?

Any contacts, appointments, or tasks that were synchronized from your computer to your iPhone SE can be edited on your phone. You do not need to do anything to make sure that your changes are synchronized back to your computer.

I have a tablet running Android, can I sync my outlook with both iPhone SE and Android device simultaneously?

You can easily sync Outlook contacts with iPhone, Android, and Windows devices. AkrutoSync allows you to access the same contact information from Outlook on your PC and from your devices through our simple Outlook sync.

If I switch to iPhone 7, will AkrutoSync still work for me?

Yes. AkrutoSync works any iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Windows Phone, and Android smartphone or tablet – past, current, and future.

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