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Sync your Windows Phone with Outlook using Akruto Sync

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Akruto, Inc. Press ReleaseNewton, Mass - July 8, 2012 - Akruto, Inc., has recently announced the release of Akruto Sync, a computer-based program that offers direct, cloud-free synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks data between a PC and a Windows phone.Akruto Sync runs on a user’s computer, making it visible to mobile devices, similarly to a Microsoft Exchange server. To ensure [...]

Akruto Sync is Released

Akruto Sync is available to the general public now. This has been long in the making. After running a limited Early Adopter program for the past six month, we believe Akruto Sync is now ready. There is still a long road ahead and many features to be added, but what we have now meets the needs of a lot of users out there. Happy [...]

Thank You

Many thanks to our Early Adopter customers. Your feedback allowed us to get Akruto Sync to where it is now. You have also suggested enough features to keep us busy for the next few months. Many thanks.

Privacy in the Mobile World

PC World Magazine discusses privacy in the mobile world. They compare the existing state of affairs to the Wild West. Read complete article in the PC World Magazine.