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Sync Outlook Contacts With Motorola Droid Maxx

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Your Motorola Droid Maxx Direct

If you’re looking for direct, safe, and reliable syncing between your phone and your PC, look no further than AkrutoSync. It’s the most reliable and secure way to sync any Android phone to your PC. With no cloud storage and a direct sync, your data never leaves your possession. You don’t have to trust it to a service that opens you up to vulnerabilities. [...]

Sync Outlook Calendar With Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Sync Outlook Calendar Directly with Your Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Sync Outlook Calendar Directly with Your Samsung Galaxy S4AkrutoSync is the most reliable, secure form of syncing any Android device to your computer. There’s no cloud storage, so your information never leaves your devices, and it keeps everything up to date with no work on your part (after the initial set up). Read on for how to sync your Outlook calendar directly [...]

Alternative to Kies

Alternative to Kies

If you’ve used Kies to sync your contacts, calendar and tasks with your Samsung devices, you’ve probably run into some issues. Kies just doesn’t seem to work for a lot of customers. AkrutoSync is a powerful and convenient alternative to Kies. Here are some of the issues that have arisen and why AkrutoSync is your best bet for a Kies alternative.Kies has a problem [...]

Sync Outlook Contacts

Sync Outlook Contacts with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3?  Thinking about how to sync your Outlook contacts with your new android smartphone? Then AkrutoSync is the tool for you. AkrutoSync is the only automatic, direct, cloud-free and reliable two-way synchronization software for your Galaxy Note 3. The program will seamlessly and accurately synchronize your Outlook data.Why AkrutoSync?:AkrutoSync allows you to easily sync your [...]

Sync Outlook Calendar

Sync Outlook Calendar with your HTC One Using AkrutoSync

If you use Outlook to manage your calendar and would like to sync it with your HTC One, AkrutoSync is the best tool for you. AkrutoSync is a direct, automatic and reliable two-way synchronization software for your Android phone or tablet. It is the only automatic seamless sync program for Outlook.AkrutoSync synchronizes all appointment details. It synchronizes normal appointments as well as all-day and [...]

Sync Phone with Computer

How to Sync Smartphone to Computer or PC Using AkrutoSync

Are you looking for a direct,reliable and very efficient synchronization between your smartphone and your computer or PC? Then you have come to the right place, as AkrutoSync is the only automatic, cloud-free and accurate program for synchronizing Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes on your PC and your smartphone. AkrutoSync supports all types of Windows and Android smartphones, such as Nokia Lumia 920, [...]

How to sync Outlook with Android

How to Sync Android Direct with Outlook

If you've ever wondered how to sync your Android with your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, you might want to try AkrutoSync. This Windows PC software provides direct, automatic, reliable and two-way synchronization between Outlook and your Android phone.You can sync all of your contacts, calendar entries and tasks between your Android and Outlook. AkrutoSync completely and accurately syncs thousands of entries and [...]

How to sync outlook contacts

How to Sync Outlook Contacts directly with your Samsung Galaxy S3

Why is AkrutoSync the best way to synchronize Outlook contacts with your Samsung Galaxy S3? AkrutoSync is the only automatic and seamless sync program for Outlook.You set up the program once and it keeps your phone and computer in sync via direct wireless connection between your Samsung Galaxy and Outlook on your PC.AkrutoSync will help you to directly synchronize the Outlook contacts (as well [...]

Sync Android with Outlook

Akruto Releases Direct Outlook Sync Software for Android

Automatically sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks between PC and Android.  Direct, reliable, cloud-free.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Akruto, Inc. Press ReleaseNewton, Mass. – October 23, 2013 – Akruto Inc. has announced the release of Akruto Sync for Android, a computer-based program that offers direct, cloud-free, and complete synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks between a PC and Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung [...]

Sync Outlook Calendar

Sync Outlook Calendar with Your Windows Phone

If you want to synchronize your Outlook Calendar data with your Windows Phone, AkrutoSync is a highly recommended application. This simple-to-use software provides direct, two-way, cloud-free synchronization. A particularly useful feature is that your calendar appointments will appear in the built-in calendar app on your Windows Phone.AkrutoSync enables synchronizing all appointment details of regular, all-day,and recurring appointments. You will be able to create new [...]

Sync Outlook Contacts with Windows Phone

Synchronize Outlook and Windows Phone Contacts with AkrutoSync

AkrutoSync makes it easy to synchronize contacts between Microsoft Outlook and your Windows Phone. It is the only application that provides direct, two-way, cloud-free automatic synchronization of Outlook contacts with your Windows Phone.AkrutoSync does not limit how much data you want to sync with your Windows Phone. For example, it can synchronize multiple telephone numbers per contact, multiple mailing addresses and email addresses, contact [...]

Sync HTC Desire 600 with Outlook

Sync Your HTC Desire 600 with Outlook Using AkrutoSync

Now that you have a brand-new HTC Desire 600 Android Phone in your hands, your first goal would be to establish seamless connectivity with the tools you use in your office,such as Microsoft Outlook. AkrutoSync will help you to directly synchronize the data from Outlook without the need to create an online account. Even better, there is no limit on the amount of Outlook [...]

Sync Lumia with Outlook

How to Sync Your Nokia Lumia 1020 with Outlook Using Akruto Sync

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the latest addition to the Lumia series and is one of the most powerful Windows Phones with an outstanding 41 megapixel camera. It is supported with a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB RAM. It boastsa 4.5inch 1280 x 720 touch-screen HD display. If you are an active user of Microsoft Outlook on your PC, you can [...]

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone using Akruto Sync

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone

A common problem that all new Windows Phone owners face is how to sync the Windows Phone with Outlook. Outlook is an important application for all the users of desktops/laptops for managing their contacts, tasks, and appointments. The problem occurs when the user is away from their desk and needs to access the same data using their mobile device. Today, seamless synchronization between phone [...]

Business traveler

Akruto Sync: An Essential Tool for Business Travelers

At many organizations and businesses, a number of employees are expected to travel for work. Attending conferences, meetings, and site visits requires dealing with a hectic and exhausting travel schedule that may include hours spent at the airport and recovering from jet lag. And yet business travelers are still expected to stay efficient and productive.Arguably the most important applications for business travelers are the [...]

Nokia Lumia 925

How to Sync Nokia Lumia 925 with Outlook

An 8.7 Megapixel Pure View camera with 6 Carl Zeiss lenses and a 4.5 inch HD+ display! Its attractive features make Nokia Lumia 925 a powerhouse among new phones. Now that you have a brand-new Lumia 925 in your hands, here’s a guide to how to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with your phone. The best and easiest way to do this is by using Akruto [...]

Sync Lumia Windows Phone with Outlook

How to Sync Your Lumia Windows Phone with Outlook Using Akruto Sync.

The best way to synchronize your Outlook data with your Lumia Windows Phone is by using Akruto Sync. What sets Akruto Sync apart is that you don’t need to create an online account and there is no limit on how much data you want to sync. For example, 1,000 items or even 50,000 items are synchronized without a problem. You can add multiple contact [...]

Microsoft to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business for US $7.2 billion

In a deal announced Monday, Microsoft is acquiring Nokia’s mobile phone business. Nokia will also license to Microsoft its mapping services and patents. 32,000 Nokia employees are expected to transition from Nokia to Microsoft.Stephen Elop, Nokia’s president and CEO is widely expected to succeed Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s chief executive. Steve Ballmer announced in August that he was planning to retire [...]

Sync Outlook notes with your Windows Phone

Sync Outlook notes with your Windows Phone. Download Akruto Sync now and just install the free app Basic Notes to get started.To get the Notes app for your phone, follow the link to the Windows Store and click the “Install” button. The app will be sent to your phone from the Windows Store.Link to the appIf you are using a previous version of Akruto [...]

Direct Wireless Sync between Android Phone and Computer

Akruto Sync for Android is available for beta testing! Akruto Sync for Android provides direct two-way wireless synchronization of Contacts and Calendar between Android phones and Microsoft Outlook. To ensure complete privacy, your data is stored only on your computer and on your phone, not in the cloud.UPDATE: Akruto thanks all the beta testers who participated in the beta program. Android [...]

Akruto Sync is Translated into German

Akruto Sync was always able to synchronize data in any language. However, until now, Akruto Sync interacted with the user only in English. With the latest upgrade, you can select English or German as your preferred language. Just as before, the data you synchronize can be in any language. All characters (European accented characters, Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc...) are still [...]

World of PPC Review

Akruto Sync is reviewed on one of the biggest Windows Phone sites in Germany. Below is the link to the review (in German)

Akruto works with Windows Phone 8

Akruto is pleased to anounce support for Windows Phone 8.  Users of the latest Microsoft mobile OS can enjoy direct, cloud-free sync.Happy Syncing!