Sync Casio Commando with Outlook

Sync Casio Commando with Outlook

Even if you selected your smartphone for its brawn (rather than its brains), you likely still rely on it to keep your appointments and contact information. If you’re sporting the Casio Commando aka ‘G’zOne’, just follow these easy steps to sync your Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with Casio Commando.

Sync Casio Commando with Outlook

Step 1: Download and install AkrutoSync

Step 2: Start PC configuration

In the main window, click Configure AkrutoSync.  AkrutoSync will guide you through the configuration process.

  • Choose Sync over home network– this allows you to sync Outlook contacts via your Wi-Fi network without cables.
  • Select Android (Phone or Tablet) – you will receive illustrated instructions on how to configure Casio Commando to sync with Outlook.
  • Click Save.
  • As AkrutoSync can also sync Calendars, Tasks and Notes you will be asked what Outlook data you want to sync with your Casio Commando. Press Save.
  • Next you’ll be asked to make sure your Casio Commando and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Click Save.
  • Next screen will display proper firewall configuration. Press Continue.
  • Next screen provides detailed instructions on how to enable Casio Commando to sync with Outlook.

Step 3: Begin Casio Commando configuration

  • Open a browser on your Casio Commando.
  • Enter the address shown on your AcrutoSync window.
  • Touch Go.
  • When the new page loads, select Import Certificate for AcrutoSync.
  •  Select Install, and the certificate will be installed.

Step 4: Continue PC configuration

  • Returning to your PC, enter a user name and password  (create one that will be easy for you to remember).
  • Click Continue.

Step 5: Complete Casio Commando configuration

Returning to Casio Commando, follow the instructions for setting up an Exchange account. The account tells your Casio Commando how to connect directly to your computer.

  • Select Settings on Casio Commando home screen.
  • Scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select Exchange.
  • Cassio Commando will ask for an email address and password for Exchange – do not enter your actual email address. Enter the fake email address displayed in the AkrutoSync window (again, yours will likely be different than the one displayed here).  Use the password you created earlier and entered into AkrutoSync on your PC. Select Next.
  • Enable everything, including Mail (although AkrutoSync does not sync email, it still needs to be enabled).  Leave other options at their default values and syncing begins.
  • The first sync may take a while if you have a lot of Outlook contacts, appointments reminders and notes. Some Outlook contacts and reminders will appear on your phone even before the first sync is complete.
  • The AkrutoSync window on your PC shows sync progress. When you see the “Success” status, the sync is complete.

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