AkrutoSync is the Perfect Syncing Solution for Lawyers – and You

AkrutoSync is the Perfect Syncing Solution for Lawyers – and You

AkrutoSync is the Perfect Syncing Solution for Lawyers and You

Lawyers have to do a lot of work on the go. You work on your phone or tablet when you’re in court, on the road, or just out to lunch. When you get back to your office, though, you’ll need to sync any contacts or calendar events you made on your phone with your computer. AkrutoSync for lawyers is the best solution available.


Lawyers have to address a lot of privacy issues. They cannot afford to let their clients’ contact information or case information get out. They’re constantly dealing with moving confidential material from their phones to their computers. If you’re a lawyer, and you need to sync your information, you definitely don’t want to use the cloud.

Cloud storage is incredibly vulnerable to hackers, and it honestly doesn’t matter whether the people attacking your information are involved with your case or not, you cannot afford to let that information get out. You need to make sure that all of your legal information stays in-house.

More and more lawyers are trusting AkrutoSync for direct syncing, and so can you. While a lot of customers in the United States tend to just trust whatever Google and other cloud-heavy services are offered them, European clients tend to be warier, as Europe has stricter privacy laws than the United States. One Swiss lawyer said, “Cloud storage is a very bad idea for me and my clients. It is simply illegal.”

With AkrutoSync, your information never leaves your own devices. It stays completely in-house. This is the securest form of data transfer available, and it’s incredibly easy and fast. Lawyers have a lot more to pay attention to than setting up and syncing their phones with their computers. That’s another thing that makes Akruto great. Once you’ve set up the application on your computer, whenever your phone is within range of your computer, it will wirelessly update all of your information. You’ll have all of your messages, contact information, appointments, and other information synced automatically.

Whether you’re a lawyer, or you’re just concerned with the security of your personal and professional information, you should consider direct syncing. The cloud is not secured the way it should be, so much so that it’s actually illegal to store some legal and confidential data on the cloud if you practice law in Europe. If it’s that vulnerable, why would you trust your information to it?

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