A look at Samsung Galaxy S5

A look at Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 a top of the line Android phone needs to have – large brilliant screen, a quad-core 2.5gHz Snapdragon 801 processor to run apps without lag, a 16 Megapixel camera with lightning-fast auto-focus.

Model holding Galaxy S5

The S5 is an incremental upgrade from the S4, not a redesign, and Samsung had good reasons for this. The Galaxy line is already the most popular line of smartphones in the world, so there is no need to rock the boat. The S5 is slightly bigger than the S4 and has somewhat more square-off edges than S4. The new phone feels sturdier in the hand then its predecessor and the finish on the back panel provides a better grip than on the S4.

Galaxy S5 is fast. Very fast. The CPU specs are boring and do not tell the story. Instead, try scrolling through your camera roll to see how fast this phone is.

With the S5, we feel no need to carry a separate point and shoot camera. It is super fast, which often matters much more than the megapixels. The video can be shot in the 4K resolution. 4K is a new standard expected to replace the 180p high-definition standard. Although there are not many devices for 4K video playback, once they become common, you will have plenty of home video footage to play.

Galaxy S5 does come with some new features, which we will be looking at in the coming days.

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