Android-Sync Alternative

Android-Sync Alternative

Android-Sync software has a credible history and seems to have helped thousands of people sync their Outlook calendars and contacts’ data, as well as notes and tasks. However, with each passing month we see an increasing number of new customers who have switched from Android-Sync to AkrutoSync.

Android-Sync alternative

Most are searching for Android-Sync alternative to remain syncing Outlook data with their Android devices. The two main reasons people are searching for alternative software are:

  • Android-Sync customer support is not responding to many of clients’ requests.
  • Syncing via USB is not enough.

Therefore, we decided to publish this post to provide a written answer to the question “Can AkrutoSync be a good alternative for Android-Sync?

AkrutoSync vs. Android-Sync

If Android-Sync is not working properly for you, or you want a type of connection other than syncing via USB cable, then trying AkrutoSync is the best solution. Here is why AkrutoSync is a good alternative to replace Android-Sync:

Better support

While many users cannot contact Android-Sync support, AkrutoSync has a 24/7-customer support team to help you even if you are not a paying customer! At any point of your AkrutoSync experience you are an email-away from our technician, not just a piece of text explaining how to troubleshoot your issue.

Better connectivity

Although USB is still a great interface for synchronizing Outlook data with Android, we at Akruto believe that in 21st century there is much more convenient way for transferring Outlook data without sacrificing your privacy. Akruto supports syncing over your Wi-Fi network and over the Internet.

Better pricing

Many Outlook users tend to use free software due to the high entry level of paid software. This is why we came up with a Subscription plan to enable seamless syncing for the price of a cup of coffee!

Cross-platform solution

With AkrutSync you can transfer Outlook data to any smartphone or tablet running under any operating system. That means if you have multiple devices with different Operating systems, you can sync them all.

What AkrutoSync can do

AkrutoSync is built to help people establish a two-way syncing between desktop Outlook and any number of connected devices. You can connect any number of devices to the same desktop Outlook and have fresh data on all of them. Any changes you do from your devices will immediately reflect on desktop Outlook.

There are two types of connections: via Wi-Fi or over the Internet. Syncing via Wi-Fi network is the fastest way to get your Outlook data on your phone or tablet, while ‘over the Internet’ connection lets you remain syncing even when you are away from your PC. The experience is similar to the Cloud, without the compromising the privacy of your data..

Both methods utilize SSL to encrypt your data while transferring it between PC and devices. That means you have the same level of data security as when accessing your Internet banking.

If you want a seamless and automatic way to import Outlook data to your phone without using the cloud, then AkrutoSync is for you.

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