How to Sync Your Lumia Windows Phone with Outlook Using Akruto Sync.

How to Sync Your Lumia Windows Phone with Outlook Using Akruto Sync.

The best way to synchronize your Outlook data with your Lumia Windows Phone is by using Akruto Sync. What sets Akruto Sync apart is that you don’t need to create an online account and there is no limit on how much data you want to sync. For example, 1,000 items or even 50,000 items are synchronized without a problem. You can add multiple contact numbers, email addresses, and so on.

Sync Lumia Windows Phone with Outlook

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to sync your Windows phone with Outlook using Akruto Sync.

Step 1: Go to Get Akruto Sync Page and download a 7-day free trial.
(Note: make sure that your system and your handset are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.)

Step 2: Install the downloaded file. When Akruto Sync opens, click “configure Akruto Sync” and choose the network on which you want to sync your device (“sync over home network” or “sync over the Internet”).

Step 3: On your phone, open a web browser, go to the given link on Akruto Sync, and follow the procedure to install Akruto Sync on your phone.

Step 4: The web browser on your phone should load a web page that explains that Akruto Sync uses SSL to secure communication between your phone and your computer.At the bottom of the web page you will see a link to import the SSL certificate to your phone.

Step 5: Akruto Sync will ask you to choose credentials for your phone to connect to your computer.
(Note:Akruto Sync does not check the user name; it only checks the password.)

Step 6: On your phone, tap “settings,” then “email+accounts,” then “add an account.”

Step 7: On your phone, enter the email address shown on Akruto Sync screen and the password you have selected earlier.After a few seconds, your phone should start syncing and Akruto Sync should show sync progress.

(Note: This installation is a onetime process and your Lumia Windows Phone will sync directly with AkrutoSync.)

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