Sync Outlook with Windows Phone

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone

A common problem that all new Windows Phone owners face is how to sync the Windows Phone with Outlook. Outlook is an important application for all the users of desktops/laptops for managing their contacts, tasks, and appointments. The problem occurs when the user is away from their desk and needs to access the same data using their mobile device. Today, seamless synchronization between phone and computer is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity.

Akruto Sync is by far the simplest application for syncing Outlook with a Windows Phone. It supports all versions of the Windows operating system and Outlook. On the mobile front, it supports all versions of the Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

Getting Started

With Akruto Sync, you can sync your Outlook data over the Internet or your home Wi-Fi network. For online synchronization, make sure that your computer is directly connected to your router via the ethernet cable or wireless connection. If you are using a wireless access point, remove it, because the connection between your computer and router needs to be direct. For synchronization via your home Wi-Fi network, the connection between your wireless router and the mobile device needs to be direct.

What Are the Settings on the Windows Phone?

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone using Akruto Sync
Sync Outlook with Windows Phone using Akruto Sync

Akruto Sync accepts sync requests from your Windows Phone. In order to synchronize it, you need to configure your Windows Phone. To initiate a manual sync between your Windows Phone and the computer, connect your phone to your Wi-Fi network. You need to keep in mind that the Wi-Fi on Windows Phone OS is turned off the moment the screen of the phone is locked. The Wi-Fi is also turned off when the phone is not plugged in for charging.

Can Akruto Sync Synchronize Automatically?

Yes, you can sync data with your Windows Phone after the initial configuration. The Windows Phone will use the “push mode” after the initial configuration and will sync data when it is available. When the phone is unable to connect to Akruto Sync because no Wi-Fi is available, it will turn off the push mode and try to sync every 30 or 60 minutes.

All you need to do is configure Akruto Sync once and keep it running! The Windows Phone will automatically connect with AkrutoSync and synchronize the new data, without a need forintervention.

What if I Have Multiple PCs?

Akruto Sync also enables you to sync your phone with multiple PCs, with separate sets of data on your phone for each of the PCs. If you are thinking that, for example, two calendars will be confusing, don’t worry—the two sets of data will be shown on the phone in different colors.

For more details and step-by-step instruction on how to sync Outlook with Windows Phone, download our user guide .

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