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How to sync your Microsoft Lumia 950 with Outlook

How to Sync Microsoft Lumia 950 with Outlook

We’re Windows Phone fans here. After all, Akruto Founder George Tatar developed AkrutoSync to sync Windows Phone with Outlook. So it’s no surprise we’re excited about the latest Microsoft phone — the Lumia 950. Could it be the best Windows Phone? Early reviews say it has a lot of powerful features, but it could stand improvement in other areas. Lumia 950: What makes it special? The [...]

AkrutoSync recommended by C’t Magazin

Top German Magazine Features AkrutoSync

C’t Magazin, a top German magazine for computer technology, recommended AkrutoSync in its August 9, 2014 issue. You’ll find the mention in the 30-year-old magazine’s special Windows 8.1 section titled “Sync without cloud.” In the article, writer Jörg Wirtgen discusses the disadvantage of synchronizing through cloud servers. He also explains the process of how AkrutoSync syncs Outlook and Windows Phone 8.1. The software syncs Outlook [...]

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone using Akruto Sync
Sync Outlook with Windows Phone using Akruto Sync

Sync Outlook with Windows Phone

A common problem that all new Windows Phone owners face is how to sync the Windows Phone with Outlook. Outlook is an important application for all the users of desktops/laptops for managing their contacts, tasks, and appointments. The problem occurs when the user is away from their desk and needs to access the same data using their mobile device. Today, seamless synchronization between phone [...]