iTunes Alternatives for Syncing With Outlook

iTunes Alternatives for Syncing With Outlook

With each new released device, Apple is increasing iPhone’s functionality by adding new exciting OS features and hardware capable of providing alternatives for doing even more challenging tasks. For most of the software we used to have installed on our PCs, we now have alternatives that work on our smartphones. However, things are complicated when it comes to your productivity apps and software, where the Outlook is still king of the mountain.

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Most of Outlook users tend to use iTunes to sync their iPhones with Outlook only because it’s the most common software that comes “inside the box” with their smartphones, and has only a few alternatives really worth using. However, “the most common” does not mean “the most reliable”. There are plenty of different issues with iTunes pushing people to look for alternatives. The list of issues starts when iTunes stops syncing after only a few presents done or freezes at 100% without transferring anything to your smarthone. Another bad thing about iTunes is the common problem when it can’t transfer information two-way, which prevents this software from being #1 solution.

Therefore, if you want a two-way sync for Outlook data with your iPhone, this comprehensive guide will answer all your questions. The few methods explained below are the best iTunes replacements for connecting your iPhone with.

Which iTunes alternative is really worth a shot?

If you don’t consider using iTunes, there are only two alternatives for you: Cloud services or third party software. Each alternative has its unique features and benefits as well as disadvantages. Let’s take a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of each iTunes alternative.

Cloud Services as an Alternative to iTunes

Using Cloud services could be a good alternative to iTunes if you want a stress-free two-way data transfer. If you are tired of iTunes to Outlook sync issues, you can choose iCloud or cloud as a replacement for iTunes in terms of updating contacts, tasks and calendar data on your iPhone.

However, if you are a small business owner, or an individual who values data privacy more than benefits of using the public cloud, you should consider using alternatives that don’t put or store your sensitive information on the 3-rd party servers where it can be stolen or compromised. Another bad thing about Cloud-based solutions is that it cannot sync notes and it may cause variety of different issues. The issues are different but everything is related to duplicating or not transferring contacts or calendar data because of a variety of reasons.

Third-Party Software as an Alternative to iTunes

In case you want to find a replacement to iTunes and sync Outlook with comfort and 100% support for all types of data, then 3-rd party solutions are for you. Some of them make backups and allow transferring data via USB-cable, while others have feature for restoring accidently deleted or merged contacts – in 3-rd party software everything is tailored to your needs. What’s best about 3-rd party solutions is that you receive not only a great product but even 24/7 support ready to help you with any issue you might have, which is absolutely impossible when using any free public cloud solutions.

Furthermore, when it comes to security, 3-rd party applications are usually way ahead of Cloud solutions. With third parties you can be sure the entire syncing process is protected and all your personal data is stored only on your PC, even if you sync it over the Internet.

Which Alternative to Choose for Syncing iPhone with Outlook?

When looking for an iTunes alternative you are limited to only few Cloud-based services. Same thing happens when you want to find a 3-rd party software to sync Outlook without iTunes. Thus, when making a decision, you should answer the following questions first:

  • Would syncing over Wi-Fi work for me or I need iTunes alternative that can work over the Internet?
  • Do I want my personal information to go through the public cloud where it can be intercepted?
  • Do I want to record a history of all changes to my data to prevent unwanted changes or accidental deletions?
  • Do I need a cross-platform solution and opportunity to sync data with more than one device?
  • Do I need encryption for data transfer process to harden my sensitive information from being lost or compromised?

If the answer is “YES” for more than three questions, then using AkrutoSync as a replacement to iTunes for syncing with your iPhone or iPad will perfectly suit your needs. Our product can transfer any type of Outlook data to any iPhone or iPad.

What Is So Special About AkrutoSync?

One of the best features of AkrutoSync is an extremely easy setup process. At the same time, our software allows to synchronize anything including Notes between PC Outlook and your iPhone. What is more, with AkrutoSync your own your data, which is impossible with cloud-based solutions or software. Apart from this, AkrutoSync has some other benefits when compared to iTunes:

  • Two-way syncing between Outlook and iPhone / iPad as the killer feature (iTunes often has problems with two-way transfer).
  • Possibility to sync Outlook Notes (iTunes no longer works with Outlook notes).
  • Syncing over the Internet (iTunes provides only USB and Wi-Fi syncing) but keeping sensitive data safe as if you’d sync it through a USB cable.
  • SSL encryption for data transfer process.
  • Comprehensive history feature that provides possibility to restore the data that may have been accidentally deleted (no such option in iTunes).
  • Automatic syncing for even a small changes in Outlook data (with iTunes you have to sync manually every time there are some changes).

All these benefits make AkrutoSync the best alternative to iTunes when it comes to transfer Outlook data into your iPhone or any other iOS device. To discover the full potential of AkrutoSync you should download and install it. After this, follow all the syncing steps illustrated in AkrutoSync interface and after you finish, you will have 7 days of free trial period so that you can test the experience.

After the trial period, you can buy a license for $35 to continue using the software. In case you don’t want to pay full price for a license, you can try our subscription option which costs only $3 per month.

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  • TheLuckyOne November 29, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    I can’t find a way to sync notes through iTunes. Can your software do that?