[SOLVED] iTunes to Stop Sync with Outlook Contacts and Calendar

[SOLVED] iTunes to Stop Sync with Outlook Contacts and Calendar

Do you sync your iPhone or iPad contacts and calendar with iTunes? Are you concerned about getting the following message on iTunes? “Support for syncing contacts and calendars has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of iTunes.”

Samsung Galaxy S9

Unfortunately, it’s true that you won’t be able to sync your Outlook Contacts and Calendar on your iPhone / iPad with iTunes for much longer. Apple has not stated when it plans to remove this feature.

How can you sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts to iTunes if it’s going away? The good news is that you have two iTunes sync alternatives to ensure you have a backup for your Calendar and Contacts on your iPhone / iPad. One uses the cloud and the other keeps your data on your computer with no cloud. If you prefer no cloud, jump to the sync without cloud option.

Option 1: How to Sync iPhone and iPad Contacts and Calendar with the Cloud

You can sync with iCloud for Windows instead of iTunes. However, be aware this will put your data in the cloud. Considering you sync iTunes with calendar and contacts, you may not want to store your data in the cloud. If you’d like to do that, read on. If you’d prefer to have a solution that keeps your data secure on your computer, skip to the next section.

Apple recommends setting up iCloud for Windows to automatically keep your calendars, contacts, and other data in sync between your Windows PC and Apple devices. You can access your information stored in iCloud on your Windows PC using the iCloud for Windows app.

Before you can download and install iCloud for Windows, you need to set up iCloud on your Apple devices. Be sure to sign in on all devices with the same Apple ID and password.

On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and then select “Sign in to your [device name].” The device name will be “iPhone,” “iPad,” or something similar.

Enter your Apple ID and password. You may receive a prompt to enter a six-digit verification code. This code is sent to your trusted device or phone number. Enter the code to complete the sign-in.

If you have an Apple Watch and you’re signed in to iCloud on the phone paired with your watch, it will automatically sign you in with your Apple ID.

Ensure that your Windows PC has the latest version of Windows 10 before downloading and installing iCloud for Windows.

Download iCloud for Windows, if you haven’t already. Select iCloud for Windows Setup to install it. After the installation completes, open the iCloud for Windows. To do this in Windows 10, select Start Menu and iCloud. Restart your computer.

As soon as your computer reboots, the iCloud window should open. If it does not open automatically, go to Start > Apps or Programs, and iCloud for Windows.

Enter your Apple ID and password you used to set up iCloud on your Apple device. It should be your Apple ID. Select the features you want to use and then select Apply.

To ensure you can sync Contacts and Calendar, select Mail, Contacts and Calendar with Outlook as well as any other features you want. When you’re done, select Apply. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Outlook. You should see the iCloud Mail account in the folder pane on the left side of Microsoft Outlook.

Using iCloud on all your devices will keep your Outlook Mail, Contacts, and Calendar updated across your devices. Verify that iCloud is set up on your iPhone or iPad by selecting Settings > [your name], and iCloud. Turn on Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders.

Option 2: How to Sync iPhone and iPad Contacts and Calendar without the Cloud

If you’d rather not have your data in the cloud, you have an option to securely sync Outlook calendar and contacts with your Windows computer. AkrutoSync automatically syncs Outlook with the iPhone and iPad as well as iPod and Android devices. For those who still have a Windows Phone, it works with that too!

You’ll be able to securely keep your data where you want it. Nowhere else. AkrutoSync syncs directly between your computer and iPhone, iPad, and other devices. It does not use the cloud at all. This allows you to maintain privacy and complete control over your data. And it’s easy. All you do is install AkrutoSync and it automatically takes care of the rest.

In other words, it’s less work to use Akruto than iTunes! To sync with iTunes, you must have iTunes open to sync. And it can be a computer resource hog. AkrutoSync works seamlessly. Install it, customize it, and forget it. You can rest easy knowing when you add, change, or delete information on any device, your other devices will be updated.

These frequently asked questions dive deeper into how Akruto works.

Frequently Asked Questions: Syncing Outlook Contacts and Calendar with iPhone / iPad

What’s the problem with syncing information through the cloud?

Too often as the news reports reveal, hackers find a way to break in and leak private information. That’s why many people opt for solutions like AkrutoSync. It provides them with peace of mind as their personal information never enters the cloud.

What do I need to sync Outlook data with my devices?

All you need is Outlook, AkruoSync software, a Wi-Fi connection, and your devices. Install AkrutoSync on the computer running Outlook. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup. And that’s it.

I use an older version of Outlook. Do I need to upgrade it to sync?

You don’t need to upgrade to Outlook especially when you use AkrutoSync. That’s because AkrutoSync works with many versions of Outlook. As long as your devices are connected, it will sync your data.

I have an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Can I sync my data to both devices?

Yes. All you need is AkrutoSync, Outlook, and your connected devices. You’ll be able to sync data from your computer to both devices. There’s no extra charge for syncing to multiple mobile devices.

What if I need to sync Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, and Outlook Notes?

AkrutoSync syncs everything in Outlook including Outlook Notes, Contacts, and Calendar. As long as the data appears in your Outlook, AkrutoSync can sync it. You can even control what data to sync. For example, if you only want to sync your contacts, you can set it up to do that.

Simply customize the settings in AkuroSync and the app will automatically sync the data anytime there is a change or addition.

I have many Outlook contacts and a loaded Outlook calendar. Can the connection handle it?

Yes. AkrutoSync works with Wi-Fi, which is the best connection to use if you have a lot of data to sync between devices. Wi-Fi provides a highly secure connection and syncs the data quickly and seamlessly.

I added a new contact. Will AkruoSync automatically add that contact to all my devices?

Yes! It’s that simple. AkrutoSync will add the contact to whichever devices you set up to sync with Outlook. Any changes you make on any device will automatically appear on the other devices.

Does Akruto sync contact pictures?
Yes! And if you have notes in your contacts, it’ll sync that too.

Why Choose AkrutoSync?

The software offers a stress-free way to automatically sync Outlook data with your devices. It manages two-way syncing of your Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Reminders. If you add, change, or delete data on one device, AkrutoSync will update all the other devices. Here are six reasons you want to use AkruoSync.

1. Syncs automatically

You don’t have to remember to run any software. Akruto syncs automatically. You won’t need to carry another device or extra cables. You don’t even need to press a button to trigger the syncing process. AkrutoSync is convenient and reliable because it does everything automatically and prevents duplicate entries.

2. Provides peace of mind

Akruto directly syncs between computer and mobile devices. It does not rely on anything in between like the cloud. So, rest assured, you can be 100% positive that your data will not be compromised or lost.

3. Keeps a Synchronization History

Humans make mistakes. Someone entering a phone number may reverse two digits. Or they accidentally delete something they need. AkrutoSync has a Synchronization History feature. This allows you to undo any changes you made by mistake. You can even restore contacts, calendar appointments, reminders, and notes that have been deleted. So, AkrutoSync has triple layers of security:

  1. Does not use the cloud.
  2. Syncs across all devices both ways.
  3. Allows you to restore files and changes.

4. Contains no limits on data sync

You can sync thousands of contacts and calendar appointments. Akruto can handle it all. Companies keep charging extra for adding more storage. AkrutoSync does not charge extra for anything. As long as your computer and devices have the space, AkrutoSync will take care of the rest.

5. Syncs to many devices

You can sync with as many devices as you want. There’s no limit or extra fee. So, go ahead and sync with your desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. Yes, even if you use multiple operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android.

6. Uses your device’s native calendar and contact apps

When you use AkruoSync, you can use the built-in apps on your phones and tablets. For instance, if you have an iPhone, Akruto will sync Outlook with the iPhone’s built-in Contacts and Calendar apps. Other products add their own contacts and calendar apps to your devices. Then, you’re stuck with two Contact and two Calendar apps.

You can try it before you buy it. Start a seven-day free trial now and see how effortless it is to have your data in sync across all your devices. If you like it, you have two software options: buy or subscribe.

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  • Andrew January 20, 2022 at 7:37 am

    A few months ago I got the same warning about syncing Oulook being deprectaed (use normal language Apple!!) what they didn’t say was that they had removed Selective Sync (I have 2 Contacts folders only 1 of which I want on my iPhone & 5 Calendars 2 of which I want on my iPhone) which caused me no end of bother. I tried iCloud, that was a total car wreck so stopped syncing for a while however I now see Selective Sync is back?
    What I’d like to know is whether Akruto supports Selective Sync

    • Akruto Support January 20, 2022 at 6:52 pm

      Hi Andrew. The way AkrutoSync is normally used, you would sync one folder with Contacts (just like you want) and one Calendar. Some people also sync Tasks and Notes (one folder for of each type). You have 5 Calendars in Outlook and want 2 of them to sync with your phone. Although it is different from how AkrutoSync is normally used, you can get it working if you use 2 copies of AkrutoSync. Our support can help set it up, and a single AkrutoSync license will cover both copies of AkrutoSync, since they are on the same computer.