How to Set up Outlook on iPhone and Boost Productivity

How to Set up Outlook on iPhone and Boost Productivity

Setting up Outlook on iPhone to get your emails, contacts, calendar, reminders and notes is incredibly easy. All it takes is one tool and adding an email account. These instructions work with Outlook Windows.

How to Setup Microsoft Outlook on iPhone

You have three options for getting Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks (Reminders on iPhone) on your iPhone or iPad:

  • AkrutoSync Outlook sync.
  • iCloud
  • iTunes

Before trying any of the options, backup calendar and contacts.

AkrutoSync Outlook sync

The most powerful, effective way to sync Outlook with your iPhone is to use AkrutoSync Windows PC software. Its super power is syncing Outlook with iPhone. Other solutions try to do everything, which tends to breaks something. Many users complain that iTunes syncing quits working and long work-arounds don’t fix the problem.

With the release of iOS 9, Apple permanently stopped syncing Outlook Notes with iPhone. This left users who sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts in the lurch. Are they supposed to use iTunes for syncing Outlook Calendar and Calendar, and then find something else to sync Notes? Do they need to do complicated workarounds?

No need for long workarounds. You can do it all with one software. Finally, a way to get Outlook on iPhone 5 and other models!

AkrutoSync transfers all four Outlook components: Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks. It will always support all of them, no matter what version of iOS or Windows you use. If you can’t set up Outlook on iPhone, Akruto will solve your problems.

With Akruto, you get the best features in iCloud and iTunes sync without the problems:

  • Automatic: iTunes isn’t automatic.
  • Cloud-free: Akruto syncs directly between devices and PC.
  • Reliable: Syncs everything, every time.
  • Lifesaver: Sync history saves everything and can restore anything.
  • Wireless: iTunes Wi-Fi isn’t 100 percent reliable. Akruto is.
  • Multiple OS support: iTunes and iCloud can only sync with iOS devices. Akruto works with Android and Windows Phone.

It’ll also put Outlook on iPhone 5 and other models. Here is a video on how to set up Outlook on iPhone 6.

See how it works for you by trying Akruto free for seven days.


To sync Outlook with your iPhone via iCloud, you’ll need iCloud Control Panel for Windows from Before you download it, verify your Windows computer meets the minimum requirements.

After you’ve installed and logged in to iCloud, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks With Outlook” and “Apply” as shown in the following image.

How to setup Outlook on iPhone - Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks

ICloud is updated and it should sync your data across iCloud, Outlook PC, and iPhone. You may have to do a little cleanup to remove duplicates in Calendar and Contacts.

The advantages of iCloud Outlook sync is that it’s free, works with all iOS devices, and syncs automatically. Unfortunately, a lot of people using iCloud to sync with Outlook have complained about Outlook on iPhone not working and it doesn’t always sync all of the data. It also stores your private information in the cloud.

There are almost 500 comments, questions, and workarounds from users in the Apple Support Communities about iCloud not working with Outlook 2016. Outlook 2013 has similar issues.


You most likely have iTunes installed. Just make sure it’s the latest version. If not, you can get iTunes from Install it.

Follow these steps to sync Outlook with iPhone through iTunes.

Step 1. Launch iTunes.

Step 2. Connect the iPhone to your PC with the included USB cable.

Step 3. Select your iPhone in iTunes as the next image shows. Syncing might start right away.

How to setup Outlook on iPhone - Select iPhone in iTunes

Step 4. Select “Info” on the left side.

Step 5. Select “Sync Contacts with” > “Outlook” as the next image shows.

How to setup Outlook on iPhone - Select Sync contacts with Outlook

Step 6. Select “Sync Calendar with” > “Outlook” and select the Calendars to sync.

It should immediately take effect and start syncing.

Syncing Outlook with iTunes may be free and does not use the cloud, but Outlook on iPhone not syncing is a frequent problem. Wi-Fi sync doesn’t always work and it often stops syncing Outlook with the iPhone. The process isn’t automatic. You must open iTunes every time you want to sync Outlook.

Set up Outlook email on iPhone

Been wondering how to set up Outlook email on iPhone? Wonder no more.

Your iPhone can receive Outlook emails even if you’re not on Microsoft Exchange Server. You don’t need to do anything special like download an Outlook iOS app. Some people want an Outlook iOS app for added features. If you’re just looking to check your Outlook email on your iPhone, then all you need to do is set up Outlook account on iPhone.

These instructions don’t cover how to set up Outlook 365 on iPhone. and Office 365 save information in the cloud.

Before you set up Outlook on iPhone 6 and older models: Make sure you have your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server host name, user name, and password. If you don’t know the answer, ask your email provider.

You might find this information on email provider’s website. Search for “[email provider name] mail server settings.” As soon as you have the information, you’re ready for the next step.

Here are the steps on how to set up Outlook account on iPhone to receive emails.

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Select “Add Account” > “Other” > “Add Mail Account.”
How to setup Outlook on iPhone - Tap Add Account and Add Mail Account
  1. Enter your name, full email address, password and description. (The description is a name for the email account to differentiate it from other accounts.)
  2. Select “Next.”
  3. Enter the incoming mail server Host Name, User Name, and Password.
  4. Enter the outgoing mail server Host Name, User Name, and Password. (It’s usually the same as the incoming mail server.)
  5. Select “Save.”

And you should start seeing your emails come in your iPhone’s Mail app.

How to setup Outlook on iPhone - View Emails in iPhone Mail App

If you’re on a Microsoft Exchange Server, contact your support team. They can show you how to setup an Outlook email account on iPhone for Exchange.

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