How to Sync iPhone 7 With Outlook Within 3 Minutes

How to Sync iPhone 7 With Outlook Within 3 Minutes

Apple is expected to reveal the next iteration of its ever-popular iPhone (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus), along with new iOS 10, in early September − just in time for back-to-school and to end the year on a high. If you’re planning to upgrade, you will definitely want to know how to synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes between Outlook running on your PC and your iPhone 7.

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There are several ways to sync your iPhone 7 to Microsoft Outlook, including utilizing iTunes or iCloud. However, as was the case with earlier iPhone models, there are a number of synchronization issues you may encounter.

Many people feel using iTunes is too tedious, can be complicated and take a lot of time. You first must correctly configure iTunes to synchronize your iPhone 7 with Outlook, and in some cases Outlook data may conflict with the information in your iPhone, preventing it from synching properly. For example, many users have reported missing calendar entries (e.g., lost meetings), duplicate calendar appointments, or that contacts have disappeared. Additionally, adding an entry on your PC will not automatically update it on all of your other devices. This is a waste of valuable time since you will need to repeat the same process on each device.

Luckily there is another option to sync your iPhone 7 with Outlook. AkrutoSync is two-way sync software for Windows PC that enables direct, automatic synchronization between Outlook and your other devices, while you maintain complete control and privacy.

Sync Outlook Contacts With iPhone 7 Via Wi-Fi- Or Over The Internet

When you connect multiple email accounts all contacts get saved, creating duplicates. As a result you need to merge the two, or delete each duplicate manually, to fix the problem. Most solutions for syncing Outlook with iPhone are based on less reliable technologies. Akruto enables you to transfer an unlimited number of Outlook contacts with no worries of duplicating or corrupting your Outlook or iPhone data. That’s because Akruto uses Exchange ActiveSync technology, allowing bug-free syncing of Outlook with iPhone 7.

Transfer Calendar Entries From Outlook To iPhone 7

Akruto can sync all past and previous calendar appointments from as many calendars as you want. Adding an entry on your PC automatically updates it on all of your other devices, eliminating the need to repeat the same process on each device. Two-way syncing between Outlook Calendar and your iPhone also protects your data in the event a device is lost or stolen.

Synchronize Outlook Tasks With The Tasks App Of iPhone 7

Akruto can sync your Outlook tasks with the native app of iPhone 7. Akruto works with the iPhone’s built-in tasks app so you are not wasting time and money installing new apps to host tasks data. Having two tasks apps is redundant and a waste of valuable smartphone space!

Sync iPhone 7 With Outlook Notes

Since its early 2016 update, iTunes no longer enables you to sync notes; iCloud has had issues with this as well. However, you can still easily sync notes between Outlook and iPhone 7 using AkrutoSync, making Akruto one of a very few reliable ways to sync notes with iPhone 7 and iOS devices.


Sync iPhone 7 with Outlook FAQ:

Q: Does AkrutoSync work with iPhone 8 or iPhone X?
A: AkrutoSync works with all iPhone models including the latest generation devices. If you want more details on how everything works, check out our iPhone 8 to Outlook sync guide.

Q: Can I sync my iPhone 7 with Outlook without giving up my privacy?
A: Yes, with AkrutoSync you can be sure no one can access the data you sync between Outlook and iPhone 7. The syncing process is encrypted with an SSL certificate providing a high level of data security.

Q: I want my iPhone 7 to sync with Outlook calendar and contacts. Does Akruto support this iPhone model?
A: Our product is fully tested with the latest iPhone model. That means you can easily sync Outlook calendar and contacts with your iPhone 7 without iTunes or using public Cloud services.

Q: I can’t find a way to sync my new iPhone with Outlook 2013. I don’t see an option for syncing notes. Can Akruto sync Outlook notes with iPhone 7?
A: iTunes cannot sync Outlook notes since its last few updates. However, you can still sync notes between Outlook and iPhone 7 using AkrutoSync.

Q: I have more than 5000 contacts in my Outlook. Can I transfer all of them to the contacts app of my iPhone 7 with your software?
A: You can sync any amount of Outlook data with iPhone 7, including the contacts pictures and contact notes. We recommend you sync via Wi-Fi network to save your wireless data plan if you have a great deal of data to sync. AkrutoSync works with the native apps of your phone, meaning all the contacts from your Outlook will be saved in the contacts app of your iPhone 7.

Q: I want to sync iPhone 7 with two Outlook calendars running on two different PCs. Can I do that within one license?
A: You can sync Outlook with an unlimited number of connected devices. But if you need your iPhone 7 to sync with Outlook calendars from two different PCs, you will need to purchase two AkrutoSync licenses.

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  • Phil November 7, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I have nearly 50,000 calendar entries in Outlook 2013, iCloud can’ t handle more than 25,000.
    can akrutosync handle this many

    • Akruto Support November 8, 2016 at 1:46 pm

      Hello, Phil. AkrutoSync can sync any number of contacts to your phone. With so many contacts, the first sync may take several hours. After the first sync, it will be fast because it only needs to transfer new or changed information.

  • Derek January 13, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Can I sync Outlook 2016 with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus simultaneously?
    I need contacts and calendar events to be shared across all devices.

    • Akruto Support January 19, 2017 at 7:35 am

      Hello Derek!
      You have this option with AkrutoSync. Our software can sync unlimited number of iOS devices with any Outlook version within one license.
      All the changes in contacts and calendar events will be synchronized across all your devices once you set up AkrutoSync.

  • Tom January 25, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I am looking at purchasing a iPhone 7 Plus. We are trying to sync Outlook desktop with our new smartphone but our email address is run through our web site which is part of our domain name and is what we use in Outlook. Can this be done? Samsung tried to sync with Outlook and our email name and desktop Outlook and could not.

  • Helen November 6, 2017 at 9:31 am

    My iphone 7 plus has the last outlook email dated 10/0/17 – how can I update it?

    • Akruto Support November 8, 2017 at 8:29 am

      AkrutoSync does not sync email, because email in iPhone “just works”. I can still try to help you with your email problem. Open the email app on your iPhone, go to the Inbox, touch one of the messages and while still holding your finger down to the screen, swipe down. The iPhone should retrieve your latest email from all your email accounts. If you still can’t get your latest email, contact your email server provider for help.