How to Sync Galaxy S9 with Outlook

How to Sync Galaxy S9 with Outlook

People greatly anticipated the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 not just because of the improved speakers, sleek design, or the fantastic display. The use of Samsung phones has become a lifestyle to many as it promises to deliver better convenience and more functionality with every release.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Yes, you can actually wrap your entire world around your Samsung Galaxy S9, especially with the help of tools like AkrutoSync. AkrutoSync allows your S9 to sync with Outlook, which automatically makes life a whole lot easier. Over 7 years of improvement and development has made it a trustworthy tool that will help your S9 and Outlook work as one.

Syncing Your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Your Outlook Calendar

Samsung Smart Switch comes to mind when talking about synchronizing data between an Android device and a laptop or PC. It can be a useful tool, especially if you’ve just upgraded to your S9 and would like to transfer data from your old phone to the new one.

However, it is not a secret among Android users that Smart Switch comes with a lot of issues. A quick review of user insights reveal problems about file duplicates when syncing, among other things.

Here are just a few of the complaints you’ll see about Samsung Smart Switch on customer reviews, especially on the Google Play Store:

  • Syncing is not seamless and does not complete the entire cycle sometimes.
  • System updates could wipe out data without giving a fair warning.
  • App does not recognize other apps and does not backup their data.
  • It does not sync info from iOS well.
  • Customer service is inefficient and unable to answer questions.

This is why a lot of people (especially Outlook users) have been switching to AkrutoSync. Just imagine how much information you have on your Outlook. Your calendar alone probably carries a lot of information and allows you to organize your time the most efficient way possible.

Because AkrutoSync was built especially for Outlook users, it knows exactly how to synchronize your data accurately. The video below gives you a quick preview of how this is done. Although the video uses Galaxy S8, the steps are essentially the same for the S9.

Syncing Your Galaxy S9 with Your Outlook Contacts

Your contacts are an integral part of your workload, so it’s understandable that you want the syncing of data to be as seamless as possible. A few minutes lost trying to transfer the right information from one device to another is a few minutes lost in productivity.

Manually exporting your contacts always works. It’s exactly how we used to move data from one place to another in the past, after all. However, this is exactly why apps like AkrutoSync are now in demand. The traditional way of doing things is extremely time-consuming. You would also have to manually export any contact info anytime you add or change something. This is error-prone. In addition, you open up the risk of losing important information because this process does not exactly back up any data onto your phone.

Synchronizing your Outlook contacts is also convenient because as long as you are connected online, whether at work or at home, you will be able to sync your Galaxy phone or tablet. This means that you don’t ever have to stay glued to your seat to complete the process.

Syncing Your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Your Outlook Tasks

Knowing how vast the Android market is, it’s no surprise that many users have productivity apps meant not only to organize their contacts and schedule, but to coordinate tasks as well.

There are a number of apps meant solely for to-do lists, but more often than not, there is no option for users to synchronize the existing tasks on their Outlook. Although this may be acceptable for some, the busier and more engaged you are in your business or line of work, the less you’ll appreciate the hassle of switching from one app to Outlook just to make sure you have everything covered.

Using AkrutoSync, you can set the system to automatically sync your to-do list with the tasks on your Outlook. This can be done during the setup process.

The most convenient part? Once you have set up your Akruto to sync your Outlook tasks with your Galaxy S9, every single task you add to your Outlook will automatically be synced on your smartphone as well.

Syncing Your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Your Outlook Notes

Outlook is so convenient that it also allows you to save notes. This makes it a handy tool when you’re attending a meeting or are taking notes in the meeting of a conference call. But this convenience ends if you are unable to access these important notes the moment you pull out your Samsung S9 from your pocket.

The great news is, there are a number of apps that allow you to maximize your phone by allowing syncing between your S9 and your Outlook, and AkrutoSync is one of them.

Sadly, Samsung’s S-Note app is not compatible with Outlook. That’s okay. You can download Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange and sync your Outlook Notes through it. The Touchdown app is also an option you can choose.

Syncing Your Samsung Galaxy S9 via Wi-Fi, the Internet, or USB Cable

One huge advantage of working on your Samsung Galaxy S9 is the convenience of having a number of different options to sync, access, and transfer files.

For instance, you can sync your information using the cloud. However, you have to be careful about possible privacy issues. Ensure that you’re getting topnotch protection when working over the cloud. Of course, the most secure services would also cost more.

Syncing your Samsung Galaxy S9 via Wi-Fi is a more secure option if privacy matters to you. This way your data always stays within your own network.

You can also use AkrutoSync to sync over the Internet without using the cloud. Your phone connects directly to your computer over the Internet, without storing your data on any cloud servers. The setup process is a little more involved, but this is a good option for those who need it

AkrutoSync can be used via these different channels. The only downside here is that Akruto does not allow syncing via USB cable. But with constant connectivity everywhere you go, this does not really pose a huge problem. Besides, this saves you from the trouble of having to carry a cable with you everywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions When Syncing Galaxy S9

Do I need to upgrade my Outlook just because I’m using a new Samsung phone?

No, there is no need for you to upgrade your Outlook, especially if you use AkrutoSync. You see, Akruto works no matter what version your Outlook is and regardless of what smartphone you’re using. As long as your two devices are connected, your data will sync.

I have an iPhone and a Samsung S9. Can I sync my data to both devices?

Yes, as long as you have Outlook, you can freely sync data from your computer onto both phones. AkrutoSync was created specifically to cater to Outlook users, so you need the software before you can start syncing your data.

I have thousands of contacts in Outlook, plus a calendar that’s always filled. What’s the best type of connection to use?

Wi-Fi is still the best connection to use if you have a lot of data to sync between your devices. Not only does this provide a highly secure connection, it also ensures that the exchange of data is fast and seamless.

What if I need to sync both my Outlook Notes and my Outlook Calendar?

It doesn’t matter what data within your Outlook you need to sync. As long as it’s in your Outlook, AkrutoSync can work on it. You can also choose to sync only your Calendar, if you want. It all depends on how you customize the settings. You can choose to sync only a few data categories, or you can sync everything. Depending on what’s ticked on the checklist, Akruto will automatically sync data the moment it notices something added or changed.

What if I added a new contact and I have two other devices. What do I need to do to get AkrutoSync to add the new contact to those two devices?

Nothing! If you’ve already setup your AkrutoSync before, then there’s nothing else to worry about. AkrutoSync will automatically add the new data to your devices.

Why do you discourage users from syncing information via cloud?

You can trust your cloud providers, especially if you choose the most reputable ones. But it’s not them that poses the problem – it’s outside elements that could attempt to break into the cloud.

We’ve seen this all before – private and sensitive information being leaked online because hackers managed to find a way to get into some random cloud. Knowing how vital and sensitive your Outlook data is, would you really entrust all that to something open to threats?

Why AkrutoSync?

Convenient and Reliable

Once all your settings are in place, Akruto syncs automatically no matter where you are. There‘s no need to carry around an additional device or plug anything in. You don’t even have to press any buttons to trigger the syncing process – it does this automatically.

AkruroSync also makes sure that it does not miss syncing any data, nor does it create duplicates. Your files remain as organized as ever.

Safe and Secure

Security is something we take seriously, which is why we make sure the data you’re syncing is well-protected at all times. Syncing is done directly from one device to another. There’s no in between (like the cloud, for example), so you are 100% sure that your data does not get lost or compromised.

Synchronization History

Probably the biggest advantage of using AkrutoSync is its Synchronization History feature. Human error is imminent, and a lot of people have lost precious data because of this fact over the years. Through this feature, you can easily undo any changes you made by mistake. You can even restore files that you deleted by mistake.

Unlimited Data Syncing

It doesn’t matter how much data you’re trying to sync. Akruto does not impose any limits – you can sync all you can, whenever you can.

Multiple Devices

Every modern professional uses a number of devices – laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. And it only makes sense that you want your data accessible no matter which of your devices you use. It doesn’t even matter if your devices are from different manufacturers or use different types of operating systems.

AkrutoSync also allows you to use your phone’s built-in apps, unlike other products that force you to use no other system but theirs.

Outlook is definitely an all-in-one package. It’s not even a surprise that it continues to be on top of the list when it comes to productivity apps. This is exactly why you need something that works hand in hand with it so that you can bring the best of both worlds into your mobile gadgets.

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