How to Sync Xiaomi Mi 6 with Outlook

How to Sync Xiaomi Mi 6 with Outlook

Xiaomi’s flagships have utilized metal & glass frames for several generations. The popular Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone is no exception as the brand continuously implements new technologies.

Sync Outlook with Xiaomi Mi 6

Aside from the friendly user interface, reasonable price, and innovative design, Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with excellent hardware and a unique account management system. The only issue Xiaomi Mi 6 users face is syncing their smartphone with Outlook. This is not as easy as it sounds, except when you use AkrutoSync.

AkrutoSync is the best way to make life easier for those using Xiaomi Mi 6 who want to maintain their data in Outlook. AkrutoSync provides two ways of data transferring (via Wi-Fi or with the use of an Internet connection) without storing data in the Cloud. Using the direct SSL-encrypted connection for data transfer ensures reliable protection from theft of your personal data. Here’s a video explaining how AkrutoSync works with the Galaxy S8 (all syncing steps remain the same with Xiaomi Mi 6):

Syncing Xiaomi Mi 6 with Outlook Contacts

Transferring contacts to the new smartphone is one of the most popular features among Outlook users. Using AkrutoSync saves you from hassle and wasting your time—just a few mouse clicks, and you’ll have all of your Outlook contacts in your Xiaomi Mi 6 address book. As we said previously, the data syncing process is protected by the SSL protocol and provides the highest level of safety for your private information.

  • To begin syncing your Outlook Contacts with your smartphone, download and install AkrutoSync on your PC.
  • After setup, choose the corresponding folder for Contacts and press Save.
  • The entire process takes just a few minutes and will sync your Outlook Contacts with Xiaomi Mi 6.

Syncing Xiaomi Mi 6 with Outlook Calendar

To manage your Outlook Calendar from your phone, sync it with your smartphone software via Wi-Fi or over the Internet. There is no difference between Outlook Calendar and Contacts in terms of setup.

  • To start synchronization, install AkrutoSync and choose the right Outlook Calendar folder.
  • Our software has an intuitive interface to help you to begin the syncing process immediately.

After synchronization of Xiaomi Mi 6 with your Outlook Calendar, all changes will be synced and appear on every device connected to your desktop Outlook.

Transfer Outlook Notes to Xiaomi

AkrutoSync also enables Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone users to transfer Outlook Notes to their device in a blink of an eye. However, the synchronization process may require that another app be installed as some Android devices don’t include a built-in application.

Syncing the smartphone with Outlook Tasks

As with many other Android smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 6 may not have the right app that works not only with notes, but can also sync them with different devices. If this is the case, installing Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange app will do the job. Another option is the TouchDown app which also works perfectly.

To sync Outlook notes with your smartphone, open AkrutoSync and choose the right notes folder and press Save. After this, follow the tips illustrated in the AkrutoSync interface to connect your phone to Outlook automatically.

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